General Announcement

I have never posted as “justme” or “just me” or anything close to those two names. 

That is all.


  1. who said you did? Little more info please. You’re actin’ like another blog owner with that short ass evasive ass comment!

  2. Duh said

    OH! You want more info? OK.

    I got an e-mail from “ren” who is a poster over on PT and PL. He asked if I would stop using the nickname “justme” because that is his wife’s nickname. I e-mailed him back and told him that I never used that nickname. I also asked if maybe there was another reason he was e-mailing because it seemed a little odd.
    He hasn’t e-mailed me back yet, and I don’t really expect him to.

    I know that one of the things that Sickie and others have said about me is that I sign up under different names to start trouble. That is absolutely false. If I am posting or leaving a comment I use either “Duh” or “erin”. I have signed up under different names, but I’ve never posted under anything but those two names.

    Seacrest. OUT.

  3. "Randy" said

    Stupidass, it’s

    *Seacrest OUT*

    Get it straight yo!

  4. Duh said

    I thought he did more of a little pause in there. Like “Seacrest” can stand alone as a statement.

    Seacrest. (Short pause for emphasis) OUT.

  5. He and his wife are on PT, too? Bless their little naive hearts.

  6. Looks like A Shocked PT Fan is becoming a fan of this blog. She just ruined our rep with a compliment.

  7. "Randy" said

    Yo Dawg, technically Ryan doesn’t even use that tag line anymore. That was a few seasons ago. Get wit it yo.

  8. Duh said

    NOPE!! He just said it again LAST WEEK YO! Dave and I looked at each other and busted out laughing.

  9. Anonymous Please said

    Ok, really. Would your husband EVER email someone and ask them to please not post comments with your favorite screen name? That is just creepy and weird.

  10. Duh said

    I JUST got an e-mail from him, and he claims that he only e-mailed me because he had heard I was using that screen name. He was very polite and nice. I told him that I was banned from PT.

    I hope he wasn’t trying to feel me out and see if he could talk about PT, cause I just outed him. OOPS!

    Word to the wise PTer’s. If you want to get in touch with me privately, please write that in your e-mail. Otherwise, I’m an open book.

    Tracy- Don’t ban the guy! Jeez, it’s so sad that I have to even say that.

  11. ScrewU said

    Poor Ren. What has he stumbled into now? Don’t ban the poor guy. He just didn’t want his wife to get mentioned here. Poor thing. He’s probably chewing on his nails right now. Nervous as hell. Afraid he just got his wife banned for life. So sad. Probably did

  12. Robin Loves Batman said

    Maybe if he sticks around long enough he’ll learn that this site is WAY cooler than the PinkTruth site, right? Bitches.

  13. justme said

    “Ok, really. Would your husband EVER email someone and ask them to please not post comments with your favorite screen name? That is just creepy and weird.”

    Why is it creepy and weird that my DH was concerned that someone was posting under my name?

    “Poor Ren. What has he stumbled into now? Don’t ban the poor guy. He just didn’t want his wife to get mentioned here. Poor thing. He’s probably chewing on his nails right now. Nervous as hell. Afraid he just got his wife banned for life. So sad. Probably did”

    Umm, no he’s not nervous as hell and he’s not afraid of anything. He did not get me banned for life, is that your goal by posting this thread?

  14. notrolls said

    uh oh! justme you will be getting an email now from the queen scolding you for posting here. shame, shame. you will be asked not to support us haters. u will surely be banned for committing such a terrible crime.

  15. Duh said

    I didn’t think it was creepy. I thought it was very nice of your husband to be looking out for you. Don’t listen to these douches.

  16. It's just me, Me! said

    Ren might have been confused. This is the screen name I use to post over at Melissa’s blog, not here. “It’s just me, Me” I don’t post here because I think it’s a dirty, rotten, salacious, disgusting, slutty, crude, horrifying, disgraceful place. But I can’t get enough of it.

    This blog has replaced my nightly cocktail. Thank you, duh, for helping me off the wagon.

  17. JUST ME TOO said

    Just Me, seriously. You think that’s normal? It’s a BLOG! You don’t even know these people!!!! I can understand if someone IRL was using your identity and your husband took action. It’s a flippin’ SCREEN NAME! AHHHHHHHHH!

  18. ren said

    duh, appreciate your kind words. thank you. for those of you folks that think i’m nevous, think again. think about it. why would i care what what you think of me? that’s exactly the point, i don’t give a shit. i do, however take exception when i’m told that my wife may or may not be being misrepresented. screw with me all you want. don’t care. screw with my wife, a WHOLE nother story. don’t give a shit about grammer either.

    i just left a note to pt that i am done there, will do the same at pl. this is no longer about helping people who got fucked my mk, it’s about egos. (print that, i dare ya) everyone is so high on themselves it makes me sick. i can’t wait to be torn apart by this post. you all know it’s true. IF this is about mk, you will agree. if it’s not about mk you will rip this post apart. think. there MUST be a united front.

    just me too– it’s not JUST a screen name. folks jump from blog to blog, site to site, and most folks who do that use the same screenname. so when someone else uses that name, it is a misrepresentation. (idiot)

  19. Robin Loves Batman said

    Wow Ren you sound pissed! Don’t worry, we won’t rip your post apart. That’s not our goal. If you read through the comments at your leasure you will see there IS no point. Just say what ya wanna. It’s cool. We still like ALL losers. Bitches.

  20. Robin Loves Batman said

    I forgot to mention. The whole “being banned” thing is a funny at Tracy. See, she likes to ban people for no reason from PT. So we weren’t poking fun at YOU about being banned or that you were scared, we were making fun of Tracy. PAY ATTENTION YO! Bitches.

  21. ren said

    didn’t you hear me? you are talking about giving tracy a hard time. who cares?????? is this or is this not about mk and how horrable it is? tracy runs a blog. lj runs a blog. duh runs this blog. tell me please, WHAT IS THE COMMON THREAD HERE???. (give you a hint, it’s not a blog owner)

  22. Robin Loves Batman said

    Um….chill on the anger sheesh. Just tryin to help ya out! This blog is not about MK per se. It’s a whole bunch of random shit. But I will let the owner of the blog explain it cuz I don’t want to step on her toes. Duh, where ARE you oh DUH….. bitches.

  23. BITE ME PT said

    Ren- chill.

    You are taking this waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously. Yes, MK is the common thread. But who gives a fuck? We’re having fun here.

    And just fyi: NOBODY is trying to impersonate your wife aka “justme”. NOBODY. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl, but dude, she ain’t on anyone’s hit list. She’s never said anything remotely controversial and she’s really not a dynamic figure in chat or on PT. YOU, on the other hand, do draw a crowd.

    So chill out. Go sit on Plymouth Rock, go to Cheers, go check out Fanueil Hall, Quincy Mahket, or even catch a Red Sox game or something. It ain’t worth it to come here pickin’ yo bad self a fight.

    And if you’re that passionate about fighting MK, then start your own damn blog.

  24. ren said


    i apologize for yelling. apparently i took this blog in the wrong manner. and yes i am pissed. oh well. like i said, i’m done at pt and pl. i think i was misdirected in my head as to what the common goal was. oh well. and i agree, where is duh? she was the one i contacted first. as i recall that is how this thred started, by my email to her, and she (i think) thought i was being sneeky

  25. bigfatloser said

    Hello ren fellow-
    I have a blog for losers. You sound like you might fit in really good. Check me out. just type bigfatloser, then type dot, then type wordpress, then type dot, then type com.
    Simple, really.
    In my world loser is a good thing. I mean that with utmost respect and love.

  26. ScrewU said

    Alright! We got another angry one. Thats what I like to say. Pretty sure this site is NOT about MK. It has been in the past about making fun of things and right now we have been focused on Tracy. It’s just so easy when she takes herself so seriously. You’ll find that there are both proMKers here and antiMKers here and dontcareaboutMKers here. It’s just an equal opportunity funfest.
    Stick around and go off some more. We like it.

  27. Holy crap Batman said

    Hey LOSER– leave Ren alone and go back to your dark hole where you belong. Ren is coo.

  28. Sorry Batman. I’m waiting for duh to back me up. I think she really likes me.

  29. cracked said

    Last I heard, LJ hadn’t been pulling any nasty stuff. So I don’t get what your beef is with everybody here.

    Oh – and ONE GUESS as to “who” was spreading a rumor about Duh “impersonating” Ren’s wife……would anyone in the class like to take a stab at it? Anyone?

    lalalalalalalalalalalala……… bitches. 🙂

  30. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Oh Oh, pick me! Pick me!! I know, I know. My guess is Tracy? Is that right? Do I win? I want to be a winner

  31. notrolls said

    sicknpink by any chance?

  32. notrolls said

    lj hasnt been spreading any $hit around about tracy even though she would have every right to. tracy is the one that had to be a copycat on everything.

  33. cracked said


    we have a WINNAH. That has SickNStink written ALL OVER IT.

  34. notrolls said

    i just took a wild guess (right)

  35. TheTruthHurts said

    Gonna go out on a limb here people….. anyone find it the least bit coincidental that the stuff that goes down regarding Tracy always seems to point at others? I mean why is Sicknpink always in the middle of it? Do you think we are really seeing what is really going on here?

  36. Neverpantyhose said

    This much I can say. Although Sickie has been caught in the middle of a lot of shit that has gone down, I am beginning to wonder if that is what people WANT us to see? Just another perspective cuz yalls know I’m good at that sometimes. Well maybe. LOL

  37. notrolls said

    a day in the life of queen bee===

    *refresh site* take a piss *troll ip addresses* smoke a cig *create fake posters* eat lunch *refresh site* take a dump *troll some more* refresh site – whoo – what a rough day

  38. ScrewU said

    I think the main disease is T herself. Others may be infected while they associate with her but she’s the virus.

  39. Robin Loves Batman said

    oooooooooooh ScrewU I think you make a good point there! Bitches.

  40. Robin Loves Batman said

    Did we scare our newfound friend REN away? Come back Ren, we were just now having some fun! Bitches.

  41. ScrewU said

    I always do!!! Thanks for paying attention!

  42. notrolls said

    what was all the mess a while back with sickie and jeannie? i never did get any of that.

  43. ScrewU said

    QJ? She’s a lunatic.

  44. notrolls said

    was she the mk sucks gorilla butt gal?

  45. Robin Loves Batman said

    Ok, this is what I “heard” – PAY ATTENTION HERE

    QJ and Sickie and a bunch of other people were friends
    QJ got pissed at military thingy that MK did
    QJ got booted off of PT for using her classic line “MK sucks gorilla butt”
    In true Tracy style, Tracy never explained to QJ WHY she was banned, she only found out later it was because of the gorilla butt comments.
    QJ then had a post up on Neverpantyhose’s blog bcuz NPH supported her.
    QJ then went sorta psycho so Sickie and NPH and many others stopped supporting her
    QJ then began harassing Sickie on Ebay and her personal blog
    QJ official went “off her rocker” and the rest is history.

    GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD! Bitches.

  46. notrolls said

    got it – thanks for the great commentary.

  47. cracked said

    since the Sicko is now in Tracy’s inner sanctum, you know the shit’s only gonna get dirtier from here. Sicko’s gotta protect her position.You know? It’s like watching the Discovery Channel, as dogs in a pack fight each other to the death for the coveted “screwing rights”. bitches.

  48. TheTruthHurts said

    Maybe that’s what Tracy wants everyone to think?

  49. I found Tracy’s cat. Check it out.

  50. cracked said


  51. notrolls said

    i think i heard it was on myspace

  52. notrolls said

    bigfatloser u r getting a little creepy

  53. Robin Loves Batman said

    No, QJ has a personal blog where she goes psycho bitch everyday on people.

  54. no trolls,


  55. notrolls said

    i think i do remember hearing something about sickie having a blog

  56. notrolls said

    boo who?

  57. Boo YOU!

  58. Robin Loves Batman said

    She had a myspace page but deleted it. Seriously though, QJ goes OFF on people on a regular basis on her blog. Bitches.

  59. notrolls said

    not wrapped too tight?

  60. Robin Loves Batman said

    There once was a dude named REN
    Who stuck up for his wife like a big ten
    He showed how to be
    A real man indeed
    And now is welcomed on this blog till the end!


  61. Robin Loves Batman said

    AHH CRAP my poem got caught in spam again

  62. Robin Loves Batman said

    Let’s try it again

    There once was a dude named REN
    Who stuck up for his wife like a big ten
    He showed how to be
    A real man indeed
    And now is welcomed on this blog till the end!


  63. Robin Loves Batman said

    How about one word sentence at a time?

    There once was a dude named REN

  64. Robin Loves Batman said

    Who stuck up for his wife like a big ten

  65. Robin Loves Batman said

    He showed how to be

  66. Robin Loves Batman said

    A real man indeed

  67. notrolls said

    heres a cute little poem to go to sleep on

    twinkle twinkle little star
    do u know what a skank you are?
    up above the blog world so high
    u wish u were but its all a lie
    twinkle twinkle little star
    your drop to the bottom is not far

  68. Robin Loves Batman said

    And now is welcomed on this blog till the end!


  69. notrolls said

    my little bedtime poem got caught in spam too

  70. notrolls said

    twinkle twinkle little star

  71. ScrewU said

    Dang… Duh’s hatin on the poems? Whats up with that?

  72. notrolls said

    do u know what a skank you are

  73. notrolls said

    up above the blog world so high

  74. notrolls said

    but we all know its a big fat lie

  75. notrolls said

    twinkle – twinkle little star

  76. notrolls said

    your fall to the bottom is not far

  77. I LOVE CATS said

    I think you may have a point. Tracy is smart. She positions people strategically. I may be wrong, but Sickie is Tracy’s newest “bitch of the month”. Sickie is taking the heat for all the junk Tracy has been pulling. So as she’s sitting back wondering “How in the hell is this happening to me?”, Tracy is laughing. Tracy set it all up. Duh.

  78. notrolls said

    there was a little lullaby to put u to sleep

  79. Robin Loves Batman said

    *clapping loudly* for notrolls


  80. ren said

    there is absolutely no rational thought process at work here, is there. i will say thaks to duh, and be on my way. you folks are bannanns. i mean thatb in in the most litteral way. (robin an exception)

  81. TheTruthHurts said


    That is what I have been thinking myself. It all lines up to Sickie, I think that is a bit convenient don’t you?

  82. notrolls said

    thank u ren. i will take that as a compliment

  83. Robin Loves Batman said

    Ren? Why you leaving? This is what we do. We say stupid shit because we can. No reason. Just random. It’s fun!


  84. notrolls said

    then when tracy is done with sickie she will ban her and dispose of her like she has everyone else.

  85. notrolls said

    we have to be serious in everyday life. this is our place to cut loose and act weird. its fun.

  86. I LOVE CATS said

    Ren, I think you should stay. Don’t hate. You actually have a few friends here. You just don’t know it because we’re all using fake names!

    TruthHurts, yeah, Sickie is just the scapegoat. Tracy will not allow herself to look bad. It always must fall on someone else. She doesn’t give a shit about Sickie.

  87. TheTruthHurts said

    I agree notrolls. Tracy chews up her followers and spits them out when she’s done. It’s sad really because I think that SickNPink is much smarter than that. I think she should high tail it outta there while she still has a small amount of dignity left.

  88. notrolls said

    ren doesnt want to play with us anymore. i guess he doesnt see that we have nothing against him.

  89. Robin Loves Batman said

    I am feeling a bit guilty for the poems I put up about Sickie last night. Maybe I was wrong about her. Maybe it is really Tracy.


  90. notrolls said

    she will be running to all of us with her tail between her legs mark my words

  91. Robin Loves Batman said

    Maybe. But that is good because it’s just one more person to join us in the “banned from PT” group!


  92. “”I think the main disease is T herself. Others may be infected while they associate with her but she’s the virus.””

    Which is why this blog should be called “With Friends like PT, who needs VD” It’s perfect! Sluts

  93. ScrewU said

    Ok, I’m assuming that you meant bananas Ren. And I’m not hatin on you or anything but how can you mean that in the most literal way? That would mean that you think we really are a delicious, yellow fruit. You can’t really mean that or you would stay.

  94. Robin Loves Batman said

    Good idea except does Duh really want to name this blog with anything about tracy in it?


  95. notrolls said

    i resent the word bitches. i prefer sleeze or is it spelled sleaze?

  96. O.S.C.A.R. said

    Good point ScrewU. Very good point.

  97. Robin Loves Batman said

    It’s my tag line yo. Deal with it.


  98. notrolls said

    duh should have pink truth in the title if she wants it picked up by google. unless she aint worryin’ about that.

  99. I LOVE CATS said

    If Sickie is watching (and maybe I’m overstepping here but wtf) and listening, I want her to know that she does have friends in this freaky internet world. Some people feared getting too close to her for fear that she would blab stuff to Tracy. I’m not asking or encouraging her to cut bait and run off of PT, cuz that’s like a major life change which will require intense therapy (he he) but seriously, at least she should consider her options. If she wants to pursue her anti-MK passion, well shit, she can open her own blog and be just as if not MORE effective.

  100. notrolls said

    robin thats it! how about duh naming the blog deal with it?

  101. notrolls said

    sickie was a director for a long time so she would have lots of inside info more than what tracy ever would know about. that could be why she uses her too

  102. Neverpantyhose said

    I agree with you I LOVE CATS. It’s a good option for her. If Sickie is not reading I’m sure she has friends who can inform her of what is going on this blog.

    By the way I LOVE CATS… I have 2 of them in “real” life, cats RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I LOVE CATS said

    duh, name the damn blog already.

  104. Robin Loves Batman said

    That would be kinda neato. biatches.

  105. I LOVE CATS said

    Another good point. Sickie was a director for a very long time. She has more shit on MK than TC ever will. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we’re thinkin.

  106. notrolls said

    ren would be so proud. we are actually havin’ a conversation bout something.

  107. Holy crap Batman said

    Robin, you have been playing with others in my absence? How rude.
    Dirty rotten slut.

  108. Holy crap Batman said

    Wow, y’all been talking ’bout real stuff. Cool.

    I never thought I’d say this but I agree with what y’all are saying about SickNPink.

    Tracy sucks so bad. And she really is a mean, mean girl.

  109. ScrewU said

    Thank you O.S.C.A.R.
    That was great of you to give me a shout out. I’m glad you’re pickin up what I’m throwin down. What does OSCAR stand for?

  110. Holy crap Batman said

    Notice this thread is over 100 comments already. I haven’t seen one of PT’s go that high in a while.

  111. Excuse me for a moment please. Sorry to interrupt, but has anyone seen my cat?

  112. notrolls said

    bf cant find her pussy

  113. robinlovesbatman said


  114. ScrewU said

    Your cat has some major dental issues. You need to get off the computer and take him to the vet. I heard a rumor that he was going to throw himself infront of a milk truck because the other pussies were making fun of him.
    Be a sport and get him some help

  115. notrolls said

    better yet just put him out of his misery

  116. ScrewU said

    Now now notrolls… we don’t condemn kitty for having a messed up grill. He just needs some really good veneers

  117. My cat has dental issues? What do you mean? Take him to the vet? Why? Should I shave my pussy first?

  118. I just heard that you shave pussies before taking them to the doc

  119. notrolls said

    so much for an intelligent conversation huh

  120. ScrewU said

    Um, no. I think you are greatly misunderstanding what part of kitty needs the work. Perhaps you should find a more suitable pet, like a pet rock? Let’s start with that first

  121. notrolls said

    maybe we should all chip in and give bf a virtual pet. take our pt donation money and put it to good use.

  122. ScrewU said

    You knew it couldn’t last long. We are on Duh’s blog after all.
    Back to the real discussion, what would motivate Tracy to invite former people back to her blog that she had previously banned? What could be her reasoning there?

  123. notrolls, i get the feeling that you don’t like me much. And screwu, i did have a pet rock once, but it died. Thanks for bringing up that horrible memory.
    I thought this blog was a place for healing.
    (and dating)
    duh, where are you?

  124. notrolls said

    screw loose?

  125. notrolls said

    nah bf im just having fun with you thats all.

  126. I LOVE CATS said

    Tracy invites people back who she previously banned b/c that way she gets all the dirt that other people talked about her during the banning period. It’s classic. And it keeps everyone on notice.

  127. ScrewU said

    I thought for a minute there that you were being amazingly witty and making a funny out of my name and insulting me all at once! Chuckles That would have been a good one.

    I believe that Tracy does things only with some ulterior motive and they are always for her benefit. Thinking, thinking, thinking

  128. I LOVE CATS said

    I smell a rat.
    Is Tracy posting here anonymously?

  129. notrolls said

    i think she has been telling sickie some people have been talking about her that actually were not.

  130. ScrewU said

    CATS, I think you are on to something there. Now why would anyone be so dumb as to fall for her inviting them back? Why would they want to after she was so vile?

  131. I LOVE CATS said

    notrolls, probably so.
    Everyone should email sickie and compare notes.

  132. ScrewU said

    Wouldn’t that be funny if she were?
    Hi Tracy
    *Big 1 finger wave*

  133. I LOVE CATS said

    ScrewU, they would go back to her just like abused women go back to their abusers. The need for acceptance, love, whatever. This may be stretching but I think most of the loyal PT’ers crave Tracy’s attention because she only gives so much of it that it keeps them wanting more.

  134. robinlovesbatman said

    Why is my avatar not showing up? bitches.

  135. ScrewU said

    Because Duh doesn’t allow a big picture of a bitch(Tracy) on her blog

  136. ScrewU said

    You are making sense there CATS. Do you think that people try to warn them and they just don’t listen?

  137. I LOVE CATS said

    Absolutely. People warned me. I wouldn’t listen. Now I know. Duh.

  138. robinlovesbatman said

    WEll shit

  139. I LOVE CATS said

    robin is not Tracy.

  140. What What said

    I never would have known the dangers of PT if it weren’t for this blog. Thanks ho-bagGs!

  141. bigfatloser said

    Ok, back to me now.
    Do you guys like my cat. For real? Don’t play.

  142. robinlovesbatman said

    Hey What What long time no see!~

  143. robinlovesbatman said

    I lurve your cat

  144. Robin Loves Batman said

    Ok wordpress is pissing me off. I guess my avatar won’t be showing up for a while. bitches.

  145. I LOVE CATS said

    you are insane. Who are you and did you really just happen upon this blog? Cuz you are really weird. But your cat’s grill is so fly.

  146. ScrewU said

    Oh dear
    I see I confused you. I was referring to the fact that Robin loves to say Bitches. It is her thang, yes? So obviously she would have a Bitch be her picture AND who is the biggest Bitch we know? Tracy.
    Do I have you all on board now?

  147. What What said

    I just woke up…when Duh hadn’t named her blog by this morning, I went back to sleep. Anything new and exciting going on?

  148. I LOVE CATS said

    Gotcha ScrewU! I’m slow.

  149. ScrewU said

    Yes, we have managed to piss off Ren even more than he was at us. We’ve discovered a cure for cancer AND we know who shot JR.
    And what, pray tell, did you get done today? Slacker

  150. Robin Loves Batman said

    ScrewU…I am NOT Tracy. BANNISH the thought. You call me that bitch one more time I’m gonna find you and stick bigfatlosers nasty ass cat on you! scratches and all! bitches.

  151. ScrewU said

    You’re not slow dear. My Bologna Has A First Name is slow. Where is that girl?

  152. O.S.C.A.R. said

    what what….READ UP yo, you missed a whole latta comments already.

  153. I LOVE CATS said

    What is a “whole latta”? Is that a latte with whole milk?

  154. O.S.C.A.R. said

    You’re so smart there miss I LOVE CATS. that was for you, and your kitties because kitties like whole milk, vitamin D is good.

  155. My cat will tear you up.

  156. What What said

    Yeah, I didn’t do much today – its Friday and I’m lazy. Now I’m ready to hit the town, cause you know I am a sexy bitch. Meow!

  157. Robin Loves Batman said


  158. ScrewU said

    I will cut you with words. I am the juggernaut BIATCH!

  159. Robin Loves Batman said

    Hit the town? But it’s so much fun HERE!


  160. Sometimes I get really mad and I threaten people with violence. My meds are off.

  161. What What said

    I know, I’m enjoying the gabfest…but I have a feathery boa I’ve been dying to wear. Decisions, decisions…

  162. If duh were here, I would calm down a little bit. She makes me feel warm on the inside.

  163. Robin Loves Batman said

    BFL has a BF crush on Duh. sick.


  164. What What said

    I hate to break it to you, bfl, but duh maybe out on the town too…I heard she’s a sexy bitch as well.

  165. I LOVE CATS said

    seriously, you have issues. explain.

  166. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    BF, you like totally need to settle. You’re like going postal and I’m all like freaked out. Your kitty is a total snagletooth. I feel bad for him.

  167. Robin Loves Batman said

    I love you
    You love me
    We’re one disfunctional family!


  168. Listen phony bologna, my kitty is not a snaggletooth. Have you seen his picture? He is very gorgeous. Have you seen MY picture? I am not half bad myself. Mine is at the top header of my blog and I’m rather proud of it. I am here on personal business to meet duh, and if you crackheads can’t deal with it, then up your noses with rubber hoses.

  169. Robin Loves Batman said

    OK people let’s get back on this evening’s topic. Tracy. How many people do you think are turning on her as we speak? bitches.

  170. What What said

    snagGleteeth are no fun. that kitty needs a tight grill – some bling will make him too good for bfl, though.

  171. My dentist said he’s never seen a tighter grill.

  172. What What said

    A dentist is not the judge of grills – a dentist knows about veneers, caps and stuff. Lenny at the bodega knows all about grills – we can ask him to judge.

  173. Neverpantyhose said

    OK yalls obviously don’t know what a GRILL is supposed to look like, cuz it certainly aint what’s on that nasty ass picture of that skanky kitty kat. Sick sick sick yo.

  174. I LOVE CATS said

    Okay, back on topic here.
    I think PT is never going to be the same. She’ll keep it open but people will never trust her on the same level as they once did. Those days are long gone. I’ll betcha that that private board thingy is freaking out.

  175. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    OMG BF
    Your picture is totally heinous. You should like check out that charity that Jessica Simpson does. Ya know? The one thats all like helping snaggletooth people. And then you can be pretty. Pretty people are nice

  176. Robin Loves Batman said

    I”m sure they’re all scrambling wondering what the hell is going on! bitches.

  177. O.S.C.A.R. said

    stupid ass get back on topic

  178. ScrewU said

    Tick tock Tracy Tick tock

  179. Robin Loves Batman said

    The thing is, these people really do not have a clue how tracy really is. tracy is super good at manipulation. Which is ironic considering that’s why most people left MK right? Plus all them links to buy merchandise? She never did come out and say why she has the links? She never said how much money she actually makes off of them right? Time and time again the questions are not answered, and that just keeps the ball going. Do people not see that?


  180. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Oscar is so right. BF, you need to get back on the topic.

  181. What What said

    I see it Robin. Good think I neva bought anything from her links – you know I only shop at the dollar store.

  182. Robin Loves Batman said

    There once was a skank named Tracy
    She used and abused people like crazy
    She stuck up her butt
    Her big finger and got cut
    On the diamond that formed cuz she’s so tight and racy.


  183. ScrewU said

    Tracy has been able to come in and replace their obsession with MK onto her. They kill one Lord for another. All hail the Queen

  184. I LOVE CATS said

    Robin, you’re right. People get out of Mk, then find PT, then end up getting manipulated and used over there WAY more than in MK! Melissa was right! Oh, how it pains me to say it.

    At least in MK there is actually a chance to make money. On PT you just lose it. You also lose your mind.

    I’d rather be in MK than a PT regular. And that’s the truth sluts.

  185. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    What What
    You can totally find some good things at the dollar store. And it’s so neat because everything is only $1!

  186. Robin Loves Batman said

    So true ScrewU. That’s the part that is so messed up! And people have replaced the pinkfog with the tracy fog. It’s quite sad indeed.


  187. I LOVE CATS said

    I just wrote something and bam, it was gone.

    So anyway, I wrote that PT treats her followers WAY worse than MK ever did/does. At least in MK there is the POTENTIAL to make money. Posting on PT all day just makes you depressed and crazy. Crazy cuz you never know if the queen is pissed at you or not.

  188. What What said

    Bologna – just don’t buy your underwear from the dollar store…you might start to itch.

  189. Robin Loves Batman said

    I LOVE CATS makes another good point. People spend so much time worrying about what Tracy will do that they stay in their own little PT world. It’s very nice to be away from all that drama.


  190. What What said

    I was never in the drama – does that mean I’m the smartest ho-bagG around?? Please say yes, please say yes…

  191. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    OMG What What
    You are so not kidding. I did that before and it was so NOT good. I was like totally chaffing!

  192. Robin Loves Batman said

    What What is lucky to have stayed out the drama! bitches.

  193. What What said

    Cause I’m smart, yo. I can teach some classes if you want??

  194. ScrewU said

    Yes, WW, you are the smartest Bitch in the land. Congrats on your achievement! Shall we make you a gold star to fasten to your jacket?

  195. What What said

    I appreciate all bling, thank you. But just because I wasn’t in the drama, doesn’t mean I don’t like to cause some more.

  196. Robin Loves Batman said

    ScrewU ~ did you just make a MK commment? That is not cool my friend, not cool at all.


  197. Robin Loves Batman said

    Ah man we’re almost up to 200 comments on this thread. Where is DUH????????????????????

  198. Robin Loves Batman said

    where’d everyone go?

  199. ScrewU said

    Don’t make bust a cap in yo ass

  200. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    What’s a juggernaut?

  201. Robin Loves Batman said

    WTF? YOU are soooooooooo odd

  202. O.S.C.A.R. said

    i guess everyone is going to bed. losers.

  203. Neverpantyhose said

    Good nite yalls!

  204. TheTruthHurts said

    Looks like I get to be the 200th comment. YAY for me!

  205. Robin Loves Batman said

    Screw this, everyone went to bed. See you all laters.


  206. What What said

    I’m not going to bed, but I am going out! Feather boa and leather boots – oh yeah! Night, ho-bagGs!!

  207. Duh said

    What did I miss?

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