No, it’s not.


What do you guys think: Mormon or Catholic?  Discuss.


  1. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Ok, my guess is Catholic. I knew a guy who was a strict catholic and he & his wife did not believe in birth control. He already had 11 kids and couldn’t even afford to feed them. Very sad.

    On another note, the girl in the middle looks like Alyssa Mylano when she was on Who’s the Boss. Doesn’t she?

  2. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    OMg I see we are going for super-offensive. Although this poster did make me chuckle, the only offensive thing about that family is the female hairdos. And the outfits on the mother.
    There’s never a good reason to dress like you just jumped off the Mayflower. Never.

  3. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    You have an excellent point Daisy. The boys all look handsome, like little men. But the girls all look homely. What’s up with that? By the way, you didn’t say what your guess was.

  4. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    they’re neither. I saw their show. I think they are a particular brand of evangelical that believes in no birth control. It’s called “quiverful”….
    now what does this have to do with trolls?

  5. Double Duh said

    Yes, I saw this show on TV once. They don’t believe in birth control. To each their own I guess, but Good God her vagina must be all toe up.

  6. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    If I didn’t believe in birth control, I would believe very strongly in seperate beds… forever 😀

  7. Double Duh said

    True that!

  8. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    that’s how catholics (like my grandparents) did it – seperate beds. Drove my grandpa completely bonkers, but oh well, he had his “stacked and packed” calendars to ease the hardship.

    again what does this have to do with trolls? 😛

  9. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I don’t think it has anything to do with trolls. I think it’s just for fun. But what do I know? Remember, my IQ is only 79.

  10. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Just for fun… how many do you think have been banished from the kingdumb?

  11. Holy crap Batman said

    I saw the show on them too. They ain’t done folks. They said they’re going to keep going til God tells them they’re done. Nothing against that. That’s cool. I do recommend vaginal reconstruction, though.

    But back to our topic– trolls. I wonder if a particular troll I know (who talks about her leader behind her back) is gonna get busted any time soon. I’m talking “banned”. Any thoughts?

  12. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    well I heard that the troll was very close to being banned, but no word on why the leader changed her mind.

  13. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    How many people do you think are banned total? 50? 100? The number grows everyday

  14. Robin loves Batman said

    I think there will be more and more people banned due to the fact that the control factor that Queen has over her followers will be diminishing. How many of you bitches on here are posters over on PT? I wonder. I ponder. I pray. *wink*

  15. name said

    wonder if the pt trolls know that their every word is monitored and recorded. Whether it’s in chat, pm, whatever, it’s monitored by the queen

  16. Queen said

    I changed my mind because I like the way she sniffs my butt. Don’t hate.

  17. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I heard that Robin loves Batman in a naughty way? Is that true?

    Someday everyone will be banned. It’s like that song that says Everybody Must Get Stoned. Just replace Stoned with Banned. Or maybe keep it Stoned.

  18. Robin loves Batman said

    Everything over on PT is monitered. Duh bitches, everyone should know that. If you didn’t know that, you’re stupider than i thought. Yes, stupider is not a word. But i like it. I like Duh.

  19. a certain troll is either stupider than you thought or she just like being whipped. 😛

  20. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    This code talk is confusing. Which troll is getting whipped?

    Have you been banished?

  21. Robin loves Batman said

    I am on the brink of a good banishing. I am waiting, holding my breath, to see what the next chapter in my favorite soap is going to reveal.

  22. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Sounds juicy! I bet all of our banishment stories could fill a whole blog.

    How about you Daisy?

  23. Holy crap Batman said

    Batman and Robin have a special relationship. One that is neither to be questioned nor to be flaunted. It is our personal choice– to be lovers, that is. Don’t hate.

    Tracy bugged my toilet seat a few months ago. I discovered the nasty little thing during one major bathroom outing. I stood up, and noticed a black device on my ass. Then, in the chat room, she did the farting noise over and over again. I knew. She totally had been bugging my toilet for months. I felt so violated. Yet so validated all at once. Strange mix.

  24. OMG, ROTFLOL!!!!!

  25. Robin loves Batman said

    Thank you Holy Crap Batman for backing me up on our special relationship. But I don’t understand why these bitches hatin’ so much.

    As far as the toilet incident, my beloved Batman, this was supposed to stay between us. Now I am going to have to reveal that I too have been bugged in a very not comfortable way. But I cannot discuss this with these bitches yet. I am still hurting. Very badly. I need comfort. I totally was there for you when the toilet incident ocurred. I even let you talk to my therapist. I know it disturbs you still to talk about it.

    Feels good don’t it? I love my Batman. I love everyone

    I love you
    You love me

  26. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I knew the rumors were true!
    I heard about the toilet incident. Not pleasant. Batman, you should be ashamed of yourself, really.

    I fear the whole world is bugged. If our toilets are not safe, then what are we left with?

  27. Robin loves Batman said

    We could do like the europeans and use a bidet. That way not only is the bug squirted, thus rendered useless, but everything is so clean clean!!

  28. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    I was being monitored for possible infractions. Verily, I told the Queen to biteth my asseth, and thereafter I was banished, to fend for myself in the cold dark world with nothing but a picture of SickNStink to warm the cockles of my heart.

  29. ScrewU said

    You can’t be clean if you want to remain in Turdalot! Why would you dare think that way? Shame on you. You are being bad Turds and the Queen will have you beheaded.

  30. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    *giggle* You said cockles *giggle*

  31. Robin loves Batman said

    ROFLMFAO….seriously….I totally thought it said cock. Wow. My mind has fallen off the curb and into the gutter. I love Holy Crap Batman, where you at?

  32. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    jeesh you bitches need an edumacation! Cockles = something non-sexual having to do with the heart. or maybe shellfish.

  33. Unedumacated said

    glad u explained it cause I thought cockles was the two little buddies on each side of the…..

  34. Robin loves Batman said

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! That is too funny Unedumacated!!! I thought them little bastards was twigs and berries or some such thing

  35. Duh said

    I know a song about cockles.

  36. Duh said

    Hey, Nobody has commented on my What Its About page. Go check it.

  37. Catwoman said

    Hello Bitches, I am Catwoman…Meow
    I believe my my litter box has been bugged.

  38. Catwoman said

    Oh, I didn’t comment as to whether I think they are Mormon or Catholic. My guess would be Mormon. The girls are scary. They all have that long permed hair and they are dressed like they just landed at Plymouth Rock.

  39. Superman said

    What’s with all the comic book characters around these parts? Superman trumps ALL you bitches. Bow to the king you pheasants.

  40. Holy crap Batman said

    Robin, I am here. Never fear my sweet little cockle.

    Yo Catwoman, dang girl, you are a serious little kitty kat. Ya know, there are certain queens who hate kitties. In fact, one cannot even utter the word cat or any derivative of– kitty, pussy, etc. on certain sites or you will read *evil animal* in its place. Cats have rights too. Cats rule!!!!!!!

  41. Superman said


  42. Catwoman said

    Yes, cats do rule and I am a fetching calico kitty! So, the Dutchess isn’t too fond of pussies? My, my, that is too bad…would I be banned if I posted as Catwoman?

    Superman, yes we are fond of comic book characters in these parts and I see you are too. So,have you run into Lex Luther or Lois Lane? Oh, and you asked us to bow to you but you were referring to us as “pheasants”, when I believe you meant “peasants”. Or perhaps you have a fetish for birds?….

    Holy Crap Batman where is the Joker? Meow!

  43. Spiderman said

    *sigh* OK, just because i spin a web to catch bugs, doesn’t mean the queen is allowed to add hers in! Dumb bitch!

  44. Joker said

    sorry, i just found out that my bag o’ tricks was bugged so i’m a lil busy right now. ^smile^

  45. The Riddler said

    Joker, you too? So have my riddles

  46. Catwoman said

    So where is WonderWoman and Aqua-Man? Does anyone remember ElectraWoman and DynaGirl?

  47. Superman said

    Riddles? Who wants Riddles? How about Skittles?!!!

  48. SuperWoman said

    Here I am, Here I am!!!

  49. Wonder Woman said

    Shit, make that WONDER Woman not SUPER Woman. Shit, I don’t even know who the hell I am. So sad. Too much Botox I think.

  50. Catwoman said

    Well, well the gangs all here! Now if only Aqua-Man and the Wonder-Twins would join us.
    And Wonder Woman of course you don’t know who the hell you are, you probably developed amnesia walking into your invisible jet. I dig your outfit though;looking sexy while kicking ass and being patriotic. So, who would you rather hook up with Spiderman or Superman?

  51. Catwoman said

    Calling Aqua-Man…Where art thou Aqua-Man? Are you off riding your Sea-horse?

  52. Aqua-Man Jr said

    I am so f*ing offended that you bitches did not know that my father died recently. Where is your sense of humanity? BITCHES

  53. Wonder Woman said

    Wow, such a difficult question. I think that I would not rub my naughty parts with either of those losers. I choose the Incredible Hulk. He is well hung dont ya know?

  54. Wonder Twins said

    Wonder Twin power…. ACTIVATE!!!!

    We’re glad someone gave us a shout out! Everybody always forgets us and our little monkey. Like Catwoman is so much better than us!?! Whatever

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