EDITED: INQUIRING Minds Want to Know!

Anybody have info on this new “private” fuchsia blog?  Get in touch with your contacts ladies!  I’m so NOSEY!


  1. mkrules said

    Thanks but it was a typing error. I think! Anyway, she and Tracy are NOT the same person. How silly!! It is all good!

  2. Duh said

    Um, go check the link under the other thread. There’s a snapshot of a blog front that says “The Fuchsia Blog: Because Mary Kay Sucks”

  3. mkrules said

    do what??

  4. mkrules said

    this was another one Thefuchsiablog.com it links to PT. I am thinking TC made them??

  5. Duh said


  6. Duh said

    Put your pointer on the link, but don’t click.

  7. Rebecca said

    Okay, there ya go. Spelling, spelling spelling. Very important.

    I am Fuchsia. THEY are Fuschia. I am the correct spelling according to the dictionary.

  8. jimmycrackcorn said


    Y’all are finally catching on.

    That blog was made private right after Tracy made an ass of herself by trying to insult PC on that blog. I believe that was the first episode of “the Queen and her Bitch”.
    although my memory could be faulty on that one.

  9. Duh said

    That’s odd that we can see the snapshot of a private blog though. I want to know what they say on there!

  10. jimmycrackcorn said

    if it’s MrsMetaphor’s, who cares? OH right. because we all want to know where MrsMetaphor really stands………………………………………………………………………….

  11. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    OOH OOH! somebody here must have access to the private fuschia blog!

    *rubbing hands together in glee*

    aside: did you see that marnie shit on ptlies? yikes.

  12. Zoe said

    Damn, now I kindof wish I’d discovered PT earlier, and been a good little obsequious soldier because I totally cheated myself out of some of the first hand dirt by you know…having my own opinions and not liking it when people try to talk down to me and just “tolerate my existence” cause I’m not towing the party line completely. Jeez.

  13. mkrules said

    I do want to know who started those so I can defend my girl. It is wrong of them to do that!

  14. ScrewU said

    Did you get banned yet from PT?

  15. Rebecca said

    Well, MKRules, I guess the don’t/didn’t have the guts to take me on face to face. Oh, well. Taking the mocking blog private is, IMO, a very clear sign of corwardice.

  16. Zoe said

    OH yes, I was banned a couple of hours ago.

    it was glorious and on the Downlow and I’m really curious if Tracy ran around saying that the reason she banned me was I was “promoting an MLM” (which I wasn’t. I wouldn’t recruit someone to my beauticult if they asked me. I just don’t recruit.)

  17. Zoe said

    mocking blogs should be public so we can all enjoy them.

  18. Duh said

    Or she may just tell people that you mock retarded people.

  19. Zoe said


  20. Zoe said

    Duh, I emailed you did you get it?

  21. mkrules said

    Yeah I hate that she linked one to PT. It is like she is using your good posts for EVILLLL! Booo!

  22. Duh said

    You have mail, Zoe.

    I’m going to bed. SOME of us have to wake up early in the morning because SOME of us have a life! Losers!

  23. Zoe said

    hahaha nite. SOME of us are “kept” 😉

  24. mkrules said

    Night party poopers!

  25. Robin Loves Batman said

    I hate all of you.


  26. Robin Loves Batman said

    By the way, should it not be INquiring minds want to know, not ENquiring minds???

  27. KatWummon said

    Maybe DUH is British.

  28. ScrewU said

    It warms my cockles to see you have joined in the spirit of our blog. It’s full of nutty goodness. Nice to see you around here more.

    Isn’t PT/Tracy so original? She thinks of all these super ideas by herself. Like a fake blog. Who would have ever thought of that? Making it private, what a bunch of cowards. Yes, Tracy, you are a coward ~waving to Tracy~ I know you are reading!

  29. Duh said

    It’s “enquiring” like “The Enquirer”.

  30. Robin Loves Batman said

    Dictionary.com. You should check it out.


  31. Duh said

    I give a shit. Really. I do.

  32. Duh, your pic is beautiful! If that’s really you, then I’m way too intimidated to continue to stalk you.
    *bowing down as only an admirer from a distance*

  33. Robin Loves Batman said

    It’s about time you left poor duh alone.


  34. I’m taking them on, one at a time – it’s been 25 minutes, and my comment is still up!

    1. #27 “She doesn’t know how to use quotation marks… Every line started with quotes, but they didn’t end with quotes…. time to go back to grammar school.”
    Actually, she’s using quotes perfectly. She has the quote broken into paragraphs. When you are quoting successive paragraphs by the same person, you put quotation marks at the beginning of each paragraph, but at the end of only the last paragraph. The portion you quoted was obviously one two-paragraph quote. She got it right.
    Time to go back to grammar school…MKDEBTVICTIM24
    #37 “Has anyone ever heard of these products? …Ford’s “Edsel…”
    Actually, Lazy, I have heard of Ford. Microsoft too, and Intel and Columbia. Seems they did make the right moves to be successful. It’s just that those products weren’t the right products.

  35. ItsGoneNow said


    25 minutes must be a record.

  36. Follow-up – my last post has finally been deleted, and some dipshit actually THANKED TC for deleting it. Here’s my follow-up post – note the correct use of quotation marks.

    “Yes, the deleted comments were mine, and they are correct. I write for a living. They were deleted not because they were inaccurate, becasue they weren’t. They were deleted because Tracy has banned me for posting on a rival site. It’s a shame she’s not letting us have opinions differing from her own. That’s something you ladies should keep in mind. That “other site” permits differences in opinion, without deleting them instantly. They are moderated, but I can tell you from experience that even posts challegning the blog owner get through. SOme have been my own.

    “The last post lasted nearly an hour – I wonder how long this one will last?”

  37. Funny – it wouldn’t post at all. Hmmm….must be a computer glitch. I’ll take a page from Duh’s book and call myself Crazy Mike – I’ll let you know…

  38. It seems I have now been IP banned – at work. Oh well, I suppose I have better things to do.


  39. YouCantBeSurprised said

    It’s just as well. They would have skewered you for spelling “because” incorrectly.

    Only their enemies have imperfect grammar.

  40. and make typos – or is it “tyops”?

  41. Robin Loves Batman said

    EXCITED am I that the correct spelling has been put on this thread yo.


  42. Apparently, I’e caused the entire office to be banned – my co-worker can’t log on! Sorry, girls!

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