A telling comment


Mrs. Metaphor and I have had our differences on another blog (raise your hand, Julz).  She just rubs me the wrong way with her holier than thou attitude.  This is an excerpt from a comment she left on MK Rules blog entry about yours truly:

” You are admitting to trashing someone for fun. Is it fun when people do it to you?

I admit, I am not free from this sin…I have engaged in slamming people as well (not on Duh’s blog). Lately, though, I’ve been feeling this gnawing …”

Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, BLAH!!  “It’s OK when I make fun of people cause at least I feel bad about it.”  Whateva…

What I really wanted to point out to you guys was the way she made sure to anyone who may be reading (TRACY) that she HAS NOT commented on my blog.  Did you get that Tracy?  She’s a good little PTer!  She didn’t comment on my blog!  Don’t ban her!

I’ll bet she was too scared to even venture over here and read it.   Why should she when she can take everyone’s word for it that I’m a lunatic?  It’s much easier to just follow the herd.  Thinking for oneself is soooo overrated anyway.


  1. Neverpantyhose said

    Ok…I have to say that MrsMetaphore has always been cool to me and what she usually has to say is thought provoking and not generally one to tell people what to do. I do however see other people that ARE there to tell others what to do, namely PT. So that’s really all I had to say. No problem if Duh disagrees with me, but mrs has always been cool peeps to me. 😉

  2. Duh said

    Thought provoking?

    Well slap my ass and call me Nelly. I didn’t know you think things!

  3. Neverpantyhose said

    I know right? Shocking I know. But beeeeeelieve it! Can you get EXCITED about that?

  4. Clipper said

    I have never had any conversations or dealings with MM, but it read to me as if she was addressing MKRules post and not you, Duh. Anyway, the post has been removed from MKRules at MM’s request.

  5. Robin Loves Batman said

    Duh, maybe this thread should be about some other PT people because like Neverpantyhose said, she’s cool peeps. Never had an issue with her. She a cool kat. Bitches.

  6. Duh said

    UGH. You guys make me sick.

  7. Duh said

    That’s it. You’re all banned.

  8. Robin Loves Batman said

    Ok Tracy! LOL

  9. Duh said

    Isn’t it great that we can all sit here and disagree like this?

    AAAAAHHHHHH, I bask in the differences of opinion.

  10. Clipper said

    That is the beauty of freedom of speech!

  11. Duh said

    Unfortunately Clipper, we don’t get to exercise that freedom on some of those other blogs.

    Viva la Duh!

  12. Clipper said

    well sure you do, if it’s the blog owner’s speech you are using. 😉

  13. Robin Loves Batman said

    Way 2 B Duh. We lurve you. Bitches.

  14. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Nelly… oh Nelly!
    See how I follow your commands? I just have to figure out how to slap your ass over the internet.

    Can I be your good little doobie now? Will you allow me into your inner circle now? I know there’s one, there has to be one.
    Puleeez!!!! Puleeeez Nelly?

  15. Catwoman said

    Hey there Duh – like the picture of the Nun.

  16. Batman said

    Mrs. Metaphor is cool. Way too smart for me though. She needs to dumb-down her writing cuz it’s way over my head. She’s kinda like MKRealist. Way cool but smarter than shit. 😉

  17. Batman said

    Are you the same as Katwummon?

  18. I LOVE CATS said

    2, 4, 6, 8
    Who do we appreciate?

    2, 4, 6, 8
    Who do we assassinate?
    *fill in the blank please*
    (The winner will get a prize from me.)

  19. KatWummon said

    Does basking in differences of opinion give you the same glow as Sunless Tanner?


  20. KatWummon said

    I am the KatWummon with the Advanced Degree in Speshull Speleeng.


  21. Catwoman said

    Hey there Batman – Meow…

    No, I am not the same as Katwummon. I am an entirely different pussy! I’m sure she is cool and that she could kick some serious ass!
    Hey Katwummon, what’s up girl? I have a full black leather catwoman outfit with mask and whip included…want to come over and play?

  22. Robin Loves Batman said

    Um….hold up here. What’s the dealio with Batman, and Holy Crap Batman. Why do we have duplicates going on? What’s wrong with you people? Bitches.

  23. KatWummon said







  24. Batman said

    Batman is one and the same as Holy Crap Batman. Never fear, my dear Robin. I am still your bitch.

    Catwoman, have you been banned from PT or do you just choose not to post there any more?

    Katwummon, you are one seriously crazy Kat.

    I love both Cat and Kat.

  25. Robin Loves Batman said

    I like Holy Crap Batman better. Quit trying to confuse me or I will clip your wings off! Bitches.

  26. Holy crap Batman said

    Your wish is my command.
    Stupid ho.

  27. Robin Loves Batman said

    Well it’s about time. And why in hell am I a ho now? Bitches.

  28. bigfatloser said

    Hello fellow losers.
    I found you all while trolling the blogs. I hope you don’t mind.
    Best wishes.

  29. Robin Loves Batman said

    Welcome to hell bigfatloser! You’ll fit right in with us rejects! Bitches.

  30. bigfatloser said

    Why, hello to you too Robin Loves Batman, and thank you for the warm welcome.

  31. Robin Loves Batman said

    Anytime. That’s what we’re here for to make people feel all warm and fuzzy. Bitches.

  32. bigfatloser said

    I have a question. Why does my picture not show up and why can’t you link to my site?
    Hmmph. No fair.
    I would love your comments. Losers only, please.

  33. Robin Loves Batman said

    You have to download a picture first loser. God. Bitches.

  34. bigfatloser said

    I did.

  35. Robin Loves Batman said

    Sure doesn’t look like it. Duh. Bitches.

  36. bigfatloser said

    Have you visited my blog yet, Robin?

  37. Robin Loves Batman said

    I will right now! Bitches.

  38. Catwoman said

    No, I have not been banned from PT. I only posted over there a few times. I think the PT site is getting old and boring and I prefer this site. How much can PT continue to say about hating MK…snooze, yawn…enough already. Why not move on to more important topics like, oh, I don’t know Paris Hilton doing jail time?

    Where are the rest of the super-hero’s? Wonderwoman…where have you gone? And Katwummon you still have an open invitation to come over and use my scratching post anytime you need. Doesn’t anyone want to play with Catwoman….Meow.

  39. al the gal said

    Mrs Metaphor rubs me the wrong way, to say the least. Just because she makes nice to some people, doesn’t make her nice. She strikes me as someone who smiles to your face while hiding a knife behind her back. What the hell is she doing on these anti-MK and pro- MK sites, anyway? She never sold the stuff or bought the stuff. Oh yeah, she attended one party and bought a lip balm or something like that. I guess that makes it reasonable.

  40. It'sWordpressesFault said

    She (MM) found MKS/PT because MKS was a popular blog when it was still WordPress, and quite a few never-MK-anti-MLM-hangers-on found the site when it was listed in the Top 10.

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