PT Hatemail

I was just thinking about doing an entry on hatemail when someone suggested it.  Sounds like fate to me.  I was going to show you guys the hatemail that I sent to PT.  It was better than the boring crap Tracy usually puts up there.   But if you guys want to see it, here it is:

date: Feb 28, 2007 4:31 PM
subject: WOW ….. are you profitting from this website? WOW … I am pretty speechless after visiting your site … do you think you are doing a service to people .. sounds like bitterness and resentment to me.

Yep, that’s it.  Fascinating isn’t it?  What I left off is the sender’s name, phone number, e-mail address, employer and other personal info she included.  The actual subject matter of the hatemail doesn’t really matter.  It’s all about exposing someone.  The thread includes several mentions of calling this woman’s boss and “telling” on her for sending personal e-mails on company time.  Really?  You guys want this woman to lose her job because she doesn’t agree with you and has the audacity to say something?  Unbelievable. 

BTW, here’s my hatemail that never made it on the discussion board.  Enjoy!

Why you have to write all this bad stuff about Mary Kay?  I will tell you my story.

I was living in a ladie’s shelter with my four kids when someone dropped off a big box of Mary Kay stuff for all the people.  I used some of the face soap and I liked the blue dots in there.  My face felt real good after.  The ladie that dropped it had her phone numer on the side, so I called her when I was out of the shelter to get some more face soap.  She came to my house and she said she could help get me a job doing Mary Kay.    Now she’s a real Christian ladie and was real nice and since I just got a settlement check for my car wreck I figure I could do Mary Kay to make some money because my kids wanted some extra stuff like a gameboy.

I don’t gets why you such a BITCH about Mary Kay neither.  I goes to the library to check my emails and I found your website somebody sent to me.  Then I founds out what your name was and I looked you up on the computer and you have a wonky face which is why you prolly woudnt’sell that good.  My face is nicer and I don’t have no problem selling the face cream and stuff.  I made enough for my kids gameboy plus I’m buying a new computer.  Everybody on your website prolly just too ugly to sell it good too. 



  1. bwl said

    those people scare me

  2. notrolls said

    thats it? thats the big excitement everyone is supposed to rush to the discussion board and sign up to see? how booooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!

  3. Anonymous Please said

    Ok, first of all the Hate Mail she posted is flippin’ ridiculous. And the fact that she includes personal information is just plain wrong on a moral level. I can almost see posting her real name and email address (it’s not right, but I would not attack her for that), but you know Tracy Coenen used her famous investigative skills and googled her and got the rest of her personal info. Just plain whack, I tell ya.

    And on to your letter…girlfriend, it made me laugh so hard. I am in a much better mood for reading it. Thanks alot for that 🙂

  4. ScrewU said

    The hatemail that Tracy is posted sure is hateful. Wow! How does she live with that kind of judgement put upon her? She must be a rock if she can read that and not cry.

  5. A Shocked PT Fan said

    I’m trying to understand. Are you saying that you wrote the first email above, tracy ADDED someone else’s personal information to it? OMG, tell me I misunderstood please.

  6. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    No no – the first “hate” mail was for real, and tracy posted the woman’s personal information below it, in order to stir up some harrassment. I guess.

    The SECOND “hate” mail wasn’t real, but something that Duh made up.

    Did I get that right? Now I’m not so sure either….

  7. Duh said

    Yes that’s right.
    The first (boooring) hatemail is the one Tracy posted. I just edited out the woman’s personal info.

    The second hatemail is the one I made up.

  8. A Shocked PT Fan said

    Oh I see. Well tell me, why do you all hate tracy so? I thought everyone loved her (well, except for MK directors/consultants, of course) and the service she provides for women. Is she not genuine?

    I can understand being displeased with the fact that she posts personal info. I, too disagree with that. But is there more to the Tracy/PT story? I’ve read the other topics here and I am still trying to grasp and understand everything so forgive me for being a bit slow.

    As an avid PT fan, I can, however, TOTALLY understand everyone’s feelings about SickNPink. That woman is the biggest stuff starter I’ve ever seen. But, I don’t understand why she has so much freedom on PT. She is truly a piece of work!

  9. Robin Loves Batman said

    Well “shocked”. Let me give you some 411. The reason a lot of people “hate” (and hate is such a strong word) Tracy is because she’s very manipulative, which is the reason why people left MK no? She gets upset when people visit the blogs that are bashing her and sicknstinky. She will ban you for no reason, there is only 100% loyalty to Tracy and Tracy alone. She advertises stuff on her blog to help offset the cost (rumor, not substantiated) and never answers/addresses peopels’ concerns, therefore adding more to the speculation pot. Then you have sicknstinky that runs her mouth 24/7. She can’t help but talk shit about people. She doesn’t tell them personally, she just sucks up to Tracy behind their back, like highschool. That should pretty much give you an idea of why people dislike Tracy. OH, and the fact that she thinks the MK world revolves around her. That could also have something to do with it. Bitches.

  10. Duh said

    The fact that a shit starter like Sickie is allowed so much freedom on PT is a testament to Tracy’s character and lack of judgement.

  11. one who knows said


    I don’t “hate” anyone. I *do* think that there are some serious mental problems with the PT site.

    This woman is obssessed with her “professional reputation”, and anyone who makes a snide comment about her site will get their address, employer, and make and model of their car distributed.

    If you dare to question her behavior, she will ban you and then tell people you are a “cunt”, and other such terms that really destroy her “professional” apearance. She talks like a gutter trash delinquent, and then expects everyone to bow down to her.

    She also uses a great deal of fear against people. She will tell you she can hack into other people’s websites, etc, all in the attempt to make you quake with fear. I suppose this is to keep you “loyal”.

    In short – there are many many issues here. Hard to sum it all up in a little paragraph.

  12. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Maybe Tracy stopped taking her meds?

  13. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    What’s with the tiny smiley at the bottom of the page?

  14. Duh said

    I don’t know, but I like him. Hi, Smiley!

  15. Neverpantyhose said

    I am proof that Tracy does not want the PTers posting on other sites as I have been banned from both the PT chat and PT discussion board. I did, however, go into PT chat this last weekend telling everyone I would not be coming back. I did this because I already knew I was being banned. I guess you can say I was being proactive? LOL. And to all you DOUBTERS and HATERS out there, I am not BITCHING that I was banned from PT. I am just stating a fact. Get over yourself and quit taking my words and twisting them to your liking. Gee, sounds familiar doesn’t it? For those of you who don’t yet see that Tracy is manipulating you, trust that you will figure it out eventually. Instead of having a pink fog, you are in a PT fog. It’s ok, like we always said on PT, “we will welcome you with open arms when you see the truth”.

    ONe more thing, just because I have issues with Tracy’s need for control does NOT mean I don’t agree that MK sucks. There. Right from the horses mouth yall.

  16. PTcrackkills said

    what smiley? where

  17. Duh said

    Why do people have to spin this blog into something bad? This is how I see it. The reason that so many people are scared to cross Tracy and get banned from PT is because of the friends they’ve made there. They don’t want to lose that.

    What’s happened is that the people that have been banned, instead of just giving up on the friendships they made, have started a blog so that they can stay in contact. We all talk about Tracy right now because she is the reason we are all here. I’m sure after a while, Tracy as a topic of discussion will slowly fade away. Either the blog will die out, or we will continue to talk about other things.

    I for one am happy that I don’t have to watch what I say here, and I wouldn’t go back to PT’s forum anyway. (Unless I’m snooping!) LOL

  18. PTcrackkills said

    I SAID what smiley?? Damn, pay attention. 😛

  19. Duh said

    Look underneath the comment box, in the blue area.

  20. Robin Loves Batman said

    God PTcrackkills…you are sooooo slow. Get a grip. Look down. No, further down. Yes, keep going. THERE IT IS!! 🙂

  21. Nope! Ain’t there. SO THERE! Sluts!

    and I’m in rehab so don’t come tellin’ me it’s the PT crack either. Dirty sluts!

  22. Neverpantyhose said

    Oh no you d’int PTcrack. So not cool. You have been BANNED


    OOps…we don’t ban people here. Mybad. *bowing to DUH*

  23. A Shocked PT Fan said

    Wow, I had no idea Tracy was anything like that. I just thought that if she keeps letting SickNPink control her board, it’s going to lose all credibility and respect, but it sounds like she’s actually getting help from the owner. How sad. This sure puts a whole new light on things.

  24. Duh said

    Tracy could be right though. We could ALL be unstable! According to her, the majority of the world’s population are all mental patients. SHE’S the only one that’s sane.

  25. That smiley is tracy stalkin’ ya’ll LOL

  26. ScrewU said

    Ok, the thing with the smiley guy is that he is on every wordpress blog. Pay attention to details Bitches! I like him and I’m glad I get to see him. So shut up about him now. Peace out, smiley

    What is the deal with Tracy? Besides being a narcissistic, manipulative, conniving control freak? Not sure. Maybe a scam artist? That sounds about right.

  27. I don't see said

    the smiley either.

    You guys really ARE nuts!

  28. Duh said


  29. Robin Loves Batman said

    ScrewU makes a valid point here bitches. A scam artist? Could be it. But I still think she likes to be in control. The big prolemo here is that she isn’t in control. What she does not know is her followers are turning their backs on her because they cannot deny what is really happening. The things people have said about Tracy are coming to fruition. It is only a matter of time before her true identity so to speak is revealed to all of those who bow down to her. Those closest to her, are telling her secrets. So I guess that means she really does not have anyone close to her. How said. Bitches.

  30. A Shocked PT Fan said

    Wow. Well ladies, thank you for the insight and while you all are quite ‘bitchy’ towards each other, I must say my questions were answered quite respectfully. Thanks for that! I’ll be keeping my eyes open from now on.

    And for the record, I don’t think you’re blog is bad at all. Just full of humor. 😉

  31. “Shocked”, you are going to ruin our reputation with that sweet comment. Knock it off, will ya! 😛

  32. Dana said

    Tracy sucks. I got banned before I ever got to post on the PT discussion board. 😦 I only wanted to read the hate mail. Glad to know from here that I didn’t miss much!

  33. Not a Bee-liever said

    I have a dumb question: Why are a lot of BFBF posts from May suddenly ending up in the top 10 posts list over on the right side? This is all Bugsy’s fault, isn’t it?

  34. Mercedes said

    Bugsy is my pet 🙂
    don’t ya just love him?
    *hi Bugsy-come on-lets go now…*

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