The floor is now open….

Please email me your questions.  I’ll be posting a blog tomorrow with a little Q&A.


  1. sicknstink said

    Yes i have a question. Why does PT’s butt smell so good to me?

  2. TheTruthHurts said

    Oh my Goodness. I can’t believe it. I was looking for you!!!! I wanted to go on a date with a true lady!

  3. what kind of crack is PT smoking?

  4. Robin loves Batman said

    I heard it was homemade crack

  5. sicknstink said

    sorry my queen said i’m not allowed to date. Stupid Bitch!!!!! Please don’t tell her i said that ok? ~~biting nails~~

  6. TheTruthHurts said

    I would like to meet your Queen. Maybe we can have a threesome at some point?

  7. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    A threesome with those two would be like having one screw you while the other whispers in your ear how she has VD. But then – ooops just kidding. We were just testing your loyalty. But then — oh wait. No, we really do have VD. No we don;t. yes we do. don’t. do.

    hope you like mind screws.

  8. Anonymous Please said

    How many different names does TC post under?

    Were you on her private board?

    How many people have been banned?

    Does she still expect us to believe she owns a company?

  9. Holy crap Batman said

    Duh, would you update your blog already? I have put my day on hold to hear more of your stoopid ramblings. lol

  10. Duh said

    Ask and you shall receive, but I don’t know if you’re gonna like it!

  11. PT is Smokin'........Not said

    Ok, questions:

    Is worship of TC monotheistic or polytheistic (given the multiple names/personalities)?

    If the religion believes in reincarnation, will the true believers come back as paypal buttons?

    Jus’ wonderin’

  12. sicknstink said

    another question: Will my queen ever stop slappin’ me around?

  13. Why? said

    I was told, sicknstink, that you like it. Bend over baby

  14. Anonymous Please said

    So, what is to stop someone from posting the PT Hate Mail on this site? TC makes people register on her message board in order to read the Hate Mail each week. Is there anything wrong with posting it elsewhere? You know, just for kicks?

  15. MK Rules said

    Hey there: I just want to say I feel you are giving Tracy more ammo! Behaving in her same manner back at her is quite childish and makes us all as IBCs look bad. Please consider stopping this ASAP- not because I condone PT, but because we are better than that. I, for one, refuse to resort to the same nature that I hate…name calling, hate mail, insults. Why not try to make a positive impact instead of trying to fight negativitiy with more negativity?? Just a thought….

  16. Duh said

    Should I put on my blog that I’m not endorsed by Mary Kay? I’m not an IBC, and I hope that the negativity I project doesn’t taint anyone else’s reputation. I just think it’s funny.

  17. ScrewU said

    While I admire your positive additude, I’m going to have to disagree with you. First of all, I would dare say that most of us here are not IBC’s. The majority is probably exPTers. Secondly, I don’t think Tracy understands positive. We are trying to make her understand something and we have to speak in the same language as her. Besides, it’s fun:)

    I know that you don’t get that but thats why you have your blog and we have ours. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. pretending i'm SICKIE for a minute said

    Let me be duh’s little “sickie” for a minute here. Here goes:

    Nice try, MKRules, but this blog ain’t for nice. Now go away before I send a nasty email about you to someone behind your back, and then I can cry and play the victim. I might even pretend to have a nervous breakdown too, so watch out!

  19. Neverpantyhose said


    I must respectfully disagree with you. This blog is not specifically for Tracy. More like us PT rejects that have been banned, and lots of other random shit that has nothing to do with MK at all. And I can’t speak for all the other ladies here, but it’s nice to find a blog where we can dish about whatever we want and not CARE what Tracy or anyone else thinks. Can I get an AMEN from my sistas???

  20. Duh said


    Peace be with you.

  21. Holy crap Batman said

    And also with you.

  22. Holy crap Batman said

    NPH, you’re right, it IS nice to be able to dish without worrying what the friggin blog owner is gonna do to you. Last I checked,this is a free country. Tracy runs her blog more like a Totalitarian state. What a friggin loser she is. And you know, the more people read duh’s blog, the more these PT’ers are going to say “I AGREE!” Welcome, former PT’ers. You are safe here. LOL

    A while back when I was in chat (before I lost interest and stopped posting) a certain TROLL (won’t name names) PM’d me to talk bad about someone else who was also in chat that night. I won’t say who, but Tracy can read the transcripts and read it all herself. I hope she does. It was sometime mid to late January I believe. I hope she digs that shit out and goes through it with a fine tooth comb.

    Sucks to be you right now, Ms. Troll.


  24. … infinity and beyond. 😛

  25. I’d hate to be the troll’s big girl panties right about now. You know they’re stinky!

  26. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Was there ever a big girl thong? You know, when they got popular in the late ’90s?

    I wonder if Tracy ever took her crusty big girl panties off to pull up her flashy trashy MK thong a little higher.

    Mental picture?

    That thong, tha thong thong thong…

  27. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That’s just gross!

  28. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Can you catch VD from crusty big girl thongs?

  29. MK Rules said

    NPH and “Sickie”:

    (The real sickie has never been rude to me by the way…)

    Well, so this site is for exPTers who don’t like MK, but don’t like Tracy??? I dunno, this blog drama is making my head spin!

    I try to be polite all the time, not fake or uber positive. In my opinion, stating the truth does not have to mean insults and rudeness. It’s called being adult not being moderated. Funny how being somewhat annonymous can change your thinking sometimes.

    I will go play in my sand box now, have a blast being Tracy/MK Haters…… :X

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