Pearls of Wisdom from Mrs. Metaphor


I’m thinking about making this a regular feature.  There is just so much material here, and I know that MM would really appreciate having it all in one place.  A compilation, if you will, of good advice from the wise and level-headed, Mrs. Metaphor.On her blog is a new entry that kind of made me tear up a bit:

“A wise friend of mine told me a cyberstory this past week via email.

The gossip is told to take a feather pillow and stand in the center of town and shake it out.  And then is told to retrieve the every single feather that were scattered far and wide by the wind.  An impossible task.  The lesson?  Tales of gossip (true or untrue) like the feathers are gone forever once they leave you and can never be retrieved.  

I thought this was a good story so I thought I’d share it.”

Ahhhhhhhhhh.  My cockles are thoroughly warmed.


  1. Zoe said

    hahaha but we gossip.

  2. Me said

    I have almost as big a problem with her as I do Tracy. She goes from blog to blog, stirs up trouble and has never even been in Mary Kay. She will just drop some tacky comment and then watch everyone get mad. Don’t like her.

  3. mybolognahasafirstname said

    *giggle* You said cockles *giggle*

  4. Duh said

    I’m trying to help you guys better yourselves.

  5. KatWummon said

    Put your cockles on ice.

    Are Blue Cockles fatal?

    Feathers make me sneeze.


  6. Duh said

    I think that was a haiku.

  7. KatWummon said


  8. Duh said

    I wonder if MM had posted this on the PT discussion board on the Hatemail thread if she’d be banned?

  9. Curious said

    Do wise women stick their noses into situations where they have no insight or experience, and then wail that they are FED UP with everyone?

    It’s funny how y’all are gossips – but Tracy? She’s cool. Because stalking is the new parking ticket I guess.

  10. Curious said

    Oh – and if this business about Sickie being in the inner circle with MM is true – well, that puts a fresh spin on “irony”, doesn’t it?

  11. Lori said

    Me, why do you have such a hard time with anyone commenting on MK if they have never been in? So I guess only women should be gynecologists…. Anyone can see what is going on and make comments.Then I guess we should also skip newspapers and TV news since most of us have nothing to do with the story.

  12. Duh said

    I think it’s OK for a man to be a gyno because he has been in a vagina. Even the most socially stunted doctor has been in at least one, and most of them have been in plenty, especially the ones that pledged a frat.

    I have less of problem with MM not ever being in MK. I have become interested in several causes that do not touch me personally. She just annoys me.

  13. Me said

    Lori, my problem is that, at least in MM’s case, she portrays herself as above everyone else, visits a blog, posts some snide holier-than-thou comments, usually in the form of a question, that is only meant to stir up trouble. As a rule, it is a statement or question that is specifically targeted at something in Mary Kay and she writes it as if she is experienced. She isn’t. She stirs up the pot of trouble and then sits back and watches the kettle boil. It’s hard to explain, but she portrays herself as this perfect, ethical, all-knowing person and if you read her blog, she confesses to being lazy, among other things.

    I think you can participate in discussion about things of which you have never been a part, but I don’t understand the extremeness some go to in doing so. Especially something like Mary Kay. If it was the death penalty or abortion laws, that would make a lot more sense to be so dedicated.

  14. I LOVE CATS said

    MM is yesterday’s news. *yawn*

  15. foreverpink said

    Lori says,
    Me, why do you have such a hard time with anyone commenting on MK if they have never been in?

    I agree with Me..its not the “commenting on mk” if you have never been in it that I have a problem with. Anybody can make a “general” comment about anything and give their opinion. It is the “criticism” of mk if you have never been in, that i have a problem with. She is always acting as if she has some inside knowledge..but she really doesnt know jack about anything mk..just what she is told by her master TC. And Me and most are right about MM. She is very passive/aggressive in her comments. In other words she will post some type of back handed comment that is really meant to insult, but cloak it in the form of a question to make it seem as if she in just trying to “understand” the situation or shed some light on things. And when anyone calls her on the insult or responds to the comment for what it really is, she comes back and accuses them of being insensitive and/or defensive. And then she acts as if she is being attacked, because someone “misunderstood” her statements.
    Please..give me a break. I thought I was the only one who saw her post for what they were. She could at least be a “real woman” and admit what her motives are. But as long as she hides behind those questions/insults..she can always say that she is being civil..when she really isnt.

    At least you guys are honest about the insults you put out there. Gotta respect that.

  16. New To Pink said

    There is only 1 Mary Poppins…practically perfect in every way!

  17. Neverpantyhose said

    I just got one thing to say about this. I think MM is misunderstood, just like MKRealist was a lot of the time. I know it can get frustrating when all we wanna do is bitch and complain and then someone comes in with a “level head” and tries to play devils advocate. When you’re pissed and all you want is to voice it and not be given a solution, it sucks. I get that. But MM is cool peeps. That’s all. 🙂

  18. I LOVE CATS said

    NPH, uh, you’re kidding, right?

  19. Ha ha said


    the problem is that playing devil’s advocate is always more effective when you’re nuetral. Unless she secretly knows that Tracy is a mess, and doesn’t want to get hurt so she’s playing it safe?


  20. Re MM from Ha Ha, above: “Unless she secretly knows that Tracy is a mess, and doesn’t want to get hurt so she’s playing it safe?”

    What could Tracy possibly do? Ban her from PT and stop reading her blog?

  21. Sycophant said

    Isn’t that ENOUGH? Don’t we all live for not being banned and the retaining the privilege to read her precious blog?

    I know I do.

  22. Neverpantyhose said

    I’m stayin out of this one, I’m not here to dispute anything or anyone. I said my peace yalls. What one experience is for one person is a whole other experience for someone else.

  23. mkrules said

    I kind of like an outsider’s opinion of MK. I mean, that is how the rest of the world view us and we should care about that. I think MM can provide great insight. She also just like the “debate” between the two sides, and has comments to make on both. I do not find her to be “holier than thou” or anything like that. I do find her to be honest and tactful. I really respect that.

  24. Zoe said

    Important question:

    Duh, you say earlier that you feel it’s okay for a man to be a gyno because he’s been IN a vagina. What if he’s gay? Is it okay for him to be a gyno or should he instead go for a career in proctology?

    Give us your thoughts.

  25. al the gal said

    I don’t find her to be honest or tactful. She may be cloaked in this seeming appearance but she gets way too many digs in, to be above it all. MM does know how to cultivate some of you, I will give her that.

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