Well, that’s nice!

Someone was nice enough to post a link to this blog on the WAHM discussion board.  Like always some got it, others questioned it, and a small minority think that we are crazy and hateful.  Whatalife had this to say:

“As for the blogs.   OHHH  AHHH!!  Not scary.  You really think that is going to shut down PT, I think not.  Just a bunch of people with their own opinion.  Just like those on this board and PT.  It is a blog, geesh.  Sounds to me like people were scared to hear the truth, then got their feelings hurt because they were banned.  Get over it.  There will always be negative and positive blogs about everything.  Who cares.  It is opinion anyway.  PT is the only blog about MK that has shown me things that have come out later from corporate.  The blogs above are nothing but pure hate.  Completely diffrent tactics.  Hate vs. Truth. ”

 Tracy is that you?  Sickie?  OK guys, you can stop pretending like you don’t think this blog is hilarious!   


  1. clipper said

    I never thought this blogs intent was to shut down PT, but just give fun people a place to have fun and poke fun. Am I right??

    Whatalife says, “PT is the only blog about MK that has shown me things that have come out later from corporate.” Maybe Whatalife should read emails from MK and your SD, etc., your InTouch, or some pro-MK blogs rather than PT! There is lots of new info from MKC that PT hasn’t posted anything about. And since it’s coming from MKC itself and not PT, it can be relied on.

  2. indenturedservant said

    this blog is hate? and PT is not? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    PT spends all her time consumed by hate for others, trolling, stalking, lying, and trying to publicly humiliate people.

    There are always going to be dummies who need someone to worship I guess.

  3. Duh said

    I have no intention of trying to shut down PT. Why would I do that? What the hell could I blog about if PT were shut down? My LIFE!! LOL

    I’d have to rename my blog. “The Musings of an Out of Shape Soccer Mom.” Who the hell would want to read that?

  4. Oh so many women will have to find something else to gossip about like highshool girls if that ever happened!

  5. LOL said

    Oh look! A pinko drops by to insult, while she pimps her new forum! get a life, scammer!!!

  6. bea123 said

    Ok- I get it. I read a lot and am registered on PT’s discussion board but didn’t realise all the undercover drama that was going on. Good gravy.

    So. I think I have all the MK junk worked out of my system (read: healed) I think I’m ready to move on.

    It’s been great knowing that I was not the only one who worked her butt off and didn’t see the fruits of her labor when it came to MK. I am glad to know that I wasn’t the only previously-pink “loser”.

    You are right about PT being redundant. I mean, really. How many ways can you say it? Kind of like seminar. How many ways can you say Book, Sell and Recruit?

    Bye bye!

  7. jangle said

    it looks like a bottle of pepto bismal exploded on that thinkspink site…ew.

  8. I LOVE CATS said

    What’s up with that new pink site?

    bea123, who did you post as on PT? Care to share?

  9. thinksnpink said

    This isn’t the only blog I’ve post on, if there is a next time I’ll leave the link out to deny you a reason to say I am trying to pimp out my site.

    I only stopped by courtesy of the post on wahm, saw the related thread and shared a thought.

    I don’t know why I bothered.

  10. Duh said

    If there’s a next time? LOL

    I know you’ll be back. You know you’ll be back. Let’s not lie to ourselves. You love us.

  11. Zoe said

    lmao yes, my feelings were deeply hurt for being banned, considering that I came here BEFORE I was banned, and PMed someone that I really didn’t think PT was right for me. Yes, I cried in my cheerios, I’m just now recovering from the trauma of being “let go” from the PT discussion boards. Someone help me pick up the pieces of my shattered existence.

  12. Zoe said

    I totally think this blog is hilarious. It’s the funniest thing I’ve read online in a long time. Now maybe that’s a reflection on my ability to find funny things online, but I like to think it’s cause this site is really fucking funny.

    Oh…and just to let you know something REALLY funny, I posted the name “Dick Van Dyke” on PT and “Dick” got bleeped. hahahahahahaha. Wow.

  13. Duh said

    Just a little insight into Tracy’s morals and politics. She likes this blogger:


    Sorry conservatives.

  14. I LOVE CATS said

    Dick got bleeped? Selective bleeping, I’d say. Because she can say the word C*NT on a whim but bleeps DICK. Wow.

  15. Duh said


  16. Zoe said

    hahaha. the penis is evil. It’ll totally get you if you aren’t careful.

  17. Zoe said

    She said CUNT? OMG seriously? That’s way worse than dick.

  18. I LOVE CATS said

    Oh yeah. One of her fave words.

  19. Zoe said

    But what about the “let’s not use profanity” line? God I seriously hate people. Really. WTF? Is this third grade?

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