Kentucky T.V. Station Gets a Dose of “Pink Truth”


 I was just getting my daily dose of “truth” and thought I’d share this with you guys.  Pink Truth is reporting that a Kentucky station had a story about Pam Shaw picking up her latest Caddie.  Apparently Pam claimed that there were 10,000 MK cars across the nation making it seem as if there are that many Cadillacs.  Since MK admits to having only around 2000 on the road, this may have been a mistake on Pam’s part, or she could be lying.  Who knows?  Who cares? 

The PTer’s that’s who!!  (What a stupid question!)  Katie, a loyal PTer has e-mailed the following to the newsstation:

“Please provide true reporting on the pyramid scheme that is Mary Kay Inc. An excellent website to visit is The woman who started this site is a forensic accountant that made her way up in Mary Kay and realized the damage is causes women. So far over 1,500 women have come to this site to share their experiences and help others out of this scam. I thank you for your time and interest.”

How sweet!  Well, hell I can play that game!  I also e-mailed the newsstation.  (Sorry I forgot to save exactly what I wrote.)  I said something like “I’ve heard you’ve received a request for a story about Mary Kay and Pink Truth.  Please give these sites a look before agreeing to this story.”  I then gave them the web addresses for several anti PT blogs and short descriptions.  I included my blog (but of course), PTLies, and My Pink Truth.  

My job here is done.


  1. Robin Loves Batman said

    This is funny. Please tell me you didn’t really email them….they’ll think we’re all a bunch of tards.


    We don’t care what people think. Sounds like a bunch of whiney old crotchety ladies.



  2. Duh said

    Hell yes I did! I’m proud of all my tards.

  3. Robin Loves Batman said

    You’ll have to let us know if they respond. Do you think they care? What’s the station so we can google them?

  4. I LOVE CATS said

    Katie got some major karma for doing that. She’ll learn.

    On a serious note, I don’t think Pam intentionally LIED about the number of cars. Maybe she meant total # of MK cars on the road. Or maybe she meant total # of women who’ve had breast jobs done so far in MK. Who knows?

    Does it matter? Pam lost her husband just a few months ago. Does she not get a pass for accidentally misrepresenting the # of career cars on the road today? Oh, like I’m sure MKC is just putting Pam in handcuffs right now! Anyone who thinks they’re going to lower the hammer on her for this is jacked up.

  5. Duh said

  6. Duh said

    I’m sure they won’t care. But I didn’t want them to run a story about how great and heroic Tracy is.

  7. Zoe said

    I care…I care deeply. LMAO. I think it’s a “fake free car” since it’s not really yours, BUT it seems to me MOST MK people aren’t SAYING it’s a free car, PT is just saying they’re saying that. Oh what a tangled web…

    As long as most MK directors aren’t having to co-pay on their car and frontload themselves I think it’s great they have the cars. And the more I think about it, the less I believe most are frontloading themselves and faking production. That so many people on PT seem to admit to doing that, reveals their character, not the character of MOST people in anything.

    I thought Tracy was never even a director? That isn’t “making your way up in MK” It’s more like, disgruntled she couldn’t sell makeup.

    Its awesome that you did this. I’ll tell you what I’M concerned about. While I think it’s AWFUL anyone who was truly abused in any fashion in their MK experience or any other MLM, I think it’s equally heinous to try to take down an entire organization that plenty of people are HAPPY in. Whether they are making part time spending cash or farther up. They should be rooting out the dishonest directors (which judging from PT seems to happen all on it’s own, as they all decide to play victims and whine some more. I tried to be sympathetic…really I did…but grow the FUCK UP!)

    People who were cheated, genuinely cheated need to take it up with an attorney, not spend their life bitching and moaning and stewing in their anger and “mission to save the world” on PT. It’s sexy to think you are saving the world, but often in our eagerness to do that, we end up hurting a lot of other people.

    PT hurts more than it helps. Not only does it prey on women who have ALREADY been victimized, it preys on honest people in MLMs who aren’t hurting anyone.

  8. Zoe said


    If people here or at other anti-PT sites send messages whenever PT people do, then YES it does make us all look like tards, but it makes the news media aware of what is really going on here, which is a cat fight. Not a REAL public service. PT is all about a cat fight. Showing both sides of the cat fight reveals it as what it is.

  9. You Ain'T No DaIsY said


    poor Katie. She’s a dupe – I’m sure I sounded that way at one point in time.

    Duh. You can ride shotgun with me anytime. LOL

  10. Duh said

    I have two things to say to your comment:
    1. People who are happy with their MK careers are really just morons. Hasn’t PT taught you that yet?
    2. Tracy is super sexy. Has anyone checked out her fraud blog? She got herself some new headshots. Freakin’ A.

  11. Robin Loves Batman said

    “Mary Kay chooses to reward us with pink things and bling things and we are very grateful for how our company rewards us.”


  12. Duh said

    Sorry. That was for Zoe’s comment.

  13. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    yeah. I gotta join in on that one. Mary Kay sucks “gorilla butt”.

  14. Zoe said

    hahahahahahahahaha DUH. So I’m a moron cause I’m happy in my beauticult? hehehe.

    You know,that’s another thing, PT is always calling it a MK “career.” Most people in MK or ANY MLM don’t call it a “career.”

    I dont’ call my beauticult a career. I call it a fun and small profit stream. I’m not building an empire of minions. I think some people are just the type so desperate for followers they just can’t comprehend people who don’t need that either in MLM or in life.

  15. Zoe said

    Duh, I haven’t seen her fraud blog. Please link me. I would like ot know if she is super sexy.

  16. Robin Loves Batman said

    That’s not a new headshot dipwad, it’s been there for at least a month.


  17. Zoe said

    heh, having been burned by MK I can say it’s not “all roses” nor is any MLM or ANY endeavor or job or whatever. But I think most people are freaking overreacting about the trauma. And if they aren’t, they need attorneys and therapists, not to whine more.

  18. Duh said

    Since when did the MK people co-opt “bling”? What are they gangsta’s now?

    “Mary Kay is all ’bout da bling and da Benjamins mother f$#&a. And da pink tings.”

  19. Zoe said


    Link me BITCHES

  20. Zoe said

    * Tries to imagine an MK “grill” *

  21. Duh said

    Well I’m so sorry Robin. I guess you’re stuck a little farther up Tracy’s butt than I am.

  22. Duh said

    I’ll show you a grill.

  23. Duh said

    Damn, you can barely see it!

  24. I LOVE CATS said

    Zoe, your superb intellect actually disqualifies you from posting here. We are all retards. Could you keep the big girl words at home please? lol
    LUV U

    Actually, you’re da bomb. But don’t go showin us up already. Act mental every other post or something.

  25. Robin Loves Batman said

    Here’s the link yo


  26. Robin Loves Batman said

    Bling does not include fake jewelry stupid MK.


  27. Duh said

    This pic is new, I swear:

  28. KatWummon said

    The hair is definitely longer. Face a little fuller.

    Is that Sagewood lipstick she’s wearing?

  29. Robin Loves Batman said

    You’re right, that is a new one. She looks like she has…what do you call it duh? A wonky eye?


  30. Neverpantyhose said

    Why are comments over on PTLies being moderated? Hm.

  31. Zoe said

    hahaha I LOVE CATS.

    Okay I have my own Anti-PT blog now also. How many can we make? Whee. My name has a linkie poo now.

    It’s just bare bones right now. I’ll make it pretty and stuff later. I have movie night with my mom right now. The journal user name is: zomgohnoes. 😉

  32. Zoe said

    * acts mental *

    * drools a little*

  33. Me said

    The video is apparently not still on the website. I watched it earlier today and I believe that the newscaster is the one that actually made the statements, not Pam herself. That would be a misquote–Pam could have said 10,000 career cars (not necessarily Cadillacs) and the newscaster turned it around to be Cadillacs. I have no idea if 10,000 is right or not, but I seem to remember the newscaster being the one to say all that.

    Now I can’t verify though–anyone remember?

  34. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Oh lord, Zoe. You truly are just as mental as the rest of the folks here. And here I thought I was saving some poor lost soul from the clutches of the PT goons!

    Robin, you nailed it! I’ve been looking at that picture of the “Red Lord” wondering what looked fishy. It’s the wonky eye! I’d love to photoshop that picture so that it looks like she has laser beams coming out of her eyes. I’m not very tech savy. Can anyone help a sista out?

    Later, wankers.

  35. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    I bet there are 10,000 consultants at any given time who are ‘Grand Achievers’ or ‘Cadillac Directors’ but you better believe that the majority of the ‘Grand Achievers’ take cash over the crappy vibe!
    You can’t drive after the kool-aid anyway.

  36. luvinit said

    Here is a transcript from the video:

    She may not have received diamonds, but a Mary Kay Cosmetics’ national director did get a fancy reward for reaching a career goal.

    Pam Shaw picked up a shiny pink convertible Cadillac XLR from Martin Cadillac on May 21, 2007.

    Shaw said there are three Cadillacs in Bowling Green, Ky., and 10,000 nationwide. The cars are used as part of a reward program for the cosmetics company.

    “Mary Kay chooses to reward us with pink things and bling things and we are very grateful for how our company rewards us,” Shaw explained.

    There are 1.7 million Mary Kay independent beauty consultants and sales directors serving more than 30 countries.

    The Cadillac XLR was made right here in Bowling Green.(End of transcript)

    Once again ME is hot on the trail of the smoke & mirrors of PT! She (TC) has spun an innocent comment by the NEWSCASTER into a thread which LIES to her readers. Pam DID NOT say it, the newscaster did. Why is everything to Tracy Coenen a LIE?! Everyone on the planet lies……except her? Puhlease!

  37. luvinit said

    ….A PT poster verified the 10,000 figure (as in ALL the cars).

  38. Zoe said

    hahahaha Cheese. Yeah I didn’t really need “saving” BUT I love these snarky anti-PT blogs, so I’m totally glad you linked me. 🙂

  39. Robin Loves Batman said

    Man we need something better to talk about. This is some boring ass shit.


  40. Zoe said

    Right. The newscaster probably doesn’t understand the fleet has more than JUST pink caddies. The pink Caddie after all is what EVERYONE knows about.

  41. Zoe said

    how about the fact that I got pulled over in my crapmobile AGAIN and got a ticket. I wasn’t speeding, my tag was expired but I didn’t realize it. The state trooper was a fucking asshole and I made a voodoo doll for him. I used a part of the ticket he gave me to stick the pin in the doll.

    FUCKING ASSHOLE. At any rate, there is a racket going on in my town (and it’s happened to a lot of people in this town) where they get pulled over if they’re driving a crappy car but not if they’re driving a nice car. Because people will crappy cars are more likely to not have insurance (cost), etc. They prey on people who don’t have much money in order to inflate court costs, etc. etc. It’s wrong on so many levels.

    So I’m selling the crapmobile. I’ve never been pulled over so many times as I have since getting THIS car. They zero in on it and I could be going two miles over the speed limit they’re going to get me.

  42. Robin Loves Batman said

    Hey Zoe if you don’t mind, what kinda of crapmobile do you drive? It can’t be THAT bad.


  43. thecheesestandsalone said

    Let’s guess what Zoe drives!

    a Gremlin?

    a Pacer?

    a Pinto?

    a Datsun?

    Do you have blankets all over your ripped up upholstery? A bunch of Christmas tree air fresheners hangin’ from the rear view mirror? Or how ’bout the Yosemite Sam mud flaps that say “Back Off”?

  44. thecheesestandsalone said

    Damn! Now i’ve got the stupid question mark avatar!

    That’s supposed to be a lighthouse! Told you I’m not tech savy! Now where’s the god damn picture of “Red Lord” with her laser beam eyes! That’s the avatar I really want!

  45. Robin Loves Batman said

    I’m glad you mentioned those air fresheners cheesy. I hate it when people have them hanging from their rear-view mirrors, it’s fucking ugly. Let us purchase a cheap ass “air freshener” and happily display it for all the world to see, so they know how much my car is rank. Dumb.


  46. Robin Loves Batman said

    Too bad we don’t have a place to talk about things that do not pertain to the thread… *hint hint*

  47. mkrules said

    Duh, Thanks for the link. I had never seen her either. You know what is funny? She looks like about half the MK ladies out there. 🙂

  48. mkrules said

    Hmmm…just to clarify…I meant she looks JUST like about half the MK ladies. When I picture a MK lady, I picture someone looking like that. Ha!

  49. Robin Loves Batman said

    MKRULES! I’m glad you’ve joined our bitchfest on a regular basis. It’s like having a “special guest” only super cooler.


  50. thecheesestandsalone said

    Zoe, I’ve got it! You drive a 1964 VW bus with a great big weed leaf painted on the side and yin/yangs on the wheels.

    Right? Right?

    Oh my god….someone has got to photoshop that picture on Red Lord’s website of her giving a presentation! Could someone put her in a red jacket? Or the purple director’s suit?

  51. Robin Loves Batman said

    There’s more pictures on there? I thought there was only one.


  52. CatsRUs said

    From her site: “Tracy Coenen is a nationally-recognized expert on fraud.”


  53. Zoe said

    It’s bad. 1984 Chevy Cavalier. It’s in good condition but it looks like a “white trash” car, so it’s a cop magnet.

  54. Zoe said

    MKRules maybe secretly she’s still an MK lady. That would be so funny I wouldn’t know what to do with it. As they say on PT, I would “splorf”

    Whatever that means.

    MLM is MLM is MLM is MLM. Sorry I couldn’t help it. I was going through withdrawal for not saying that. I’m going to work on sprucing up my blog a little bit. I might change it to an ACTUAL WordPress blog cause Livejournal weirds people out who don’t use it regularly.

    Bitches squared.

  55. Robin Loves Batman said

    Chevy Cavalier isn’t a bad car. Why does it look like like white trash? What did you do to it?


  56. Duh said

    What do you want a chat room? A discussion board? I don’t know what you are hinting at.

  57. Zoe said

    I totally have to win the beauticontrol car now. I’m going to have to give up this whole “no recruiting” thing cause I need a car that won’t get me pulled over lmao.

  58. Me said

    “Now where’s the god damn picture of “Red Lord” with her laser beam eyes! That’s the avatar I really want!”

    A word of advice: Don’t use Tracy’s picture for anything on the internet–she’ll send her lawyer after you. Trust me on that one.

  59. CatsRUs said

    Here’s a VIDEO of Tracy:

  60. Zoe said

    CatsRUs, but where does the expertise come from?

    Because many learn by doing.

  61. thecheesestandsalone said

    hold on….lemme go find it……

    ok, you ‘ve got to click on Tracy’s bio….

    There is a comment that we can “contact Tracy for high resolution photos to be used with media coverage”.

  62. Robin Loves Batman said

    By the way, that video sucks yo


  63. ScrewU said

    Haha ME! Isn’t that the truth? Did I ever tell you that I thought Tracy was a spoiled little wench with that whole deal?

  64. Robin Loves Batman said

    Tracy needs to get laid. That’s her problem. IT’s what happens to you when you don’t get a good fuckin in a while


  65. Zoe said

    Um…Robin…it has stickers on it. It just looks like a poor person’s car cause it’s an ’84 and is all boxy shaped. But it runs so smooth. It has new everything on it.

  66. thecheesestandsalone said

    yeah, yeah…..I hear, ya! 😦

    So how about a cartoon character with short red hair and laser beam eyes? Like a red-headed Darci with laser beams?

  67. Robin Loves Batman said

    stickers? you poor poor thing. time for an upgrade.


  68. Me said

    SU, no you didn’t. But then again I don’t know who you are! Want to email me and tell me? 🙂

  69. Robin Loves Batman said your avatar is black. wordpress don’t like you so much right now yo


  70. Zoe said

    hahaha @ don’t use her picture for anything…That reminds me of this crazy psycho woman on livejournal…real estate agent made a really awful comment about my friend’s dad having died. We called her fartplum for weeks and made little LJ icons of her face on a plum, and finally she sicked “LJ abuse” on us lol. And we had to take the offending materials down cause we didn’t own the copyright to the picture. Of course SHE didn’t own the copyright either since it was professionally taken and she hadn’t received actual permission to post it. hahaha.

  71. thecheesestandsalone said

    sure, zoe, sure…….keep telling yourself it’s a dream machine.

  72. Duh said

    Who’s gonna e-mail Tracy and ask permission to use her picture?

  73. Robin Loves Batman said

    I dare ya

  74. You Ain'T No DaIsY said


    I’m formally asking you NOT to get a chat room, discussion board, or any other extra bullshit for this blog. Please.

    That is all.

  75. mkrules said

    I think Robin wants a pub or night owl’s nook type thing… we used to have a great one on MKV that I copied from

  76. Robin Loves Batman said

    Maybe a page titled “random bitchfest stuff”

  77. Robin Loves Batman said

    yes MKRules, right on sista


  78. mkrules said

    Maybe just find a pic that LOOKS like her? then title it TC. It doesn’t EXACTLY say it is her…

  79. ScrewU said

    Great assesment of the situation. I think that she really is looking to get laid and thats why she wants to F everyone over.

    I don’t have your email address so I can’t email you. And I’m quite sure you wouldn’t want to post it here.

  80. mkrules said

    Maybe “Robin’s Random Room bitches.” LOL

  81. Robin Loves Batman said

    Does ScrewU know ME? ENquiring minds want to know. You seriously need to change that Duh. GEttin on my nerves yo.


  82. ScrewU said

    Maybe I do and maybe I don’t. Suck on that Robin 😀

  83. mkrules said

    Oh and duh….thanks for the mention to Kentucky media *pouts*

  84. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    Do I even know half the people here? I’m starting to feel like a blind man. In the dark.

  85. Robin Loves Batman said

    I only suck on Batman. Nice try though. Maybe your name “screwu” means you are a ho? no?


  86. Robin Loves Batman said

    Speaking of Batman I wonder where he is?


  87. mkrules said

    LOL, you guys are so crazy. See you later. Robin- I hope you get your MKV pub ripoff. 🙂

  88. ScrewU said

    Hell to the NO! But you just worry about you and yours.
    Are you missing your boy? Is that why you’re gettin all bitchy?

  89. Robin Loves Batman said

    Bye MKrules. Leaving us so soon? Take this skanky ho ScrewU with you would ya?


  90. Me said

    SU, put a comment on my blog. It’s moderated so I will see it but it won’t post.

    Ain’t No Daisy, I can relate. I don’t know if I “know” these people or not!

  91. thezoeofevil said

    wow, i’m totally logged in now as “thezoeofevil” lol

    cause i got a wordpress blog. Like the cool kids. I’m still just Zoe though.


  92. Duh said

    Check the new page.

  93. KatWummon said

    Looks like she’s wearing Mocha Ice in that video.

  94. ScrewU said

    Ummm.. ME
    Can you take it off? I thought it was on moderation?

  95. Me said

    Got it, SU. Hello! You’re welcome!

  96. Robin Loves Batman said

    Why are we not over in the mush pot yo?

  97. Zoe said

    I think I’m going to do a counter point to every blog post on PT, that way I don’t have to come up with my own material. I’m lazy that way. Anyway I’ll stop talking about my blog now cause it’s rude to plug on other people’s blogs.

  98. ScrewU said

    I freaked myself out because I thought it posted. Don’t need crazytown unleashed on me.

  99. Duh said

    Wow Zoe you have some LONG ASS posts over there! I’ll have to read in installments.

  100. Zoe said

    lol Duh, I’ll try to be more brief in the future.

    Duly noted.

    Private Zoe.

  101. Zoe said

    i’m going to learn to be shorter lol.

  102. Zoe said

    and more amusing. (also wordpress just said: “you are commenting too quickly…slow down”) bwahahahahahaha

    bitches squared.

  103. Duh said

    My attention span is screwed up because of all the T.V. I watch. That’s why I only read books on the toilet. Don’t change your style for me! I’ll just print it out and read it when I take a “break”. *ahem*

  104. thezoeofevil said

    okay i’m a wordpress tard. will someone tell me how to fix it so I don’t have to “moderate” posts. I want everyone to be able to post freely.

    I’ll check back when I get back, gotta run an errand and go to mcdonalds.

  105. Zoe said

    I totally figured it out. Whee.

  106. mkrules said

    Zoe: You need to go under your dashboard. Then to options, then to discussion. You will see what to do after that.

  107. mkrules said

    Uh oh, sorry I was too late…

  108. Zoe said

    You are the weakest link, goodbye. 😛

  109. mkrules said

    ha ha ha…

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