It’s only been a few days, and I already have over 2000 hits on my blog.  For all you ladies out there who are blog ignorant (I like to call you blogtards) that means that about 20 people have actually read my blog.  Word.


  1. Ooooh, we’re smokin’!!

  2. Tricked Out Tina said

    Who are you calling a Blogtard? Bite me, duh. Anyway, if you have 2000 hits but only 20 real readers, that means Tracy has about only 150 readers. (or so) Wow, she’s smokin’. (crack)

  3. Duh said

    Don’t feel bad. I’m a blogtard for sure. I keep e-mailing other blog owners, “How do I do this?” or “I like your blog. HELP ME!” It’s pathetic.

    BTW, I’m lucky if I have 20 “real” readers. I consider a real reader to be someone who, if they don’t comment, at least comes back more than once. Maybe other people have a looser definition of what a real reader is?

  4. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I’m a blogtard but might be a tard too. Remember, my IQ is only 79 so keep it simple for me.
    Thanks for using little words for me Duh!

  5. Duh said

    You’re welcome Bologna! I’m sending you some personalized drool bibs just because you are such a sweet little ‘tard.

  6. cultsrus said

    I’m going to shamelessly promote my new blog here: CULTS R US. Please visit it at http://www.cultsrus.wordpress.com I really need friends.

  7. Neverpantyhose said

    Holy shit Duh. That’s pretty good actually! It took me a lot longer to get that many hits. You’re rockin’ and rollin’. Maybe the word is out already? Ya think? Word

  8. Make that 130 readers cuz at least 20 of them are PT’s personalities. 😛

  9. Robin Loves Batman said

    Good point crack

  10. ScrewU said

    Did I tell you yet that I like you?

  11. Robin Loves Batman said

    where in hell is my girlfriend? Hello Batman…where ARE you?

  12. Duh said

    Cult R Us has bit the dust.

  13. Why thank you, ScrewU. Just callin’ it like I see it.

  14. ScrewU said

    You see it so clearly PTcrack. Keep calling it out.

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