Open Letter to Sickie.

Dear Sickie,

You can’t get away from the drama, can you?  I guess you must have a freak magnet strapped to your ass or something, huh?  It certainly has nothing to do with the way you interact with people, or with the “gift” you have of injecting yourself into situations that are none of yo beeswax.    It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that you have a tendency to “tweak” the truth a bit when it’s convenient.  Nope.  You are as pure as snow, and yet the mean and nasty trolls of the world keep trying to bring you down.  Sorry ’bout that.

OK, I didn’t write this letter to tell you what you already know.  I actually have a question for you.  Why aren’t you a member of the super secret inner circle on PT?  I’ve heard from several people that although you are the most prominent (and helpful *wink wink*) member, that you are denied access to the inner sanctum.  Isn’t that the place where Tracy shares her hopes and dreams for PT with her most TRUSTED friends?  Isn’t that the war room when outside forces seek to tear PT down?  I don’t understand why you aren’t allowed to be a part of that!

Maybe you don’t believe it exists?  Maybe you try to tell yourself that with enough work, you too can join the Big Girls’ Club?  Maybe you just don’t give a shit whether or not you are ever fully accepted by Tracy…….BWHAHAHAHAHA!  Now we BOTH know that’s not true!

To Tracy- Why don’t you let Sickie in?  She’s worked hard to dig up dirt for you.  She’s had her name smeared in your defense.  She’s stuck by you in thick and thin (that you know of anyway).  She DESERVES the key to the secret special discussion board.  Don’t you appreciate everything she’s done for you?  I’m sure you’ve said it to her.  Now say it with action.  Please allow her in to your super secret club.




  1. MakesUthink said

    I think people need to understand some things:

    Tracy has no power. Let me expand a little on what I mean by this

    1. It’s not illegal to put people’s names and addresses on the internet. It’s public record. So how could what Melissa said on her blog be illegal? Melissa STILL talks shit about her and nothing has happened.

    2. I think Tracy wants people to BELIEVE she has power, but she doesn’t! She has people so scared. And for what? Ruining their MK careers? She doesn’t have the power to do that! People have a right to blog wherever they feel like blogging. I don’t think that MKC can “fire” someone for blogging do you? If they did, then it wasn’t really worth working for MK was it?

    3. People are also afraid of Tracy because they do not want to get booted from the discussion board or chat. Come on man, there are so many other ways to communicate, who really gives a rats ass about chat? Most of the time it’s boring anyway. You all are not missing a thing. Maybe we’re lucky we got the boot because now we can spend more time doing real life things and less time “chatty chatting” about stupid mindless things.

    4. People don’t respect Tracy. They fear her. Imagine if all the people came out and actually admitted they were afraid of her, that they saw what the Melissas and the Rebeccas were saying about Tracy may actually be true?

    5. Do you think PinkTruth could survive without supporters?

    6. All of the nuttiness, the drama, the lies, manipulation and fear. Who does it all point back to? SicknPink and Tracy. No one else. This whole entire blogging MK world is fueled by manipulation. What Melissa has said all along is true.

    7. How is PinkTruth any different from Mary Kay? It’s exactly the same! It took me a while to realize it, but it’s the same thing! Others are beginning to realize it too.

    8. I feel that SicknPink has some innate need to feel accepted by Tracy. But why? Does she not have anything better to do than play these games? Why does she say she doesn’t care what the other blogs are saying and that she doesn’t go look? SicknPink, we know you look. You like to leave comments “anonymously” so people don’t think it’s you. Get real lady. You can’t help yourself from looking to see what people are saying about you. The best part is that you take what people say and totally manipulate it into a way that suits your needs. I do think that Duh’s myspace blog is proof of that. The other question is why does Tracy trust you? You clearly cannot keep your mouth shut. It runs 24/7. I’m surprised you don’t have cotton mouth from the amount of time your mouth is running.

  2. Duh said

    Wow, Tracy is following this blog closer than I thought. I just got word that Sickie has been accepted into the Big Girls Club. GO SICKIE GO!!

    P.S. Do you think anyone at PT has read Animal Farm? The last line:

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  3. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    That is so deep. I totally know what you are talking about. Like, I like pigs and I like men. Right?

  4. Duh said

    I think you are pigs. Probably a little horse too. And some cow anus maybe?

  5. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    I think Tracy’s big girl panties got shoved so far up her rear when she was in MK that she has never really taken them off.

    Why is anyone scared of Tracy, anyway? What’s the worst that can happen… oh no, banned from PT? There are other anti-mk places on the ‘net. PT isn’t the only show in town, and the other ones don’t have complete psychos for a leader.

  6. BITE ME PT said

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Jeepers Creepers, Sickie is on the inner sanctum board? Wow, she has really arrived. This is just so much better than being a MK Sales Director, isn’t it? At least as a director she was getting paid something. Tracy ain’t paying her a damn thing. Makes ya think.

  7. anonymous please said


    Send me an email. I’ve got some great stories about the inner workings of sickie and tracy coenen.

  8. Can I be yo bitch? said

    Duh, have I told you lately how much I love you????????? You are my new leader. *bowing to duh*

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