MK Blogs Week in Review: May 12 – 18


The blog has REALLY blown up this week.  I’ve gotten over 1500 hits each day for the last three days!  I’ve also noticed some new posters from PT and some of the MK blogs.  I feel so validated.  😉

So here is what’s been going on:

Pink Truth:  The big news on PT is that I was kicked off of the discussion board again.   I did get to tell you guys about the karma board though, so it was worth it.  As far as the blog goes, it’s been the same ole crap for a while now.  Ever since Tracy broke the news about the product changes, there really hasn’t been any revelations over there.  The Caddie is a scam.  Seminar is a scam.  OK, GOT IT!   I kind of miss the “Caption this Photo” contest on the board.  It was fun to see people with absolutely no sense of humor try to write funny captions.  I miss that.

My Pink Truth:  Poor Melissa is getting harassed by a new PTer.  You can always tell a newbie because they like to reference PT blog entries from a year ago.  They also enjoy trying to convince the hard core MKer’s that what they are doing is WRONG.  This newbie’s name is TK, and you’ll see her again.

It should also be noted that several exPTer’s have become regular posters on Me’s blog.  While this has got to surprise the hell out of Me, it must make Tracy’s blood absolutely BOIL that so many have chosen her arch nemisis to blab too.  And that’s….a good thing.

Stalked by Pink:  Maggie added an entry about all the drama going on on the MK blogs.  I admire her for wanting to stay above it all.  I wish I had that much self control.

Sanctuary aka Pink Voices:  I found this link on my dashboard so I clicked it.  I was taken to the magical land of Pink Voices.  I had heard of this blog before.  It was an invitation only blog for MKer’s and PTer’s who could hold a conversation without calling each other names.  Since those are a rare breed (in both cases) few were allowed in to this serene and calm place.  I was so excited when I saw that I had access here.  Did MKRealist (the owner) see that I am really a nice person?  Did she visit this site and see that I’m not the hard and bitter person I seem?  Did she see into my soul?

No.  Pink Voices is now a public blog as of this week.  Damn it.

MK Rules!:   In the midst of her MK ruminations is an entry about, you guessed it, ME!!  It’s about what a loser I am, but never the less, it’s all about ME!!  I think MKRules really just wanted to point out my blog so that everyone would go read the comic masterpiece that is her list of blog names.  It’s pure genius. 

Unfortunately, Mrs. Metaphors comment (the comment I based an entire entry on!!) has been taken down.  Wuss.

The Fuschia Blog:   Rebecca was visited by the elusive and non-convincing TK as well.  Geez TK, are you trying to save everybody? 

I’d like to mention that on Melissa’s blog this TK person said the following:

“Oh and Duh, anyday and anywhere. I don’t know you’re blog site, but I’m certainly not intimidated by you or anyone else!”

She doesn’t know my blog site?!  What rock does she live under?  Anyway, I can’t wait for her to visit.

OK, that’s all I’ve got. 


  1. thatthang said

    looks like there’s a newbie:

    You’re inspiring a revolution. Or maybe just a continual bitch train. Whichever, it rocks.

  2. That’s all well and good but noticeably ABSENT from your weekly round-up is the BigFatLoser Blog. Do I not matter? After all we’ve shared? Do I need to call in Grill?

  3. Duh said

    BFL- Do one entry on MK. Just one. I PROMISE you’ll make it next week.

  4. Consider it done, my Queen.

  5. I LOVE CATS said

    Ladies, ladies, ladies, before y’all hurry on over to PTLies, be careful. This could just be Tracy attempting to collect all your IP addresses.

  6. I LOVE CATS said

    Damn, I’m good.

  7. Holy crap Batman said

    Hey, where are all you bitches today?

  8. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Thanks Duh for summing all of that up for me! I don’t like to read too many words at one time so it’s nice that you break it into bite size pieces for me.

    BF, you really need to get some pictures of pretty things on your site. Do you only hang out with snaggletooth things?

    CATS, do you think Tracy collects IP’s like my Aunt Lucy used to collect tiny spoons? Like she has a little bookshelf she keeps them on? I’d like to see them if she does. I bet they are pretty.

  9. You Ain'T No DaIsY said


    who is PUR? “Personal use recruiter”? Does she still post on PT, or was she banned too?

  10. notrolls said

    I Love Cats, the PT lies site is cool. no worries there about it being queen bee or her court.

  11. Robin Loves Batman said

    Good advice from I LOVE CATS. Annonymous surfing is your friend! Bitches.

  12. I LOVE CATS said

    Senorita notrolls,
    How do we know that YOU are not Tracy? Hm? Sorry but I am weirded out with this paranoia shit.

  13. Me said

    Even if it were Tracy “collecting IPs”, so what? She has a bunch of IP addresses.

  14. I LOVE CATS said

    Me, perhaps I wasn’t clear. She would not only be collecting IPs but she would be comparing those with her most trusted PT supporters’ IPs to see who’s two timing on her.

  15. Me said

    ILCats, even so, I don’t understand what the big deal is. Isn’t she pretty sure of that already? And if she isn’t, and then found out, so what?

    I guess since I was never “invited in”, I don’t get it. I’ve been on her s##t list a very long time! My world didn’t end–I don’t think anyone else’s will either.

  16. notrolls said

    “Senorita notrolls,
    How do we know that YOU are not Tracy? Hm? Sorry but I am weirded out with this paranoia shit.”

    i am not her but i dont get why everyone is so afraid of her? who is she? she isnt anyone special or important.

  17. mkrules said

    Who is she??? LOL. Too funny.

    Anyway, I wanted to say I put up a post about this blog in case any of my readers saw it, not to show off my FABULOUS list. It was kinda to poke fun, but also to have fun, and to try to understand this site (still working on that one…I think it will take lots of time!)

    MM requested I take her post down, but to her dismay I am sure, you still hated on her. Why?

    Anyway, I am not a wuss, just nice. I am not scared, just polite. See the diff?

  18. Duh said

    You’re not a wuss, MKRules. Mrs. Metaphor is a wuss. A philosophy spouting, tree hugging, hippy loving wuss.
    I am against her and everything she stands for. The gentle voice of reason my butt!

  19. tracysucks said

    I love hippies but I am one meann ass bitch.

  20. Duh said

    In my experience, hippies stink. Literally.

    Notice to hippies:

  21. tracysucks said

    nasty smell that one.

  22. Check out the size of my ankles.

  23. clipper said

    patchouli does stink badly

  24. mkrules said

    Hmmm, well I have always liked her but it does seem odd that she posts on all sides. However, I sort of do that, too…

    I dunno. Peace man. j/k

  25. bea123 said

    can someone please tell me what’s going on? have you really been banned from pinktruth?

  26. tracysucks said

    Um, yeah.

  27. Duh said

    OK Bea, here’s the dealio.
    I was banned for not giving the proper respect to the queen. I disagreed with her that posting personal info over the net is OK. The odd thing is, I’ve never actually had a conversation with Tracy. A little toadie of hers “told” on me, and I was banned.

    Some of the people on here are in MK and have been banned for sticking up for their businesses. These people aren’t “evil” or “stupid”. They weren’t rude. The only reason they weren’t allowed to speak their minds is because Tracy couldn’t dig up any dirt on them and post it for the world to see.

    Some of the people here are ProMK and some are AntiMK. What we share is the belief that Tracy’s motives for running Pink Truth are not in any way altruistic. She cares less about the “cause” and more about fulfilling her personal need for followers and hanger-ons.

    Tracy rules over the ladies on Pink Truth using fear. If you dare disagree with her, you risk being kicked off thus losing all the friends you have made. You also risk having Tracy turn you in to MKC if you are still a consultant. If you’ve gotten close to the “wrong” people on PT, you risk all of the personal info you’ve told them being posted over the internet. You also risk mass e-mails being sent to EVERY SINGLE PERSON ever registered on PT telling them what a horrible person you are. These are some of the things I’ve seen happen with my own eyes and some of the things that people have told me happened to them.

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

  28. Duh said

    BTW, if asked, the PTer’s will probably say it is because I made fun of retarded people. That is true. I called them retarded.

  29. clipper said

    Duh, Good post.

    You are so right about a pro-MK posts on PT. They are either deleted (never posted) right away by QueenPT, or they are left up with the encouragement of other PTers to rag on you, email you, call your boss (God forbid you emailed PT from work) for still being with MK.

    PT purports to be there to help people who have been screwed by MK, but if you are with MK and ask questions about what’s going on, you are only told to RUN and if you don’t agree with that, you become a troll! You don’t really get answers to your questions. Just that all MKers are bad frontloading biotches, which I know is NOT true.

    PT offers ZERO (except a rag-on-MKers-fest) unless you return your product for a blue check. Then and only then will the PTers be “understanding” of you. Before that they only say “Get out! Run!” Watch out though, disagree with the “Inner-circle” there and you will get stabbed in the back and banned.

    BTW, does anyone see the “cultish” ways of PT??? The same ways they accuse MK of being? Tell me I am not the only one who sees that PT is no better, if not worse, than that they complain of!

  30. MKRealist said

    Hi Duh,

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    Clipper asks ~ BTW, does anyone see the “cultish” ways of PT??? The same ways they accuse MK of being? Tell me I am not the only one who sees that PT is no better, if not worse, than that they complain of!

    Clipper, one of the things I’ve noticed just from “distance observation” of her online behavior is that she fell into a very common trap of those trying to exact some true change in an institution or organization.

    One should “become the change you wish to see.” If you fail to do that, you very quickly become “that which you hate the most.” In life, we really don’t have a choice about this.

    So this is why, I believe, there is a real and valid opinion that her site, the community it represents, and those who “follow” her are very much like the Company, Units/Areas, and she like their Directors/NSDs they all claim to hate so much. The same tactics they claim were used against them in MK are now being used against them on the site, but perhaps still being in a “fog” they cannot yet see it.

    I was one of the first (I think) banned from PT chat. I got varying answers as to why that happened (none from the owner herself) and none of them appeared to me to be outside of the realm of arbitrary capriciousness (she wanted to do it and she could). There was no discussion board at the time of my banning, but I suspect I’m banned from that as well. LOL!!! Oh well…

    Of course, this could all simply be the result of someone not really having a desire to bring about true change in MK but instead to harness the resources of those who do/did. Kind of like unscrupulous directors/NSDs who do not care if you succeed in MK or not, just that you keep trying to do so.

  31. New To Pink said

    Ok, first I am gonna out myself here. “Clipper” and I are one in the same. 😉 For some reason, I thought a different SN here was necessary at first, but now I don’t.

    Second, Thanks MKRealist for answering my question. I wonder which of the 2 scenarios this group thinks PT is?!?! Out for true change but sucked into the common trap OR just out to use and abuse (harness the resources) of those that had real issues they wanted to see changed with MK????

  32. Duh said

    New to Pink-
    I believe that if Tracy were interested in really changing MK (or shutting it down) she could have done that within the antiMK sites already in existance. Why start a discussion group on PT when a successful one already exists at PL? If she wanted her opinions known, I think the blog would have been sufficient in getting her point across. Why does she feel the need to compete with PL when her discussion board and theirs deals with the same issues? Wouldn’t it be MORE effective for the “cause” for the discussion to be centralized?

  33. mkrules said

    Maybe she feels that more negative MK boards, blogs, etc are better for her cause if a random person googles MK?

    MKR, you make great points here as ALWAYS!

    Clipper/New to pink: diff name, same cool chica!

  34. Duh said

    Maybe so MKRules. But why doesn’t she ever mention any of those other antiMK sites? If someone is browsing the internet and stumbled upon Pink Truth, they would think that PT is the only antiMK site on the net. If Tracy is interested in antiMK as a movement, wouldn’t she have links to all the other sites?

  35. New To Pink said

    My guess on why she (TC) never mentions the other anti-MK sites is because she wants to be the center of attention. If she gives credit to other sites, she’s not the Queen.

    I agree a centralized, both sides to the story, non-attacking kind of place would be the correct forum if one was actually trying to perpetuate a change in MKC.

    p.s. mkrules, thanks!

  36. Robin Loves Batman said

    BINGO New to Pink. That is exactly Tracy’s intention. She wants ALL the glory and screw anyone who tries to get in her way. Too bad no one outside the MK world, and manu IN it don’t give a rats ass about these blog wars! She’s in her own little world, which is even smaller than she realizes.


  37. robinlovesbatman said

    Wow I think my avatar might be working!

  38. New To Pink said

    RLB, yes your avitar is working now 🙂

  39. Robin Loves Batman said

    How cool. WordPress only took a few days to get it to work. Bitches.

  40. New To Pink said

    No prize for my BINGO???? 😦 dayum

  41. Robin Loves Batman said

    Hell no NTP we don’t do prizes on this here blog. Go somewhere else for prizes. 😉


  42. Duh said

    No one noticed my new avatar? 😦

  43. New To Pink said

    Duh, I didn’t until you pointed it out, cute. 🙂

    RLB, I get it. No prizes. I think I may live anyway. 😉

  44. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I noticed it Duh! I think it’s very pretty. Is Kotex french? Also, I love Hello Kitty. They are totally cute.

  45. Robin Loves Batman said

    Ugly avatar.


  46. Duh said

    Yes, Kotex is french for “pussy”. Hence the Hello Kitty on the box. That’s some brilliant marketing right there.

  47. mybolognahasafirstname said

    I’m so sad. I tried to make a picure next to my name and it isn’t working 😦 Bologna is sad, so sad

  48. mybolognahasafirstname said

    Ya! It works. Isn’t my smiley face so happy? It’s like he’s smiling so big that his eyes are squeezed shut. Cuty

  49. mybolognahasafirstname said

    I like this picture better. Do you guys like it?

  50. Duh said

    Um, Tard? Your avatar is two question marks. Are you trying to be ironic?

  51. Hi everyone! I missed you guys yesterday. SOOOOOOOOO much. Duh, our date last night was extraordinary. Thanks for you know what. *wink*

  52. mkrules said

    Duh: You are asking me to try to think how TC reasons?? Man, I have NO idea why she would not want to link to other “anti mk” sites. Except that some, like pinking shears do allow some good to seep in. To TC, that is a no-no. Also, some have links to my site and like how “real” we keep it, yo. LOL. Another no-no. *slaps hands* Bad antis.

    I have heard through the grapevine about TC and other antis falling out and perhaps that is why. It seems y’all are not the first ones to be written off by her.

  53. Holler! said

    The queen doesn’t link cause she’s done pissed off most people. Once she’s used and abused them, she doesn’t want to be “seen” with them. Besides that, there’s the whole thing where she’s just CRAZY. Not even like a good crazy that everyone can laugh at, this is just plain old “bitch be crazy” crazy. It’s the crazy that makes you think there are people hiding out in your bushes waiting to tell the world who you are and where you live and that your only companion is a laptop with wireless. It has to be wireless so she can move between her multiple locations while she updates the 64 frickin million ads on her blog!

  54. mkrules said

    Yeah, debate (civilized) by both sides is fun. I miss MKV!!! *wah* Oh well, I guess all good things come to an end eventually.

  55. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Tracy wants to be the only show in town, and wants to do it all.

    Plenty of PTers were confused when she started the forum, because they felt the discussion should happen on the blog for all to see.

    Then Tracy spent some time racking up phony posts. I mean, honestly, if you look at her board it claims 20,000+ posts, but if you add up the numbers of the visible boards (even as a guest) it only comes up to about 1200… so where are the other posts?

    Anyone who wanted to see the forum had to register, making her look like she had tons of members, when really the only people who post regularly are Tracy and Stinkinpink.

    Someone told me she is notorious for stretching the numbers. This isn’t the first time… Interesting from a fraud investigator… but I guess it takes one to know one.

    Pass the kool-aid, dammit.

  56. ScrewU said

    You would think that Tracy would be smarter than this. She has been quite obvious to me with what she has been doing. Or maybe I am just intellectually superior. It must be that…
    Stay away from the kool-aid

  57. Robin Loves Batman said

    Tracy is a big fraud.


  58. I LOVE CATS said

    TC doesn’t link to anyone else because she is a legend in her own mind. What an ego. Have you noticed that every other MK-related site has links? And there were even some more palatable sites in the past that linked to all sides. (was it MKV or pynkmyst? can’t remember)What a concept, neutrality.

  59. Holy crap Batman said

    Tracy is not a fraud. She is a FRAUD INVESTIGATOR. Sheesh. Get your facts straight, loser.

  60. Both of you are wrong. She’s a FRAUD INSTIGATOR.

  61. Robin Loves Batman said

    Good point PTcrack. Very good point.

    HCB you are super smart. I know now why I love you so.


  62. Zoe said

    hahaha Robin, I just have to say I say “bitches” all the time too, so if it slips out, I promise I’m not “single white female-ing” you.

    (In case you are asking yourself ‘who is this crazy bitch?’ I’m the newest refugee from PT, well unless someone else was banned in the last hour or two and found this site, which, let’s face it, is completely possible. I was just on there a couple of days and the crazy started to leak out. I really tried to be nice and polite and apologize for offending people or whatever, but then I realized “my god, I shouldn’t have to apologize for just communicating. If people can’t read the words I’m actually saying and understand them without a translator…wtf?”)

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