Tracy Coenen – Mean or moron?

While it may be true that Barry Minkow has engaged in some bad acts, I did not know about any of them and I did not participate in any of them. I was simply a consultant doing work for a client, and I stand behind the work I did. While Barry may have lied to the court, fabricated documentation, destroyed evidence, concealed witnesses, and intentionally hid information, I was not involved in any of those bad acts and did not know that they were occurring. I never engaged in any misconduct in any litigation, and I was not involved in the concealment or destruction of any evidence.”  -Tracy Coenen

You mean a man that was already a convicted felon is capable of doing bad things??  What kind of world are we living in when we can’t even rely on convicted felons?  So we can either believe that Tracy is a complete moron, OR that she knew perfectly well what this man was capable of and didn’t give a shit.  Mean or stupid.  You decide…

Update:   I found this posted today on a website called Deep Capture.

Note the numerous mentions of Tracy and the part she played in these schemes perpetrated by CONVICTED con-men.  Again, either Tracy is the worst ‘fraud’ investigater in history and had no idea what was actually going on, or she knew full well what the dealio was and didn’t care.  Being acquainted with Tracy’s ego, my opinion is that she knew what was going on and made about a million justifications about why it’s all right for her to be involved.  Either that or her large, over inflated ego made her think that she would never get caught.    Who knows?  Maybe she won’t be, but at least anyone from PT that stumbles across this blog can make an informed decision about whether or not to trust her.

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I love acting, but what I really want to do is direct…

I absolutely love Lazy Garden’s videos on Pink Truth.  Have you guys seen them?  I’m fascinated and creeped out all at the same time.  Here’s the latest…

Of course, I immediately had to make my own video.  I must say, it is extremely tasteful and perfectly acceptable to watch at work or with the kids around.  It covers a topic that I’m sure many of you will find hits close to home.  Very close. 

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It’s the same old song…


Again, Tracy?   Again with the vindictive, gonna-get-ya-back attitude?  You guys may think that since I’m not blogging up a storm that I’m not watching what’s going on over there on the Pink Truth.  Oh.  I’m watching. 

What?  Someone has to!

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A tiny peek into the life of Duh; Advice sought

heroImagine, if you will, New Year’s Eve night.  My 10-year-old Duh-dette has lost one of her molars and places into her little tooth pillow for the fairy.  I turn to my Duhman and say, “you gots some cash?”  He says, “Why yes, I have 4 ones.”  He then hands me a tiny folded up bunch of ones which I place into the tooth pillow once Duh-dette is asleep.

Fast forward to New Year’s Day and a very excited Duh-dette comes running into the room yelling, ” The tooth fairy left me NINETEEN DOLLARS!!!”  You see apparently, Duhman had given me ALL the cash in his wallet, not just the ones.  And because most sane people I know put the big bills on top, I assumed, incorrectly,  that the folded bunch of bills were all ones.

So in this situation, should the tooth fairy repo that money or what?  I mean, this really throws a kink into the whole tooth fairy dealio.  Duh-dette will now assume that the fairy will always bring that kind of dough or be disappointed.  And what about little Duh-dude?  At 6, he’s only just begun to lose teeth. 


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Merry Christmas Tracy!



The only person left that reads my blog.

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Everyone is put on notice.

This is what happens when I move out of South Louisiana.

This is what happens when I move out of South Louisiana.


I know several of you have my personal e-mail, and I welcome your messages, believe me.  But if I receive an e-mail forward from you, please expect a very rude response.  If I especially receive anymore e-mail forwards bitching about Katrina evacuees (people are STILL talking about that), Gustav evacuees, how much Louisiana sucks, how immoral the people of New Orleans are, how our tax dollars are being wasted there, etc. etc.  you will receive a VERY rude response.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I just don’t want to hear yours in the form of an e-mail you didn’t even have the eloquence and wit to write yourself about a subject in which you are completely ignorant.

With love,

Duh- A South Louisianian transplanted to South Texas

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A Pink Truth post?

Now THIS is a bratty kid.
Now THIS is a bratty kid.

  I know, it’s been like forever, but tonight I was bored and decided to head on over to PT to see what’s shaking with the lovely ladies over there.  Especially Raisinberry.  I like my women drunk and mouthy, don’t ya know.  Anyway if you’re looking for cattiness and good clean bitchy entertainment, as I was tonight, PT won’t let you down.

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