Just wondering…


So…..what do you guys think about Mary Kay Cosmetics?

(All rational people: RUN!!!!  It’s gonna blow!!!!)


  1. Bobbi Brown Chick said

    I think Mary Kay Cosmetics needs to die. The products I use, as said in my name, are FAR superior to this MK shit. Holla!

  2. MK bullshit said

    According to a kaybot, MK’s Timewise anti-aging products are far better than Proactiv, did you know that? She said Proactiv has steroids in it and if you stop using it, you will break out again and tried to sell the Timewise shit. My only question to her was

    “What the hell does anti-aging have to do with ACNE??”

    She said Timewise was multi-purpose. rotflol!!!!

  3. Duh said

    ProActiv has steroids in it? Is that why Jessica Simpson looks like a man?

  4. JustBiteMe said

    My sister uses Proactiv, that shit is hella cool man. It works! How someone could compare MK to that is retarded. But then aren’t those krazy MK people just a little on the “odd” side? Hmm…..

  5. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    MK sucks donkey balls.

  6. Licious said

    I used Proactive and it really did clear my face up 100%. When I stopped using it, my face did not bread out for over a year. Even then, it was because I got pregnant and my hormones took over.

  7. Duh said

    Licious = Jessica Simpson?

  8. Robin Loves Batman said

    This thread is old.


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