But they’re cousins. Identical cousins all the way!


On Me’s blog there is some discussion about the many faces of Tracy, the ruler of PinkTruth.  Apparently a post that is now attributed to Suzy Q was originally said to be written by pinktruth aka Tracy.  Now this could have been a mix-up.  Suzy Q may have e-mailed Tracy her story, and Tracy may have accidently put her name on it.  But since the “Many Faces of Tracy” has been talked about before, I thought I’d just ask.  Are there any frequent posters over on PT that you think are actually Tracy?  If so, which ones?


  1. No, it’s not attributed to Raisinberry. It’s SuzyQ. Try not to puff before creating a new topic. 🙂

  2. Duh said

    Damn, I need to fire my fact checker!!

  3. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    how the heck would she have time for that….unless….maybe the QUEEN and her TROLL are actually the same person!?!?!?!?!!?

  4. Tracy’s turds are turnin’ into diarrhea. lol

  5. notrolls said

    diarrhea of the mouth

  6. Robin loves Batman said

    yall aint right!

  7. luvin it said

    when the mary kay sucks site started, she was posting as someone else bragging about “the owner” and how much she had accomplished. I can’t recall 100% which name she used to brag about herself while she was keeping the owner of mksucks site a mystery.

  8. intheknow said

    she was maiking fun of Laura Ryan, of ThePinkingShears, because LR is on a big power trip (refers to herself as the OWWNER OWNER OWNER ORIGINATOR CREATOR FIRST QUEEN BEE)

    But they are exactly alike. barf.

  9. luvin it said

    that may be true, but she was definitely referring to the mystery owner of Mary Kay Sucks stating she could only hope to accomplish half as much as she had.

  10. Read it sometimes said

    She is really stretching now—she has started a new topic that is from another website from 2001. She must have run out of new topics. As for other identities, I have no idea which ones specifically, but I am sure there are many that are really Tracy in disguise. They all sound too canned and similar to be different people.

  11. luvin it said

    One of the aliases she uses was mentioned on the wahm board when she was spamming the membership over there – marnie rivers. She becomes these aliases then lays them to rest after a time and before she births another. No wonder she’s so suspicious of others, she thinks everyone thinks like she does….NOT.

    I wonder how many have believed her lies about others?

  12. luvin it said

    Oh, lol, wanted to thank you guys for the bologna song….I’ve been singing it all afternoon!

  13. Anonymous Please said

    It appears that the PT site is dying a slow death.

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