Holy Cow!  I’m so happy!!!  Duh has given me the distinguished honor of being in the super secret inner orb!  Can you believe it?  I nearly wet myself from sheer bliss.

It happened this weekend.  We met at… oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t say where we met.  But it was really dark.  Duh, tied us up and then she put us through a series of tests to see if we were worthy. 

First she made us smell stinky, hairy armpits.  Then she made us eat gallons of ice cream that were not Ben & Jerrys.  We had to do internet searches on the people that post.  We were told that our eyebrows would be plucked out hair by hair if we didn’t.  And then she made us buy shirts that said Banned from the Bitchfest: Pink Truth Can Bite My Ass and try to convince posters on other blogs to come to her site.  We had to make a pact with her that we would no longer visit any site other than hers.  Or she would put a curse on us and turn us into monkeys!

All and all, it was heavenly.  I’m so happy that I passed the test and can now share it with you.  The super secret inner orb is the bestest place in the world.  I hope you too can make it someday.


  1. I LOVE CATS said

    You’re losing me, duh.

  2. Duh said

    Sorry Cats, we are testing something out and having some technical difficulties

    Please stand by.

  3. The former MKV said

    Hey, you copied the former MKV format. Pretty lame.

  4. Duh said

    Suck it. Can’t a girl experiment?

  5. YeahWhatSheSaid said

    I thought it looked familiar.

  6. Duh said

    Alright it’s back to normal. Geez!

    I wasn’t around for MKV. Did they pick it because it’s PT’s theme? Cause that’s why I picked it.

  7. cracked said


    poor Duh, she’s already taking shit and this blog is only a week old.

  8. Neverpantyhose said

    OMG Former MKV ~ Is it really you? I have MISSED you! Welcome to our corner of hell. Watch out, it get’s pretty scurrry on her sometimes!

  9. Duh said

    “First she made us smell stinky, hairy armpits.”

    If you guys would shave and use deodorant it wouldn’t have been so bad. Seriously, I thought smelling your own armpits was a pretty easy hazing ritual.

  10. YouDidn'tMissMe? said

    I’m hurt.

    Let me go find someone to ban.

  11. Zoe said

    As the most recently banned former member of PT, i LOVE this site. And hot damn all I did was post something here under my same name as on PT “oh noes” and was in a private message discussion and just told someone I didn’t think PT was right for me because I really prefer a more “free expression” place to go to and I really like to cuss, A LOT.

    So either someone told her I posted something on here, someone forwarded a private message, or she was reading my private messages (since someone ELSE PMed me to warn me that she reads all private messages) I’m sure her “excuse” on the board for banning me is because I’m in the Beauticult (beauticontrol) and was just lying in wait to recruit people…yeah right. How many times do I have to say I’m a HOBBYIST, I don’t recruit. I just like to bag things jeez.

    Or else I was banned cause I’m a drama queen. Which that COULD be true, I don’t know. Anyway I’m Zoe and probably a trouble maker. Beware OH NOES not the evil Zoe. Yep bitches, I’m taking down the WORLD.

  12. Robin Loves Batman said

    You’ll fit right in since we all like to cuss. At least I do.


  13. Zoe said

    hahaha is “bitches” like your signature or do you type it new each time? Cause if you retype it each time, that is total dedication lol.

  14. I LOVE CATS said

    I’m trying to figure out if she types it in each time or if she’s somehow got it programmed in. If she types it in, that’s frickin dedication for you.

    Lemme try it.


    That wasn’t so hard really. But to do it like over and over again would suck.

    Robin ain’t right.

    Hey, way OT, but did y’all see “To Catch a Predator” tonight on MSNBC? Those dudes are really nasty. I would personally castrate any perv that came after my kid. But then again, my kids don’t just surf the net. Duh. Benadryl helps with that too.


  15. Zoe said

    Is “bitches” gonna become the “line?” We need a line or something that everybody says so it looks like we don’t have original thoughts in our heads. Over on PT it’s “MLM is MLM is MLM” Gee, that’s so profound. *head desk*

    Bitches. (just trying it on. 😉

  16. mkrules said

    How much time does it take to read ALL pms on PT? WOW. That will take up your entire day.

  17. Zoe said

    LMFAO! I don’t know if it’s literally true but I know I got banned for one of four reasons because nothing else happened in that time span.

    1. Someone I PM’d narc’d on me cause I wasn’t “towing the pary line” enough.

    2. TC read my PM’s and thought I wasn’t “towing the party line enough.”

    3. Someone lurking here narc’d on me for being evil and posting non TC approved material.

    4. TC has no life and was lurking here herself or has some kind of psycho early warning system, at which point she saw me posting and thought “aha, better ban her.”

  18. ScrewU said

    My guess is that TC was lurking and saw your post. *Poof* You are banned. It’s how the donkey rolls. Boy oh boy, how is she ever keep her posts up if she keeps banning people like it’s her full time job? Maybe it is her full time job 😉

  19. Zoe said

    I think it is. On another one of the blogs someone broke down the profit potential of running a high traffic site supporting an emotional “cause” with shopping links and stuff. This is probably her job since she can’t possibly have time to be a fraud investigator, CPA, or whatever else she’s supposedly doing. I think she’s trying to get a book deal on the whole “anti-MK movement” to lead her to riches and fame.

    Is it just me, or were many of the people who were dishonest little turdbutts IN MK, the same people who are like that out of it? Seems to me it’s not necessarily “MK” Itself, it just illuminates the character issues people already have.

    Since seeing the other side of PT I’m starting to see some classy women who are involved in things like MK, it doesn’t make me pro-MK but it lets me realize they aren’t the two-dimensional tardlets I was led to believe.

    Either all the people at PT are lying, all the people at the pro-MK sites are lying, OR SOME PT and SOME MK people lie, which are the same people who would lie about whatever they were doing. I think the truth is more likely in the middle. I think there are some good people over on PT that are being used by the bad ones. And I think there are good people in MK who are being used by the bad ones. I also think there are good people on both PT and in MK who aren’t being used by anybody.

    Of course the good people in PT who aren’t being used are probably close to getting banned. But why do they need that in their lives anyway? someone with a blog and discussion board that is that fascist and controlling about everybody isn’t a healthy place for anyone.

    I actually got a PM from someone over on PT just before I was banned that said I had been given a “second chance” and to use it wisely. A second chance for what? To be accused of trolling or recruiting? Then she closed with “Luv U!” Sure she does…cause she’s known me all of two days on the INTERNET! WTF?

    Same love bombing as in MK, same manipulative behavior. PT isn’t a place for ANYONE to heal. If someone needs to heal I would recommend MK survivors or the pinking shears. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Laura Ryan on both sides of the fence.

  20. Robin Loves Batman said

    ROFLMFAO Zoe!!!! You’ve been given a second chance and use it wisely? That’s got to be the funniest thing I’ve heard. Don’t these women realize they are being manipulated the same way MK was? I agree, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Tracy is a turd.


  21. Zoe said

    LMAO, every time I see “bitches” I laugh, cause I run around saying that. Not saying it as much here cause it just makes me look like I latch onto everyone else’s lines. 😛 I have half a mind to grill you on EXACTLY when you started saying bitches, then we can pull out the mud pit, and entertain the few guys on here. 😉

    And yes it was pretty funny. the “You’ve been given a second chance” line was what made me think: “To hell with it, I’m not using a fake name on Duh’s blog.”

    I know this is hard for some people to understand, but SOME people don’t NEED to be a leader OR a follower, some people just want everyone to be THEMSELVES. I don’t need to be manipulated by complete internet strangers who “Luv” me. What the holy hell?

    My PT experience was short, but it was more manipulative than my entire MK experience. All for my “own good” of course. I think the issue isn’t pro or anti MK, I think the issue is an individual human being’s willingness to live and let live and to understand that YOUR NEEDS are not EVERYONE’S NEEDS.

    Most people go their entire lives without understanding that, but it solves so many conflicts when you do. Not everyone wants, thinks, believes, or needs the same things.

  22. great said

    warning on Laura Ryan – those of us who have been around a while can tell you: she’s exactly like Tracy. Why do you think everyone abandoned her boards and went elsewhere? uh huh.

    Tracy likes to stalk, harrass, and “out” people. Laura Ryan likes to control everyone on her boards by doing the whole “woe is me, nobody loves me, won’t you all volunteer to be my slaves?”

    They are both heavily controlling and demand utmost “LOYALTY” from their groupies.

    This whole anti-MK thing has turned into a complete cesspool on all sides. The only option left is PinkLighthouse, as far as I can tell.

  23. I LOVE CATS said

    Zoe, oh my cats, let me guess WHO told you you’ve been given a second chance and use it wisely! Nah, I won’t guess. I already know. It’s so obvious.

  24. What What said

    Perhaps all the good comments are about Laura J – from my experience and those of others I’ve heard, she’s fair and doesn’t make the movement all about her and her needs.

    Oh, and Ho-bagGs!

  25. Zoe said

    high hopes said it. Was that who you thought?

  26. 1 ho who knows said

    Let it be known that Tracy DOES have an inner secret circle. So far I know of two people who have been banned an another on the way.

    Let it be known that some in the “inner circle” are scrambling to stay in PT’s good graces.

    Let it be known that the same people scrambling are telling her secrets behind her back.

    Let it be known that one of the secret people are acting like they are friends with some people just to get information.

    Let it be known that one person is not visiting all the other “evil” sites because of their loyalty to Tracy

  27. notrollsplease said

    ooh, ooh! let me guess, let me guess! sickie right?

  28. 1 ho who knows said

    Let it be known that I cannot reveal my sources.

    Let it be known that more than a few of you know who I am talking about.

    Let it be known that all of the above examples could be in reference to one person only.

    Let it be known that all shall be known in due time.

  29. Zoe said

    HIGH HOPES said it lol.

  30. 1 ho who knows said

    Let it be known that I do not know who HIGH HOPES is

  31. O.S.C.A.R. said

    *waiving hand wildly*


  32. The Colonel said

    Let it be known that High Hopes = Tracy

  33. Duh said

    Noted. Continue…

  34. Zoe said

    SickNPink also PMed me. She was nice. But I know nice doesn’t equal “good” I just hate to bash someone who to my knowledge hasn’t personally done anything against me.

    Although I guess High Hopes COULD be SickNPink.

    you know other people’s paranoia breeds paranoia in the regular common joe lol.

  35. Zoe said

    Do you think High Hopes is Tracy?

    Oh that would be HILARIOUS. Cause she told me how I was given a “second chance” and said: “Luv U!” hahahahaha. There were also a few other PMs exchanged and she said when I said Private messages shouldn’t be eavesdropped on, she said: “Tracy is just very protective of her people (her people? is she moses now?) And you shouldn’t worry about whether she sees your PMs or not if you aren’t trying to do damage to PT” Damage? Like what kind of damage? Question it? Not be a good little minion? bwahahahahahahaha. Too fucking funny.

    Oh god pLease please please let high hopes be tracy, cause that would just hit my giggle meter hard.

  36. Robin Loves Batman said

    Nice picture Duh. Who dat?


  37. Duh said


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