Fishing for Compliments


A PT reader sent me this entry on the discussion board.  It was a thread started by someone called “SeeBehindTheCurtain”.  Check it out:

“Tracy, How much time do you spend on Pink Truth?
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Thank you so much Tracy for Pink Truth. You have created an excellent, excellent place for us to share.

I have read/heard stories of people refering to you as ‘The person who did not work hard enough.’ That you are ‘so bitter you spend all your time on this Pink Porn site.’ So what do you think Tracy? How much time does it take you to keep up this site?

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Re: Tracy, How much time do you spend on Pink Truth?
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I am glad you asked this!! The Pink Truth community is pretty great, isn’t it? But the best part is that it’s not about me anymore. I’m not just one woman with a blog and a few readers. Our readership keeps growing on a weekly and monthly basis, and that’s exciting. I am one of several fantastic people who invests time and heart to reach out and connect, learn and grow from others. Without all of us, this site could not hum along as well as it does. Together, we are a nurturing community.

So truly, I don’t think any of us count our hours spent on PT as it is a labor of love. Soon we’ll launch the new PT site, and even more people will be involved in creating resources.

Never forget that we have the right to exist and to speak our minds by challenging Mary Kay or other MLM scams. Some people don’t think we have that right, but will exercise the right nonetheless. We have a great opportunity (and responsiblity) to let the truth be known and to offer a hand up and honest support to those burned by MLM. It’s a big job, and I’d never, ever be able to do it alone. Thanks to everyone here, we are making Pink Truth a wonderful community.

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Holy crap!  It’s pretty obvious that either Tracy is “SeeBehindtheCurtain”, or she asked someone to do this for her.  Look at the time stamp! It was written at 11:27 pm and answered at 12:45 am. OK, MAYBE Tracy just happened to see this post right after it was written.  But who refers to Pink Truth as “Pink Porn”?  I’ve seen PTer’s SAY that proMKer’s call PT this, but I’ve never actually seen this on another site.  And I’m pretty sure I read most of them.  😦  <— Cause I’m a loser. 

I have some ideas on why Tracy wanted to get this message out there.  Maybe by showing some appreciation for the others who contribute to PT, she can keep them from straying to some of the “trash blogs”.  It’s also good for the newbies to see how nice and sweet she is! 

Will it work?  Does a bear crap in the woods?

Tracy- The next time you want to hide your identity, please don’t make it so obvious.  “SeeBehindtheCurtain”?  I’ve seen the Wizard of Oz, and I’m pretty sure that everyone else has too.

 It would be so hilarious if I was totally off  base on this. 


  1. ScrewU said

    Tracy? Fishing for a compliment? You must be joking! She would NEVER do that. Yeah, right

    I like how she refers to herself and the ‘other’ people as fantastic. And it’s not about her anymore? Since when? In her world it always has been and at least she partially admits it.

  2. Robin Loves Batman said

    Sounds like typical Tracy behavior. Makin stuff up to TRY to make herself look good. We all know she only cares about one person. And that’s herself.


  3. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Did you cut out the part where she asks everyone to promise her their first or next born child, select a pink pill, put on a pink truth branded warm up suit, and then swallow the pink pill down with some pink kool-aid?

    We all know she fluffs up her post counts… because her active membership to post ratio just doesn’t add up. Of her 1200+ members, how many are banned? When they are banned they still show in the count.

    That whole reply from Tracy sounds like a recycled NSD motivational speech. The text reminds me of high school newspapers that make up their ‘Dear Abby’ letters AND responses. Makes me want to barf!

  4. Robin Loves Batman said

    Let’s pay our respects to the porcelin God and puke it up baby


  5. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    If I puke it up, will it be pink?

  6. Duh said

    Only if you drank Amaretto. Trust me.

  7. Zoe said

    hahaha so modest. she claims she is one of several fantastic people. way to compliment yourself lmao.

    its a labor of love so she doesn’t count her hours? then why should a hobby MLMer count hers?


    also such dramatics. no one said she didn’t have a right. the funny thing though about free speech is EVERYONE HAS IT!

  8. turdontherun said

    I just threw up a little in my mouth :X

  9. Duh said

    Turd!! Chew it back!!

  10. New To Pink said

    “I just threw up a little in my mouth :X”

    I have seen that line before! My first glimpse as to who might be here, except for a few. Whew! I may start to know who the hell I am bloggin with here. 🙂

  11. yeah said

    yes some of us have very recognizable slang and pet phrases. We try not to use them here. ***whistling***

  12. New To Pink said

    no worries with me….i have some of those recognizable phrases too 🙂

  13. Lady Fartsalot said

    Yeah, talk about recognizable phrases! I know SO many PT regulars that are posting here anonymously, trying not to be outed. LOL. Yeah, I know who you all are, bitches. But I won’t out you. I promise. But you know who you all are. Oh, I can only pray for the day when we all grow balls and put up our first and last names. Tracy will shit her big girl fraud panties. Oh, but I forgot– she already broke into duh’s wordpress account, so she knows anyway.


    Rotten dirty little evil sluts.

  14. Zoe said

    I want everyone to know that just because I say “bitches” a lot, I’m not “Robin loves Batman” pretending to be two different people.


    (I know that ending there was confusing. But I’m not here. Promise. mmmkay?)

    *watches as the paranoia festers.*


  15. Zoe said

    not HER, not “not here”

    I swear, when will i learn to proofread before I hit the clicky clicky reply button?

    *zoe is contrite*

    bitches. (still not robin)


  16. Lady Fartsalot said

    I’m really pissed now cuz duh is moderating me.I’ve posted thrice the same comment and it is not appearing. What gives, duh? Do I need to bow down and worship, or what?

  17. Duh said

    Aw shit. The stupid spam is working overtime. I’ll go get it. Hold on.

  18. thecheesestandsalone said

    Lady Fartsalot? Is that a play on Lady H8 a lot, Mistress of the Dream Crushers?

    I always figured that was Tracy, too. It seemed like whenever Tracy posted somethign as pink truth you could count on a post from Lady H8 within a few minutes. I always imagined Tracy sitting in front of her computer tapping her fingers and humming the Jeopardy music waiting for a reasonable amount of time to pass so she could log in as Lady H8 and post a witty comment in response to her own friggin post.

  19. rotfl said

    Lady H8-a-lot is very real. ***waving to Lady H8****


  20. thecheesestandsalone said

    very real, like she actually exists outside of Tracy’s warped mind?

  21. rotfl said

    of course! haven’t you ever been to PinkLighthouse? She’s a moderator over there!

    I’m not sure if she’s been banned from PT or not. We’d have to ask her.

  22. thecheesestandsalone said

    Haven’t been to PL in a while.

  23. Lady Fartsalot said

    *WAVING TO TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  24. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Lady H8 is not Tracy, please don’t insult her like that! Unless Tracy is pretending to BE Lady H8… that could get confusing.

  25. Duh said

    “I always imagined Tracy sitting in front of her computer tapping her fingers and humming the Jeopardy music waiting for a reasonable amount of time to pass so she could log in as Lady H8 and post a witty comment in response to her own friggin post.”

    I do that sometimes….
    Night guys!

  26. I smell trolls said

    that is all.

  27. Robin Loves Batman said

    Maybe she sits in front of her computer, begins to cry because she doesn’t really have friends. Maybe she beats her head against the keyboard resulting in a bloody mess. Maybe she just wants some love.


  28. New To Pink said

    RLB – you mean like this:

  29. New To Pink said

    RLB – I tried to post a picture of what you describe in your post (beats head on puter resulting in bloody mess), but it just disappeared when I hit enter. Must not be allowed to post pics here. You know, unless our great blog owner decides to fish the comment outta nowhere land and let it through. 😉

  30. Robin Loves Batman said

    Is it an animated picture? If it is, I’ve seen it and it’s totally appropriate for my comment. 🙂


  31. Me said

    Tracy is Lady Dacia…or was. I haven’t seen a post from her since pink truth started or shortly thereafter. But she would post as Dacia all over the place.

  32. Robin Loves Batman said

    Where is my batman? I miss you Batman. Come ova here.


  33. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Oh wow, you’re right…..I forgot all about Lady Dacia.

  34. Robin Loves Batman said

    Where is duh? This is boring. We need excitment. Come on Duh, stir up some trouble will ya?

  35. Robin Loves Batman said

    I forgot my tagline.


  36. New To Pink said

    RLB, yes it was. Stick figure style! It’s so fitting. Anyway, off till later to get some stuff done. 🙂

  37. Duh said

    I’m taking today off.

  38. Robin Loves Batman said



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