MK Blogs Week in Review: May 6 – May 11


I have so many ideas for this blog!  I thought maybe every Friday I could do a run down of what’s happening on the various MK blogs I read faithfully (or obsessively, whatever)  kind of like that show Best Week Ever.  If I miss one that you’d like me to feature leave it in the comments section.  Do you’re own review if you want! 

Pink Truth:  In my opinion, PT was a little off this week.  Maybe it’s just getting old for me, but I didn’t really see anything that flipped my twinkie.  Only two of this weeks entries are really worth mentioning. 

          The first is Monday’s entry comparing MK to a gambling addiction.  This one interested me because I used to be a dealer in a casino.  I saw gambling addicts every single day.  Even though I suppose some people have lost a lot of money to MK and maybe even alienated friends and family, I don’t think you can really compare the two.   Has an MK lady ever been caught half dressed in the bathroom of the training center taking a cat bath in the sink because she hasn’t left in days? Do you see IBC’s panhandling in parking lots (and I don’t mean warm chattering, I mean straight up asking for “fie dolla’s”)?  Has any of you exMKer’s given some strange guy a blow job for MK money?  I don’t think so.  THAT’S an addiction!

The other entry that got me was the India story.  PT does NOT want the MK virus spread all over the world to the poor defenseless people of impoverished countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Mongolia.  Some of the commenters talk about mudhuts and caste systems which I thought was more than a little racist and shows why people in other countries hate Americans.  We have poor people in this country, but do you think that people in Germany assume we ALL live in cardboard boxes under bridges and over passes?  India doesn’t even have a caste system anymore, do they?  Besides the fact that no one on PT thought that someone in India would be smart enough to look at the MK opportunity and think it was crappy or like it based on their own wittle brown brains, why would MK target people with no money?  Wouldn’t it be smarter for them to go after women with expendable income? 

The discussion board wasn’t much more interesting either.  I wish Sickie and Tracy would start some shit over there.


Stalked By Pink: Just the entry about all the No Troll people.  I wish Maggie would update a little more often.  I do thank her for allowing me to post the link to my blog!


My Pink Truth (and other stuff):   Once again, Me’s blog attracted some antiMKer’s who are more than a little pissed off at the PT bunch.  Of course, Me might be making some of these people up, but I know for sure that one of her posters is real….yours truly!  The point was made that PT’s e-mail sounded a lot like a MK director’s e-mail.  “We’re on FIRE!!”  Ahhh, everything old is new again!


Pink Myst:  No new posts this week.


The Fuschia Blog:  Just one new post asking what the readers would like to talk about.  Any ideas for Fuschia? 


Turning Pink:  No new entries.  Come on, people!! 


There really isn’t a whole lot of gossip!  Well, except for the fact that I’ve started this blog of course.  If you guys hear anything, be sure to let us all know.


  1. notrolls said

    PT has gotten so booooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. Talk about snooze city! PT is so paranoid she has alienated most of the people who used to defend her. Now no one can stand her. everyone is getting tired of her drama.

  2. yeah, i passed thru there yesterday and got me a real good long nap in. 😛

  3. the best sleep I’ve had in WEEKS. LOL

  4. Duh said

    Someone should infiltrate chat tonight and drop my blog a few times. That would get quite a discussion started! I’d do it myself, but I don’t want to be banned….AGAIN!

  5. notrolls said

    i’m sure the chat is boring too. snooze city

  6. notrolls said

    here is the chat conversation:

    queen bee – “everyone’s picking on me. no one will kiss and wipe my butt anymore”.

    the lost – “but we still love you. what do you want us to do? we will never betray you my queen”

    then they will turn around and email us with all the juicy details.

  7. PT WHAT? said

    I thenk thu xitement mite bee wering off ova at the PT sight? Do u theenk?

  8. Duh said

    No way! Haven’t you read the e-mail? They’re on FIRE!!!

  9. well I slept right thru that fire.

    Actually I think when they say that, they mean they’re blazin’ the weed. 😛

  10. SuckAss said

    Weed…….can you did that?

  11. SuckAss said

    I mean….

    Weed. Can you DIG IT?

  12. notrolls said

    for people that hate mary kay so much they sure have a lot of similarities. they are a bunch of mkwannabes

  13. Neverpantyhose said

    Totally off topic!!!!!!!

    I’m setting the record straight before all them nasty rumors start flyin around. I have chosen to step away from the PinkTruth world. While I think Tracy has a good purpose of exposing the truths behind Mary Kay, I disagree with what I interpret as her need to control what we do outside of the PinkTruth blog.

    For those of you that don’t know, I was posting over on a blog called This blog was apparently put up to provide a place for folks to dish about Tracy and SICKNPINK. While I did not participate in the bashing, I did participate in the other non MK related topics. I have learned from the past that trying to stick up for some people creates even more drama so this time I just stayed out of it. Apparently that was the wrong thing to do. That blog went down within 24 hours or so of its opening.

    The new blog is this one. I have been told by Tracy that she does not appreciate me participating in a blog that is out to discredit her professional reputation. In my opinion, people can say and do what they want, they always have. I did not participate in any Tracy or SICKNPINK bashing, though I do find the other topics fascinating and downright funny as hell. The last time I checked, this was America. The last time I checked, I was an adult and can choose to blog on whatever sites I want to. On a side note, my opinion is that if Tracy was THAT concerned about people professional discrediting her, why did she tell everyone what her real name was, and the name of her business when she knew she would probably have some type of backlash due to the nature of Pink Truth.

    I will not now, nor will I ever take kindly to people telling me what I can and cannot do. To be fair, Tracy never told me NOT to post on these blogs, but she certainly made herself crystal clear that she did not approve of me doing so.

    If you have any questions, you can email me at If you hear rumors and want to know if they’re true, ask me. I will tell you. There is so much more to this story, but I don’t really think it’s relevant at this point.

  14. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    so like, we don’t get to hear any dirt? where’s the fucing fun in that eh?

  15. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    that would be FUCKING fun. whatever.

  16. Neverpantyhose said

    No need for dirt just yet as she has not done anything to me, yet. I’m waiting for the shit to hit fan….

  17. notrolls said

    julz, this is how she tries to control everyone. you are either in……….or you’re out

  18. Neverpantyhose said

    notrolls…do i know u? cuz you just called me by my real name? LOL

  19. notrolls said

    u might

  20. Duh said

    I will say this to everyone. Neverpantyhose NEVER had a bad word to say about Tracy or SickNPink, no matter how hard I tried to make her say something!! She did nothing but defend them to me and anyone else who had a word to say about either one of them.

  21. neverpantyhose said

    Why thank you Duh….glad SOMEONE knows I wasn’t out to badmouth either of them.

  22. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    I’ve got some dirty words if you need ’em. They been storin’ up for a while. 😉

  23. PTcrackkills said

    Damn, another one bites the dust. That’s too bad. Tried to warn ya…

  24. PTcrackkills said

    Ooooh, can we do hatemail day, too?? cuz u know you’re gonna get some. 😛

  25. PTcrackkills said

    …you could make a whole new catagory for it called ~~~TRACY’S TURDS TURN TO TROLLING TRICKERY~~~


  26. Duh said

    Nice alliteration there, PTcrackkills!

  27. Tricked Out Tina said

    NPH, you are as good as done on PT. MKRealist was banned. PC was banned. QJ was banned. Who else? There are a ton of them. So Julz, you’re next baby. But I’m probably right behind you, so WTF? Who cares. PARTY ON!

  28. notrolls said

    pretty soon there shouldn’t be anyone left for her to ban. she is extremely paranoid.

  29. Does this mean our hatemail catagory is gonna collect dust and cobwebs? Darn!

  30. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    did you see the hate mail that Duh wrote for PT? It didn’t get posted, but it was tre magnifique.

  31. Robin Loves Batman said

    What hate mail???? Do tell Duh!

  32. neverpantyhose said

    Well it’s official, my access to PinkTruth chat has been “denied”. WOW!!! I have officially been banned. Where is my welcome wagon to the “I’ve been banned” club????? 🙂

  33. PTcrackkills said

    Welcome NPH! you have become an official member of the PT REJECTS. wanna give any ‘shout outs’? 😛

  34. Wonder Twins said

    You are in good company. Don’t worry, our side (PT Rejects) is growing exponentially. Pretty soon, we’ll rule the world!!!

  35. Anonymous Please said

    Here are my questions:

    How many of us has TC banned?

    What makes her so unstable, do you think?

    Does she really have a successful business, or do you think it has died a slow death with her obsession of controlling everyone on her PT site?

    Has anyone heard from her former Mary Kay team members, director, etc? I would be curious about their experiences.

    Is it true she really does not have two offices for her business? One is simply an address and mail is then forwarded to her in WI?

  36. Read it sometimes said

    I have been banned–a long time ago.

    I have no idea why she is so unstable, but I think it is very apparent that she IS.

    She may have had a successful business before, but it is questionable. It was a side business from its beginning in 2000 until last August when she quit (I should say “stopped”–we don’t know why she isn’t there anymore) working for a CPA firm doing taxes. And we know since then she has been completely consumed by the PT site.


    This is true. The Chicago office address on her website belongs to another company. The phone number is a cell phone. The company that actually is at that address forwards her mail to her, although I was told there is rarely any to forward.

  37. neverpantyhose said

    “read it soemtimes”. Wow…where did you find THAT information. Are you a super sleuth? 😉

  38. Read it sometimes said

    Yes. 🙂

  39. Anonymous Please said

    Yeah, I called the location of the Chicago office when I started feeling like TC was a bit “shaky”. The person who answered the phone had no idea who I was calling for, but confirmed that the address was the same as the one listed on TC’s business website. Very odd.

  40. neverpantyhose said

    Hmm….I wonder why there is no link to delete my account in the discussion board? I find that quite odd as I certainly do not want to be counted amongst their “numbers growing strong” members. I emailed Tracy today to remove me. We will see how long it takes to get a response, if any.

  41. Anonymous Please said

    Oh, you’re being counted all right. People who were banned are still counted as members.

  42. Duh said

    Oh my goodness!! I don’t check in here for one day and look at everything I’ve missed. Julz, I’m sorry you got da boot. But the good news is, now everyone can know about our true feelings for each other! MUAH!!

  43. notrolls said

    PT must be getting desperate for something to write about if she allows that idiotic post about child labor. then she takes an article from another site.

  44. nah the crack is just getting stronger

  45. sicknstink said

    You wouldn’t have to worry about getting banned if you had just taken Butt Sniffin’ 101 with me, but noooooooo!

  46. neverpantyhose said

    Yeah, I don’t butt sniff, butt suck or butt lick 101 now or EVER 🙂

  47. Duh said

    I am not a dog! I don’t “sniff butts”!!

  48. sicknstink said

    that’s cool. all the more butt for me to sniff 😛

  49. Duh said

    I’m more of an ass kisser myself.

    With tongue. Tossed salad anyone?

  50. neverpantyhose said

    you aint right duh….you want tossed salad you askin fo 3 colors!

  51. Another Former PTer said


    I slowly weaned myself off of all of the MKOB, MK Survivors, Pink Lighthouse, Pink Truth drama about 8 months ago. About four weeks ago I poked my head into PT (what I now call “Jonestown”) just to see what was going on. Somehow I got directed to MyPinkTruth, made a few comments to PC, and just tonight I found you guys!!! Seriously I about jumped out of my chair with glee when I realized that I had made it here! 🙂

    I “think” I know who most of you are (wink, wink, hug, hug) and I’m so glad to see that you all share my opinion of TC. Ever since the MKOB days (about 3 1/2 years ago) I have wanted to scream from the rooftops “SHE’S NUTS PEOPLE!!! SHE’S A CONTROL FREAK, A MANIPULATIVE KNOW IT ALL (or, excuse me a “know-a-lot”….her words), AND A RUDE BITCH!!!!” I contacted her after she introduced herself on PT and told her that I had known who she was for about a year. She freaked and wanted to know how I had figured out her true identity! HELLOOOOO!!!!! For the past few months she had been bragging about being a super successful “Forensic Accountant”, something I had never heard of, and honestly figured was a title she had made up. Back in those days she was still just using tracyred06. I did a quick search and “poof” there she was! Gee, maybe I’m a super secret investigator, too!

    Anyway, sorry this is so long! I’m just so happy to have found you all (sob! sob! wiping tears!) I have a new favorite blog to read and post on!!!!!

    By the way…..I can still get into the discussion board and possibly the chat (haven’t been there in months). Not banned…..yet?!

    Anyone wanna do lunch….again? (wink, wink)

  52. Robin Loves Batman said

    Hey Another Former PTer…. who ARE you? I’m curious and excited that we have a new poster! Yay Duh! Bitches.

  53. with margaritas? said

    and hideous clown heads?

    glad to see you again, dahh-ling. 😉

  54. Neverpantyhose said


    Did you ever post over on MKV? Do I know you? Do you know me?

  55. Another Former PTer said

    I don’t think I posted on MK Voices, but I think remember that one. Isn’t that where Cray Zee ended up? I think I followed her over there just to see what kind of an ass she’d make of herself.

    Robin loves Batman…..I think I just sent you an e-mail….that is, if you are who I think you are. 🙂

    NeverPantyHose…..I’m not sure who you are, but I think I have you narrowed down to being a couple folks. Did you start out on MKOB or MK Survivors? Move on to Pink Lighthouse at about the same time as the rest of us?

    Is there a place or a way to figure out who we are? The curiousity is killing me too! I hate all the “code” talk. I could give a couple clues, but I’d rather do it via e-mail than on the board. I’m still a little shaky and not sure who is on which side.

    PS – I’m so glad to be one of the “bitches”! Ah, it feels like home already!

  56. Another Former PTer said

    Wait a minute…..I don’t think MK Voices is the one I’m thinking of. Jesus, what was the name of that site. It’s the one where “MK Rocks” first showed up…..was started right around the same time as pinkcadillac….MK Angels? or something like that?

    Is MK Voices still around? Was it pro-MK, anti-MK, or neutral?

  57. Another Former PTer said

    ok, I get the “with margaritas”, but “hideous clown heads”? not sure I follow

    I’ll take a Corona Light, though.

  58. with margaritas? said

    former PTer: i sent you an email. That is, if you are who i think you are. LOL

  59. Another Former PTer said

    …..running to go check all of my e-mail accounts……

  60. Another Former PTer said

    you found me! you found me! 🙂

  61. heh heh said

    good guess! 😛

  62. AFPTer:

    You’re thinking of…..

    or was it typepad?? Oh well, that should help you remember…

  63. Another Former PTer said

    that’s it……voices, angels, faith….whatever!

    ….now running over to…….NOTE TO SELF—–must read about paranoid personality disorder on the off chance that I come across someone who’s got it!

  64. OhMe CanDoIt said

    A former sales director who lost her unit due to health problems.

    I was a Mary Kay Senior Sales Director. I debuted as a Fabulous ’50’s Director, and had my first offspring within 6 months of my debut. I had 2 “free” (but not so free) cars. I worked more than 40 hours a week and was never home. The end of the month production was always stressful and draining.

    After a few years as a Senior Director, I had a very unexpected heart attack, at a very young age. The doctors say it was stress related. I had to undergo bypass surgery, and was very sick for months. The company put me on probation after I was unable to make production the month after my heart surgery. When I called the company to ask for assistance, I was told to take my recruiting note book to cardiac rehabilitation! Most everyone there was 60 or older, and mostly men. Needless to say, I didn’t do that.

    After the second month of not making production, I was called by the company and warned that I was about to lose my unit. I explained that I hadn’t been released from my doctor yet, and couldn’t possibly go back to work. That didn’t seem to matter. I finally just resigned my unit, which seemed to please my Senior Director! They all went to her unit and increased her numbers!

    My best friends were the other Mary Kay Directors. We spent hours together. Funny how I didn’t hear from a one of them after I resigned my unit. I guess I am not recruitable anymore. I don’t even use the product.

    I wish I would have thought about a lawsuit. But I am just glad to my time back. The end of the month is just another week now.

    I have sinced developed breast cancer, so once again I am forced to “think Pink”. This time, I really do put God first and family second. Oh, and my so called friends??? I have real ones now.

  65. OhMe CanDoIt said

    A senior director who has been with Mary Kay for almost 30 years.

    Okay, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I think it’s time I tell you all my story. I may alter a few dates to protect my identity since I’m still in Mary Kay. I am a Senior Sales Director and have been in Mary Kay close to 30 years.

    When I joined Mary Kay I was a depressed wife of a professional man who didn’t want me to go back to work. I wasn’t very good at the housework thing but I did enjoy spending the time at home with my two small children. I decided to join Mary Kay against my husbands advice. He was worried that people would think he was failing if I had to go peddle cosmetics.

    I think it was his doubts that made me want to succeed. I was so desperate for some approval and I think that is what lures a lot of women into this company. Getting all that praise for even small amounts of accomplishment made me feel great. It also made the distance between my husband and I grow larger. He resented the fact that I loved going to Mary Kay events and I loved my work. I became a director within my first two years and even though he acted proud of my out in public, he reinforced his doubts about this company at home.

    Right from the beginning I started to borrow money and I was not telling my husband how much I was spending. There were no credit cards for orders back then but I had worked in a bank before so I was able to get money loaned to me. I wanted to build up my inventory and I was doing 3 classes a week so I was turning over the product really fast.

    After I became a director I was really hooked. I was not every pushy and never brought in consultants with any more than they could afford. I worked hard to teach them to sell and actually I still have a few of those ladies with me after all these years. My unit has never missed production in all these years but I can’t say that I’m making money.

    For years I traveled all over our state holding meetings for out of town groups and actually developed up to three offspring (I only have one now) What I found out was that everyone thought I was a super success because I drove a pink car (they had pink cars that were not Caddys back then) My unit never got over 90 people so I never really made it to that Caddy level. I attribute that to not frontloading consultants with a ton of product.

    I truthfully believe I was a good director. I gave prizes, didn’t charge for meeting rooms, sent newsletters and worked long hours. As long as I was married and had someone else paying the mortgage, taxes, utilities, etc., I could spend all that money on my business expenses and it didn’t matter that I didn’t really make much. I actually have been in the queen’s court of sales for the past 20 years running. Wow, it sounds like I should be a success.

    Well, about 15 years ago I left my husband since we had grown so far apart. I was a Mary Kay Senior Sales Director so of course I could make it on my own. Well, that is where I was so very wrong. No one knows how many expenses there are to being a director.

    The checks look good but that is before taxes. Then you have all your gas, office supplies, postage, phone calls, prizes, insurance, directors suit, seminar, career conference, leadership conference, and on and on. When you get done paying all the expenses there isn’t much left of that commission check. The money from my personal sales pays for the mortgage, utilities, health insurance, cloths, food, taxes etc. Wow, when it’s time to place an order it goes on the credit card. There isn’t any money left from those sales to order inventory because there are so many bills.

    I have slowly gone in debt about $8,000 a year for the first ten years that I was on my own. These past 5 years I have tried to work part time jobs and even full time jobs to try to get out of this huge hole. I’m in my late 50’s so I am not at the age to be starting a new career. I have a good client base so I don’t want to dump Mary Kay but my pink bubble has burst and I see just how so many people go into debt and how so many marriages break up over this business.

    I don’t have a lot of choices right now. I must keep this business going in hopes that I can someday retire but I also have to work other jobs to try to get out of debt. I was told that I should go bankrupt when I went for financial advice but I don’t want to do that. With interest rates eating up so much of my payments, it is almost impossible to get out from under this weight.

    I currently have around 70 consultants and we average over $8,000 a month in production, but since the company hasn’t given us any substantial raise in many years, my income has not kept up with inflation. I have cut out the prizes, except for year end. I cut out the newsletter and I don’t travel much any more because I am working all the time. This is the time of my life when I should be looking forward to retirement like all my friends. Actually I will probably never be able to retire and I am working more now than I ever have.

    So for those of you who want to be a director, my advice is to stay married because no matter how successful this looks, there isn’t much profit. That’s why the ones making the real money are tricking consultants into frontloading and continuing to order even if they aren’t selling. I could never feel good about being successful on the losses of others.

    It makes me sick when I hear the horror stories and then consultants are also persuaded not to send the product back because they might want to get in again. Actually directors do that to save themselves from lost commissions and production. So the director keeps winning while the consultants keep losing. I am proud to say that it has been so many years since I had anyone send back product that I can’t remember. It doesn’t happen when you don’t buy production with cheap prizes and just keep rewarding ordering and not caring about selling.

    So, in my community I have am looked on as being a success. I tell everyone I am working another job just for the health insurance, but I am barely making all my payments and I worry every day that I will go under. My children are grown and married and I have a granddaughter now, but I don’t have the money or time to see her very often. (she’s hours away from me)

    My advise to anyone who has gotten out is to send back your product right away and don’t fall for the guilt trips. Don’t feel that you failed, because failure is staying in and not seeing what it is doing to you and your family.

    For anyone reading this who is in the company, be honest about what money you are really making and don’t lie to others in order to line your own pockets with commissions or prizes. It is a fun business but the marketing plan rewards only a small percentage of people with big money and funds that with the ordering done by the large percentage of people.

    Well, that’s my story. I will keep reading yours and hope no one ever gets in the situation that I have found myself in. Thank you for letting me get it all out. I hid these facts for so many years because I didn’t want to believe it and I was in that Pink Bubble. It feels good to be truthful and let it all out. I hope it is helpful to someone out there.

    Getting old and broke. (but I look great–ha ha)

  66. Alexwebmaster said

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  67. over here

    MK Blogs Week in Review: May 6

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