And in other news….


“I’m Joey Buttafuoco ova here!” 

Did you guys hear the news?  Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco are together now (ya know, doin’ it), and they are planning a reality T.V. series based on their life!!!  OMFG!!  

Here’s a sneak peek:

Joey: Hey Amy, go fix me a bologna samich.

Amy:  Fix it you self lazy ass, I’m tryin’ to watch Springer ova here.

Joey:  Bitch, fix me a samich or you gonna get a bullet in da face like another bitch I know.

Amy:  What, you gonna pick up another 16 year old girl to pop me?   I hate to break it to ya Joey, but you ain’t dat cute no more. 

Joey: Slut!

Amy:  Fag!

Joey(standing up): What did you f*^&n’ call me?

Amy: I mean, asshole!

Joey:  I f*^$n’ love you, whore.

Amy: Aw Joey, I love you too babe.

(Amy and Joey start to lick each other about the neck and face.)

And …..SCENE.

Did I say I can’t wait for this show?  I’m going to set up my Tivo right now!!


  1. You Ain'T No DaIsY said


    Amy: “I need a fifty.”

    Joey: “What the fuck for bitch?”

    Amy: “I need a wax – fuck you!”

    Joey: [throwing her a fistful of dollar bills] “Yeah – get your shit waxed. You nasty.”

    {a pit bull runs up to Joey laying on the couch and starts licking his belly button}

    —end scene—-

  2. Duh said

    LOL Daisy!
    They should name it “A Day in da Life of Joey Buttafuoco Ova Here.”

  3. New To Pink said

    mind blowing…

  4. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    another off-topic: watch this video

  5. New To Pink said

    I was so waiting for this guy to fall on his ass and then…..

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