The REAL Pink Truth

By: Robin Loves Batman 

Some think she has so many important things to say

I think she spends too much time trying to get those to see things her way

Does anyone ever question what her true intentions are?

Yes they have, they’ve now been banned, for some leaving behind a scar

You see, they trusted her with their personal stories, trusting her not to tell

But now she’ll have another story to add to their personal hell

Their personal information will be posted or shared for all of us to see

Then conveniently point the finger and say “It wasn’t me”

Some will take the fall for her personal transgressions and not even know

That they were set up and used and abused then spit out to make another PT show

Women from all over the world have come to share their stories

Some were successful, some were not but they all share a common connection

A leader, manipulator, liar, backstabber, a bully so full of deception

Will this madness ever stop? Does anyone know how to make the cards fall?

Given enough time, because time will only tell

I think Pink Truth will implode into her own personal hell


  1. mkrules said

    Off topic here…

    I wasnt to start off by saying I like Rebecca from the fuchsia blog. However, does anyone know anything about the site called and why in the snap preview it has the pic of PT and when you click it, it just goes to wordpress home???

    This is driving me nuts. I tried to ask Rebecca but no response soooooo…. yeah.

  2. Duh said

    Uh Oh. Did Tracy buy that domain too? LOL

  3. I LOVE CATS said

    No, someone else has a blog very similar to Rebecca’s. She’s one of Tracy’s “friends”.
    And that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  4. jimmycrackcorn said

    i think you are just trying to advertise nutty rebecca’s site – there’s nothing wrong with it that I can see (other than a sad tendency to think Mary Kay is a great opportunity)

    the REAL interest is in the, because THAT was rebecca’s parody site that got yanked as soon as some people showed up there to discuss the real tracy.

    Tracy said it wasn’t her site….but I bet it was. Either that or MM’s…

    These people are all nuts.

    And now, for some georgie:

    you know you like it bitches.

  5. I LOVE CATS said

    Jimmy, yes!! That’s it. A parody site on Rebecca. I didn’t realize it had been yanked. And Tracy wasn’t behind it. Um, okay….whatever.

  6. I LOVE CATS said

    I believe it was MM’s site. What a weirdo that one is.

  7. Holler! said

    if it starts to redirect to PT, guarantee that it was the queen herself or a lackey. anyone remember when faith’s site popped back up and linked to PT?

  8. I LOVE CATS said

    Tracy is nucking futs!

  9. Duh said

    How did I miss a MK parody site??

  10. I LOVE CATS said

    You were busy emailing Sickie.

  11. jimmycrackcorn said

    It was one of the lesser-known parody sites. You only knew about it if Tracy told you.

    Which makes one wonder…

  12. jimmycrackcorn said

    Who the fuck is ILOVECATS? just wonderin’. Email me if you dare…..

  13. mkrules said

    I go to a lot. It is not the same. The other one is pricate and was being used as a link from my blog with Rebecca’s IP and everything same except the site link diff

  14. mkrules said

    On the normal fuchsia blog, it is pro mk…I am so confused! i tried to talk to becca personally but it seems she is ignoring me

  15. jimmycrackcorn said


  16. I LOVE CATS said

    how the hell am I gonna email you if you don’t provide your email addy?

  17. Duh said

    Oh Lord. It’s Jimmy Hoffa all over again.

  18. I LOVE CATS said

    Mkrules, my dear, listen, the parody blog is spelled differently. but it has been taken down. It was owned by either Tracy or one of her mafiosos. It does not belong to Rebecca. And if she’s ignoring you, well, maybe she’s playing Tracy.

  19. mkrules said

    I am not crying! I am confused about fuchsia linking herself to PT…

  20. jimmycrackcorn said

    WTF? you can’t just GUESS who I am? I gotta spell it out for you?
    email me at
    why don’t you just take a wild stab at it?

  21. mkrules said

    lol 100iloveugeroge. everyone should have known!

  22. mkrules said

    i think it is squashed…thanks guys. Keep it real

  23. jimmycrackcorn said

    mkrules: the “FUSCHIABLOG” was the parody that may or may not link to tracy. I have no idea since it’s not public anymore.

    the “FUCHSIABLOG” (note spelling) is rebecca’s blog, no?

    well, I can’t keep up with this much longer.

    And just in case anyone gets sidetracked: Mary Kay is a bunion on the foot of life.


  24. Rebecca said

    Thank you, Jimmycrackcorn.

    Whew. Ugh.

  25. Robin Loves Batman said

    Well shit no one has even said anything about my post. You all suck man.


  26. New To Pink said

    I think the topic got off track, but your post is very poetic (and true) 🙂

  27. Zoe said

    I think it’s shitty to pretend like you care about anyone and then behave in this way (PT) I think people are really really lacking in the ability to understand that people who are in MK or any other MLM are PEOPLE TOO.

    So I know that’s shocking and all, but not everyone has the same agenda, motives, goals, beliefs, blah blah blah. I don’t really think that site is about helping people. It’s too militant and angry. Too evangelical. Just let people be themselves and stop insisting they be someone else. Talk about soul sucking.

  28. Rebecca said

    All right. Robin Loves Batman, **I** really like your poem.


  29. New To Pink said

    Carrie hates PT/TC too! (To the tune of “Before He Cheats”)

    Right now, TC’s slow typing with a lap top in hand and a desk top PC.
    Right now, she’s trying to sell PT crap and find herself some new PT cronies.
    Right now, she’s standing behind the banned ones with 2 knives in her little hands,
    And she don’t know…..

    They dug themselves out of her grip,
    outta her group cus she is such a b*tch.
    They could care less because she is nobodyeeeeeeeeee
    They’re taking Louisville Sluggers to their PC’s
    Cuz they’ve been contaminated with Tracy’s PT
    Maybe next time, they will hit Tracyeeeeeeeeeeee

  30. mkrules said

    *claps wildly* Bravo!

  31. Rebecca said



  32. New To Pink said

    Part 2 (Carrie):

    Right now, TC’s prolly creating some white trash version of PT Karaoke,
    Right now, TC’s prolly sayin “That Troll” and she’s a thinkin that she’s gonna start a bannin’,
    Right now, TC’s prolly trying to hock $3 worth of those PT Crap cards,
    Oh, and she don’t know……

    They dug themselves out of her grip,
    outta her group cus she is such a b*tch.
    They could care less because she is nobodyeeeeeeeeee
    They’re taking Louisville Sluggers to their PC’s
    Cuz they’ve been contaminated with Tracy’s PT
    Maybe next time, they will hit Tracyeeeeeeeeeeee

  33. mkrules said


  34. New To Pink said

    The ending (Carrie):

    I mighta saved a little trouble for the next Troll,
    Cus the next time TC bans
    Oh, you know it won’t be meeeeee

    They dug themselves out of her grip,
    outta her group cus she is such a b*tch.
    They could care less because she is nobodyeeeeeeeeee
    They’re taking Louisville Sluggers to their PC’s
    Cuz they’ve been contaminated with Tracy’s PT
    Maybe next time, they will BAN Tracyeeeeeeeeeeee

    Oh maybe next time, they will BAN Tracy
    Oh, they will BAN Tracy
    Oh Oh Ohhhh

  35. thecheesestandsalone said

    Zoe! You made it over to us! Good to see you here!

    Later gator!

  36. ScrewU said

    Beautifully written Robin. You have real skill. And dare I say individuality? Oh goodness! We don’t dare that. Keep that brain under wraps. We won’t tolerate people having individual thoughts here!!!

  37. I LOVE CATS said

    Jimmy– You know me and I know you. I’m just not sure that you know it’s ME who is CATS.

  38. I LOVE CATS said

    Please keep your individual thoughts to yourself. None of that is tolerated here. Take some benadryl and man up to the counter of Duh. She’ll bitch slap them independent thoughts the hell out of you.

  39. ScrewU said

    Had to give you props on your song. I’ve been singing it to myself all day

  40. Robin Loves Batman said

    Carrie Underwood sings good shit. bitches.

  41. Zoe said

    thanks cheese!

  42. The Colonel said

    Colonel here, reporting for duty. Duh, you need anyone roughed up, just let me know. I’ll be on “security” detail from now on. No one gets in or out of here without me knowing about it.


  43. The General said

    If there are any breaches in our ranks, stand ready. Just let us know, and our forces are ready to hunt down those bitches and make them cry for their mothers.

  44. Robin Loves Batman said

    Um Colonel, you must be new to these here parts. What you MUST remember is that me, and only me, ends my words with bitches. Don’t make me take out a can o whoopass on you.


  45. Zoe said


    Very soon I plan to add to the ranks of anti-PT blogs…just because it’s funny. I think we should encourage many anti PT blogs lmao

    Signing out


    (Yes I have no life.)


  46. Robin Loves Batman said

    Does no one listen to me anymore? Quit stealin my tag line all you bitches.


  47. al the gal said

    That was great, Robin Loves Batman!! You tell it like it is, so poetically!

    I think MK Rules hi-jacked your thread, inadvertently, no doubt.

  48. Robin Loves Batman said

    Thanks Gal. Glad someone liked it..boohoo


  49. The Colonel said

    Zoe, you are hereby dubbed “Private Zoe”.
    Let it be written.
    Let it be done.

  50. The Colonel said


  51. Zoe said

    haha duly noted bitches.

    Faithful minion,

    Private Zoe

  52. The Colonel said

    Private Zoe,
    You will need to be given the mark of the BEAST upon entry.

  53. Robin Loves Batman said

    You sure have a big mouth Colonel. No one is supposed to know about “the mark”. You CANNOT be trusted. You are bannished.


  54. Zoe said


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