Name me

I need a catchy name for this blog.  I’m going to bed, so ya’ll come up with something. 


  1. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    how about “Crack: The other White meat”?

    or “PT and Sickie are lunatics. DUH.”

    or “How to diagnose the mentally insane, whilst drinking your juice in the hood”?

  2. I vote for the second one. LOL

  3. oh wait. i meant the third one. 😛 ~~pt crack still wearin’ off~~

    “How to diagnose the mentally insane, whilst drinking your juice in the hood”

  4. mytwocents said

    How about “Sick N Pinktruth”? 😛

  5. stalkedbyatroll said

    “The O’Tracy Factor”

  6. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I like #3 myself. It’s catchy and I don’t know what it means.
    Wait… maybe it should be easier. After all, the other former PTers will be slow of thought like me and won’t be able to think so hard. And they won’t have Tracy to tell them what everything means either. Maybe you could do
    TP Ycart. *giggle* Isn’t that fun?

  7. “Tracy’s Tramps Topples To Trolling Turdom? You Decide!”


  8. jus' passing thru.. said

    PinkTruth — The New Mary Kay??

  9. MK Rules said

    Well, here are a FEW names I think are fitting:
    My faves are in BOLD. Yes, I am bored and frankly, I feel this blog is silly so time to poke fun…

    Names for you to use–
    -Misery loves company, duh.
    -Banned from the bitchfest.
    -Ex-PT-bots unite!
    -Positively Ticked-off (the new PT)
    -Negativity frontloaders- putting others down to keep ourselves up
    -HELP! I’m on the negativity hamster wheel and can’t get off!
    -No More PT Blinders
    -The blame game: how MK and TC ruined my life
    -How bored can we get?
    -Returned my pink caddie and still got a PT pink slip!
    -I turned in my inventory then PT turned on me…
    -I was on Troll Patrol, now I am a troll??? HUH???
    -No more face time at PT for me!
    – PT spammin No more
    -Biting your tongue, who needs it?
    -Blog War Victims
    -Netiquette…We don’t need no stinkin netiquette
    -It rained on my PT parade
    -No more grammar patrol on hate mail! -May the spelling errors run amuck!
    -Life after PT
    -PT Survivors
    -We still love you, PT…foolish, foolish pride!
    -Ask us why PT sucks
    -Investigate this, TC!
    -I went to PT and all I got was this dumb blog
    -PT exile
    -PT is drek…duh!
    -Splorf on PT
    -Does PT refund up to 90% of my donations?
    -Me, my many screen names, and how we all got kicked off PT
    -The PT Breakup
    -Just another place to complain
    -Is anyone listening to me?
    -I left PT and found myself…or did I?
    -PT Halfway House
    -They closed the PT gates on me
    -I am no longer allowed in Lazy’s Garden
    -Rasinberry’s Rejects
    -No one will play with me…*pout*
    -You can’t tell me what to do: A blog for adults
    -Does anyone have any cheese for my PT whine?
    -Sicknpink’s sick of us!
    -PT is a drug and I am having withdrawls!!
    -The Pink Truth is we miss PT: Shhh, don’t tell TC!
    -TC blacklist
    -We hate…. everyone??
    -Bloggers for life…unless you ban us of course
    -I thought I had friends in low places, til I got kicked off PT
    -I fell down and broke my crown and TC kicked me harder
    -Why do I care about PT/TC/MK so much? I can’t even remember anymore!
    -PT took back her friendship bracelet *sniff* Mindi, can I get a refund?
    -Spitting in the wind: Let’s complain on any topic!
    -Three strikes, we’re out!: Life in the dugout
    -Welcome all whiners
    -Let bygones be….never mind, screw that!
    -Kicked to the Curb by PT
    -I came home to PT and someone had changed the locks
    -I’m in the doghouse: Life from TC’s couch
    -PT givith and PT taketh away
    -It’s a cruel summer for exPTers
    -I burned my PT bridge (and bra!)
    -Being bitter: It’s a full time job
    -PT put me in time out
    -PT detention
    -PT Rocks no more
    -Suzy Q is through with you
    -The Big Brush off: Given the cold shoulder by TC
    -I have to make my own blog in ORDER to blog
    -PT loves me, PT loves me not
    -Life happens to me: Voices of Victims
    -Stooping to TC’s level: Because we can

    I hope you have enjoyed my brainstorm on the names of your blog. This is the main idea that I as a reader take away from the blog as a main idea so to speak. Quite entertaining, but unnecessary. Well, I had a good laugh. See, there IS always a bright side!!

  10. AFPTer said

    Oh my God…..that list is hilarious.

    I love “Banned from the Bitchfest”, “Ask Us Why PT Sucks”, “Investigate This”, and “Me, My Many Screen Names, and How We All Got Kicked Off PT”.

    I’m so freakin’ tired because I was here until 1:30am. I’m headed to work now, but I have a feeling I’ll be right back as soon as I get logged in.

  11. Duh said

    Oh my goodness, MkRules!! Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? My personal faves:
    You can’t tell my what to do: A blog for adults
    PT Halfway House
    Stooping to TC’s Level: Because we can!

    I’m sorry you see this blog as so negative though. You should really go back and watch What What in the Butt. It’s very uplifting.

  12. luvinit said

    How about “PinkTruth – The Cult of Personalities”? Might as well get some fast google rank with PinkTruth in your title!

  13. Holy crap Batman said

    OMG, MKRules, I didn’t know you had that in you! Those are awesome.
    My fave is: -Me, my many screen names, and how we all got kicked off PT
    Ya know why? Cuz I can’t figure out if “Me” means just ole regular “me”, or if it means Melissa! HA. I love it. Did you intend for such a clever double entendre???

  14. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I liked this one:
    Does PT refund up to 90% of my donations?
    as the next topic please Duh. I was wondering that and didn’t know where to find the answers.

    But as a topic, I like to keep it simple so:
    I went to PT and all I got was this dumb blog

  15. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    I’m curious – does PT really ban people after they donate money to her?
    I’ve been a regular visitor of other websites that have tip jars, but so far as I know, the owners don’t stalk their visitors and ban them after taking their money.

    This is some voodoo shit.

  16. Robin Loves Batman said

    WOWZERS MKRules….you are a funny chick. I can’t decide if that was supposed to be negative or positive but either way it was hella funny. I likey. You should post more often. You must like this blog too because you took so much time to come up with all the names. I’m verclempt. Bitches.

  17. Duh said

    In a girly, perky voice she says, “WHYYYY do you guys have to dwell on all this. You’re so NEGATIVE!”

    But in a deep, demonic voice she says, “Don’t stop. I want MOOOOOOOOOOORE!”

  18. Neverpantyhose said

    Ok I just went over to MKRules site and she put a post up about this, which DUh, you may be getting more traffic cuz of it. But anyway, I left her a comment, but all comments are on moderation (prolly cuz of this blog). Here is a copy of my comment to her:

    MKRules…. the only thing I can say is way to go! I’m not being sarcastic when I say that I seriously liked your list. I understand you did it to sorta make fun of the blog, and that’s totally cool. The one thing I think you may find is that we finally have a place where we can just say whatever comes to mind and not have to worry about what people think or say. If you want to understand more, just email me. I know you were upset with me on my blog, but that part of my life is over. So email me sometime, I’d love to chat. You still have my email addy right? If not, I’ll give it to ya again. 😉

  19. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    How about “Welcome to the Dark Side”

    Or is it?

  20. Clipper said

    Quite a few catchy phrases here :)) Curious about what the new blog name will be.

  21. ScrewU said

    How about A Bitch by any other name, would still be Tracy? No? Too obvious?

  22. mkrules said

    Hi Guys:

    I am going back to being perky, but the list truly was all in good fun. I do see this site as sort of negative, but I dunno…the one about joe was funny. 🙂

    I am just not a fake person. As soon I saw your post for names, I literally could not help but post those!

    You don’t care if you are negative, I get it. No lectures. I’m really going now….

  23. Duh said

    You’ll be back.

  24. Neverpantyhose said

    MKRules! Cool, you get it then. We’re not necessarily negative, just poking fun at anything and everything including ourselves! Come visit more often, I mean that. Well, if that’s ok with DUH….and I’m thinking it is. 🙂

  25. Duh said

    What the hell do I care?

  26. Holy crap Batman said

    MKRules is a cutey petootie.

    Duh, you’re still my leader.
    *bowing to duh again*
    (but she’s still not recognizing me or needing me quite like I had hoped)

  27. Robin Loves Batman said

    I agree with my lover above. MKRules has always been a cutie pie, she generally stays out of the drama. AND she’s funny. As noted above on her comment. Bitches.

  28. Duh said

    I will decide on a name by tomorrow morning.

  29. “Cuz PT N’ Sickie have a way….with B.O.L.O.G.N.AAAAA”

  30. “Smell the Stink of Pinktruth”

    “With friends like PT, who needs VD?”

  31. Duh said

    I was debating whether or not to actually have the words “Pink Truth” in the title. That way if someone googles it, we’ll come up too.
    decisions, decisions.

  32. Duh said


  33. notrolls said

    Here are some ideas:

    Pink Truth Fraud
    Pink Truth Sucks
    The Truth About Pink Truth
    Sick of Pink Truth
    Pink Truth: The Fraud Behind the Fraud Investigator, TC
    Pink Truth Lies
    The Many Faces of Pink Truth

  34. notrolls said

    Some more ideas for ya duh.

    Refusing to Walk the Pink Truth Line
    Pink Truth is for Losers
    No More Pink Truth
    Pink Truth Can Bite My Ass
    Banning Pink Truth
    Banned by Pink Truth

  35. Duh said

    Pink Truth Can Bite My Ass actually made me LOL.

  36. PTcrackkills said

    me too! LOL

  37. wait you mean you didn’t LOL at none of ours???????? Slut!!

  38. now I’m depressed! Anybody got a blowdryer or a curling iron or a toaster I can use?? I’m need to take a bath.

  39. Duh said

    You little whiney babies! You’re worse than my kids.


  40. that’s better ~~sniff~~

  41. Robin Loves Batman said

    Gawd Duh you sound so friggen frustrated there. Simma down now! Bitches.

  42. My fave – “WWTD?”, tho I really like the name at the header at present.

  43. mkrules said

    Yes, I have insomnia again and I came back. Duh was right.

    I guess only NPH has seen this kooky side of my insomnia. It makes me say crazy things. I do like to stay out of most of the drama, but I really had to do that list. If I didn’t, I feel I would be a hypocrite for thinking “Hey, you could name it….” and the list would be going on and on in my mind each time I thought of this blog. That just isn’t right! I had to get it out in the open. I just can’t “fake it til I make it”, you know?

    NPH- I used to love our late night chats in the pub on MKV. That is where the toasts came and we all got a lil crazy, MKers/ non MKers/ those halfway out…we all “drank up” at the late night pub. Those were the days…. 🙂

    Buttttt! Then came NPH’s blog. It was ok, though it was kinda like PT (sorry!) in the way that it was primarily negative against MK. I didn’t like that much, but I did like NPH, so we still talked some there. I did poke some fun at Melissa too for her PT obsession. I just cannot understand why if you hate something, you honor that thing by blogging on it day after day!! That is some of my confusion with this site…

    Anyway, it was all good UNTIL it got a lil mean and the NPH blog started in on Rebecca who I dearly like. It wasn’t the fact that they didn’t like her, it was the post that was way out of hand in my opinion and I thought it was immature. Of course (me and my big “mouth”) I stated so on NPH. I do think NPH and I had a few words…nothing too bad though. Cannot recall. Anyway, it is all in the past, but just so you know, I always have and always will call you out if I see a “wrong” (in my eyes) and you can do the same. I will be tactful about it and if you do the same towards me, it will be all good.

    By the way, the “me” in “Me, all my screen names and how we got kicked off PT” was a general me, although it may be true in both cases. ??

  44. Duh said

    I don’t mind if you want to call me out. It doesn’t hurt my feelings in the least. Just don’t be upset if I don’t agree with you.

    It’s funny you think this site honors PT. I’m sure Tracy does NOT feel the same way. I don’t believe I or Melissa honor PT. I think we acknowledge that it exists, and in our own ways try to show people that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

  45. cracked said

    This should be an equal-opportunity place to discuss weirdos. Tracy and Sickie might be the queens, but Rebecca is weird too. Because “in love with MLM” = dimwitted.

  46. What What said

    Hey, the only reason I got up this morning was to see what name was chosen. What the hell – I could have slept till noon!

  47. Duh said

    I can’t decide!! It’s too hard.

  48. neverpantyhose said

    MKRules….yes ma’am I know you didn’t like what I put up on my blog. I guess all is fair in love and war and blog fights! LOL. That was my way of showing if you dish it out i’ll dish it right back. Owell, that’s over and done with. Now we have this blog, and it STILL has not been named. God Duh you slack!

  49. KatWummon said

    PT ER: Triage for the Blogging Wounded

    Land of the Banned

    Planet of the escAPEeeS


  50. Robin Loves Batman said

    I like Planet of the escAPEees. That’s a good one! Bitches.

  51. mkrules said

    I think it honors PT because if some peeps hated me and they started to blog about how much they hated me day in and out I personally would start to think, “Hey, if you hate me, why do you talk about me ALL the time??”. It really makes a person mad when they “ban” or “ignore” you and you could care less. This takes their power because they are banning you because they think you will care that you are kicked out. JMO

  52. Catwoman said

    Hey Katwummon,
    You are everywhere, are you pretending to be me?

  53. Catwoman said

    Katwummon-what sort of special powers do you have? I have many…Meow!

  54. Robin Loves Batman said

    This is too confusing. Katwoman and Katwummon. Let’s try to be a bit original shall we? Bitches.

  55. Catwoman said

    Hey Robin Loves Batman-
    I am Catwoman with a “C”, not Katwoman with “K”. I think Katwommun must be some undercover Russian spy kitty…maybe the Riddler or the Joker sent her in to impersonate me.

  56. Robin Loves Batman said

    I just got chastized by neverpantyhose for f*ing with her. Tee Hee. Bitches.

  57. KatWummon said

    I doooooo beee-leeeve dat I wuz heer furst.

    I onlee uzze mah pawrs furr guud.


  58. Batman said

    Hey Kat,
    Are you making fun of southern bitches by spelling everything phonetically? Cuz I’m reading it and it sho do sowand lak you bee pokin fawn at sathahn hoes.

  59. ScrewU said

    You have some serious spelling issues. Can you say
    Houkd oun fonics werked fur me?

  60. Robin Loves Batman said

    All this talk about cats makes me want to say………….

    *meow* *hiss* *meow* *hiss*


  61. Holy crap Batman said

    Did you all see the CATS post over on MPT?

  62. Holy crap Batman said

    omg, bigfatloser has a really loser’ish blog goin’ on. And did you see the teeth? wow.
    I think she’s got some kind of weird fettish for duh.

  63. Holy crap Batman said

    I think duh is moderating me. My last post didn’t appear.
    Duh, say it isn’t so. Don’t you think I’m cool?

  64. Robin Loves Batman said

    We had that same problem last night!

  65. KatWummon said

    Why wudd I mayk phun of Suttherrrrn Bitchezz and Satan’s Hoes?

    Yeah-issss, Ah can sayyy Houkd oun fonics werked fur me butt why wudd I, seein’ azzzz cleerleey it did-unt?


  66. Robin Loves Batman said

    Oh my goodness Kat….your posts are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard to read………please……..stop………and talk normal aight? Bitches.

  67. TheTruthHurts said

    Has anyone noticed lately that the comments over on PT threads have dwindled? When once there were hundreds they are lucky if they reach 50. What ya’ll think about THEM apples?

  68. KatWummon said

    Doo I Hav’ta? I wuzz havin’ funn.


  69. Holy crap Batman said

    Truth Hurts,
    You’re correct. Here’s what has happened. I think there are about 15-20 of us who have left PT lately. Since there are only about 40 real posters over there, and since we account for about half, there you have it! A severly dwindled audience.

  70. Holy crap Batman said

    DOWN, Katwummon, DOWN!
    Cat nip is an option.

  71. KatWummon said

    Summbawdy sayy Nip?


  72. ScrewU said

    I have to laugh because there was one topic I saw that only had 14 comments. Wow… seems as though the crowd has left.
    Maybe they’re broke from all their donations to Tracy

  73. KatWummon said

    Ya’ll R Juss Den’yen that all the reel akshun is ovva on dat derr Dick-Suck-Shun borrd!

  74. Neverpantyhose said

    OMG Kat LOL. Super hard to read yo shit. LOL

  75. It's O.S.C.A.R. said

    Where did all of the new posters go? It’s so quiet here.

  76. mkrules said

    WOW– you actually sort of used one of my names. Yea! 🙂

  77. bea123 said

    What the world is going on? You can be banned from PT ?

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