What’s this?

A blog I like to read has been made private.  😦

If you read my blog, will you please let me in?  I liked it.  I promise I won’t tell.


  1. ScrewU said

    Who is this blog that has gone undercover?

  2. I LOVE CATS said

    I don’t know what website she’s referring to either.

    This is OT, but important. I want to caution everyone here of a couple of things.

    Be very careful with emails. A certain someone is known to create disposal email accounts (IP addresses are hidden)and send emails pretending to be someone you know, even perhaps in regular conversation with. She does this to ascertain who is with her and who is against her. So be very careful that who you’re receiving email from is really coming from that person. Ie: If you normally receive email from kathyg@hotmail.com, look for slight deviations in the address, like k@thyg@hotmail.com. Or pinklover would be changed to p1nklover, etc.. Get my drift?

    She could pretend to be your friend and pit you against someone else and then blackmail you with proof that you gossiped, or whatever, and then use that against you forever. Or, she could simply be attempting to elicit information about you or somebody else. Whatever the case, it’s all wacky.

    The best advice is to stay off email. If you need to share information with someone about this psycho anti anti-MK movement, then do so over the phone.

    Also, to those who have already been banned. WATCH OUT. Look for a warm welcome back. She may try to lure you back into the snake pit with a heartfelt apology or something similar. Don’t fall for it; It’s all a game and you’re a pawn. Get over your need to be loved and accepted on PT because no one there is really “loved” if truth be told.

  3. Tracy and heartfelt apology in the same sentence? That’s some crazy shit.

  4. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Thanks “I LOVE CATS”! You’re so right. A certain someone really is COMPLETELY nuts. I’m serious. She is so absorbed by all of this anti-MK and anti anti-MK stuff it has almost completely taken over her life.

    She truly is a sad, twisted, and lonely individual. Can you imagine having nothing else in your life to do than worry about all of this garbage. She seriously needs to make some real flesh and blood friends (not lemmings from the internet), find a hobby (not collecting e-mail address or posting rants on the internet), and get a life.

  5. ScrewU said

    Are you referring to Tracy? Is she this certain someone?

  6. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    gee…..how’d you guess?

  7. Sorry for the caps, but I’VE BEEN PT BANNED!!! I suppose. I was logged out when I went to the site this morning (assuming that it was the site Duh mentioned in this post), which was eird, because I was set to “log in forever”. I clicked on the chat room to see what women with no lives were chatting about, and was told “Doh! page error”. I went to the discussion board, tried to log in there, and came up with a password error. THen, I got the password reminder box, typed in my email, and was told I DIDN’T EXIST!!!

    I’ve never been banned form anything – I feel like such a rebel. And I didn’t do much, either…only surmised that TC and TK were the same person on MyPT…did I strike a nerve?

  8. I LOVE CATS said

    From what I understand, chat is down for the weekend. I think. But, if you’ve received the password error message, you’re definitely banned. Darn.

  9. Ok, here’s the post I just *had* to leave on PT this morning: “PT – why on earth have you banned me? I can’t log into the discussion board or the chat room. I have always been a helpful member of the former MLM community, and don’t see why I will no longer be permitted to contribute?”

  10. How very existential of her, telling me I don’t exist…

  11. Hmmm, that was strange, Tracy deleted my post asking why she’s such a bitch! I mean, the post I quoted above. I would *never* tell someone she’s a bitch on her own blog…

    Duh – you’ve just made my blogroll – and PT’s off…

  12. Duh said

    I’m sorry that my little blog got you banned. That’s so odd that it says you don’t exist. I get this message:
    “Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!”

    Does that count as an apology?

  13. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I think that does sound like an apology Duh! You should start on your friendship bracelet for Tracy. You can have matching ones!!! That would be so neat!

  14. Robin Loves Batman said

    How shocking that yet another PT regular has been banned. This is a common trend lately, no? Her loss, definitely not ours.


  15. Yes, I’ve been totally wiped from the face of the PT-Earth. Shall I try leaving another comment there? It only took 15 minutes for her to delete the last one. Must have nothing better to do!

    MommyMindi’s a business woman, right? Perhaps she’d design a bracelet for you?


  16. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I was thinking that if Duh made it, then it would mean more. You know the ones, you braid em with string in different colors and different designs. They are really cool. I think Tracy would really like one. She’s probably never had one before.

  17. bea123 said

    I’m so confused. Enlighten me. Please. Someone. Help.

  18. MK Rules said

    Bea, I am not totally sure, but I am here so I will try to “enlighten” you.

    Lots of the people here got banned from PT. Yes, you can be banned. I was banned for being too pink, aka a “troll”. Ha! (Who cares??) Anyway, why did they? I dunno. But, yes you can be banned, and yes some were. That is about it I think.

  19. Yuppers, MKR, you hit the nail on the head. And, at least in my case, I was banned for surmising that Queen Tracy assumed an alter ego and posted on MyPT.

  20. tracysucks said

    Don’t know why I was dismissed.

    Down with the queen!

  21. mkrules said

    So I guess you are banned by TC either way huh? If you are in at PT, you can’t be here or mypinktruth. If you are here, you are banned there. How ridiculous.

  22. ScrewU said

    Can I just tell you that I figured out what blog you are referring to? I feel so smart, I just had to brag about it. It’s been this nagging question in my mind and now I know the answer.
    Nice try Duh but I gotcha

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