I hope you’re happy.


It’s been brought to my attention that this blog is rather negative. 


Um, so?


  1. bitches said


    The stupid Mary Kayers don’t like us, and neither does PT! What to do what to do? I think I’ll go cry in a corner or threaten suicide…

    oh wait. I’m not crazy.

  2. Holy crap Batman said

    Yeah, this is a precarious spot to be in, isn’t it? Hated by both MK and PT?
    Say it isn’t so!
    Is there nothing good left in this world?

  3. Robin Loves Batman said

    Well golly gosh darnit, I had no idea we offended so. Cry me a river. Bitches.

  4. KatWummon said

    It’s not a precarious spot, it’s a SANE spot!


  5. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Oh, wait, that’s right, because PT is so darn POSITIVE… *BARF*

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