My philosophy


This is exactly how I’m gonna act if you guys ever disagree with me or stop showing me da proper respekt.


  1. ScrewU said

    I AM the Juggernaut, Biatch!!!!!

  2. Robin Loves Batman said

    They sure like to say “F” and bitch a lot eh? Is this supposed to be Tracy cuz it sure sounds a lot like her!

  3. You’re killing me, Duh! I’m supposed to be eating dinner while my son is, but I can’t tear myself away! And I’m going to see what Karma people left for me…bitches!

  4. Robin Loves Batman said

    Oh My God why is everyone stealin my tagline???? BITCHES

  5. Very little karma indeed! Duh, at least people hated you – my only karma was from PUR and Sickie!

  6. Sorry, RLB. Mine is “douche”, but “bitches” just *felt* better then.

    God, I have !got! to go eat!!!

  7. Neverpantyhose said

    Mine was from GASP Pink Truth. I think I had 2 karma! LOL

  8. It's just me, Me! said

    When did you leave the dark side for the darker side? Did I miss something cuz I’m just noticing you here now. Anyway, good to see you here. Did you get kicked off PT?

  9. princessedamame said

    No, I haven’t been kicked off PT, I just haven’t been posting there (under my other name) lately. What started out as a site that addressed my own experiences with CM has turned to a site full of petty comments and barbs with the intent to denegrate, not educate. So, here I am! Me, the reason I enjoy your blog is you will allow civil but opposing comments, such as my own. Something PT *used* to do, but does no longer…

    So, here (and on MPT) I am!

  10. princessedamame said

    And someday, maybe this weekend, I’ll update my blogroll!

  11. I LOVE CATS said

    Are you PUR?

  12. PB & Fluff said

    Tracy needs to be ashamed of what she has done. Maybe she really is Pink and is just trying to sabotage the whole movement to educate those who are knee deep in pink poop. Tracy is on her way out and is grasping at those aroud her. Its like watching a train wreck….in slow motion.

  13. Holy crap Batman said

    Ah, PB&Fluff, that’s a stretch. Tracy is not pink. But interesting theory.

  14. Robin Loves Batman said

    I have to agree with my lover on this one. That is a VERY big stttttttttreeeeeeeetch! Bitches.

  15. bigfatloser said

    Duh, I’m just trying to fit in here. I just posted a really kewl picture of a cat on my blog. Do you mind just taking a look at it, love?
    Why are you ignoring me?
    I’m so glad I found you.

  16. bigfatloser said

    I am feeling very overlooked and shunned here. Every time I post a link to my BLOG, you just delete me. I just found you today, and I’m already feeling very close to you, so deleting me would not be appropriate, if you know what I mean. And I just posted a topic on CATS. I’m just trying to fit in! You guys all seem very enamored with kittens, so in an effort to be “one of the guys”, I go and post on CATS, but only to be ignored by my love duh. Please, duh, please, allow me to post a link to my blog. I don’t assume you would ever include me in your blogroll, but at least in the body of my comment, please.
    Since I can’t post a link, just type in www, then type in bigfatloser, then
    I am really searching for friends here. And I really do love cats.

  17. bigfatloser said

    Duh, thank you for your consideration. I already see that you have allowed my comment through. You are a love.

  18. bigfatloser said

    Duh, if you feel that I am posting too often, please just let me know in your tender, loving way that I have grown so fond of in the last 3 hours.
    *big hugs*

  19. bigfatloser said

    Duh, you’re still not responding. PLease call me. Or, just look out your window. I’m in the black Mercury.

  20. cracked said

    woot bitches! Duh has her first internet stalker!!

    (oh wait….make that her second or third. Don’t want to forget the PT nuts)

  21. Robin Loves Batman said

    woah duh…you might have a stalker! Bitches.

  22. Duh, I’m still outside your window.

  23. I love this, and yes, now I’ve been banned. No more formeravonlady for PT…douches.

  24. Duh said

    BFL- Oh wow. Thank you. Why don’t you call me sometime you sexy beast.
    Just dial 1-218-backdafuckoffme.

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