Hate Mail Wednesday

If you guys thought last week was stupid, wait til you get a load of this one:

The Queen
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The Pink Truth will set you free!

Hate Mail – May 23
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Today we have Hate Mail With a Twist!!! For Hate Mail Wednesday, I invite you to write your own hate mail. LOL. I have written the first one, using some of my favorite lines from MK lovers. I admit I have a hard time making it grammatically incorrect, so it doesn’t sound authentic. Maybe you can do better.

My hate mail to myself:

To: Pinktruth@gmail.com
From: Mkaylover@email.com
Subject: You must be a looser

Dear Pinktruth whoever you are,

You have some nerve! I know you’re just a looser who couldn’t make it in Mary Kay, but do you really have to bash on something that has made so many women successful? Just bcause you can’t do that whole famly first thing doesn’t mean me and my girls don’t! We work the right way.

If you spent half as much time on MK as you do on this hateful website, you’d be nsd by now you idiot. Any won who want’s it enough and really works hard can be nsd. Just look at that Dacia girl!

You should shut this site down now before you hurt more women. They dont need u to be bitter for them. This is redeculous.

I’ll pray for you and your looser freinds.


  1. Me said

    That’s it? One she wrote herself and she admits that she did?

    And does she REALLY have “The Queen” under her name or did you just do that…..she doesn’t really, does she???

  2. Duh said

    I haven’t altered this post what so ever, and I’m INSULTED that you would accuse me of such a heinous action!

    HA, just kidding. Tracy does have “The Queen” under her name though. It’s from her discussion board rating system. You know, the one she “borrowed” from PL?

    PS. I really don’t alter the crap from the discussion board. I don’t have to. It’s magically delicious in it’s purest form.

  3. rotflol said

    uh…i think she really does have “the Queen” under her name.

  4. Duh said

    To the PT lurkers:

    I will give you a crisp $5 bill if you copy the hatemail I wrote to PT and paste it in this thread. Be sure to do a print screen!!


  5. ScrewU said

    I can’t believe that she gave herself the title as Queen!! You’re serious? You can’t be serious. No way

  6. Duh said

    Yes it’s true. Tracy wants everyone to think that she is a gay man.

  7. New To Pink said

    Lucky charms!

  8. ScrewU said

    Or maybe she truly believes that she was in the band Queen. Do you think she sings to herself WE WILL, WE WILL, ROCK U?

  9. New To Pink said

    are magically delicious too (was the rest of that post above…lol)

  10. New To Pink said

    only in the shower

  11. Me said

    Oh, Duh, I would never accuse you of altering a copy/paste. I was just…shocked. Although I really don’t know why that should surprise me. What is actually much more surprising is that she made it up AND ADMITTED IT.

  12. Me said

    P.S. What does the “countess” part mean? Is she a queen or a countess?

  13. ScrewU said

    Here’s a hatemail for Tracy so she doesn’t have to make up any.

    Dear Tracy
    You suck ass. Serious ass. You are a self absorbed little troll and noone likes you. Suck on that!

  14. Duh said

    Oh crap, maybe the “countess” thing is her title? Can anyone with access to PT get me some confirmation on this? I need it yesterday people…

  15. New To Pink said

    Ok, everyone over on the discussion boards gets a title. Once you achieve a Royalty title, you can give karma. After you have certain numbers of posts you achieve different levels/colored stars under your screen name. Tracy has The Queen under her name and is the only one!. Also Countess because of the number of posts she has. Some posters are Baroness, some are other titles. I am not big on royalty so I cannot tell you the order, etc. Starting to sound familiar ladies??

  16. New To Pink said

    *Feeling sick now* I obviously read that site way too much!

  17. Zoe said

    OMG this is freaking hilarious. They got NOTHING!

    Actually you know they do. Plenty of hate mail via the “anti-PT” blogs, but sharing that would mean admitting such blogs exist. Isn’t this fun? hahahahaha.

  18. I LOVE CATS said

    I also am stunned that she would write her own hate mail and then publish it.

    She has ulterior motives.She put that email up on the discussion board in an attempt to prove that she NEVER writes her own hate mail because she could NEVER EVER be grammatically incorrect! This is her attempt to squash the rising popular opinion that Tracy Coenen is not a Fraud Investigator, but a FRAUD! How thoroughly transparent! And these minions fall for it?

  19. Damn, you sluts are SO critical..

  20. PT’s royal title is actually “Countess”. “The Queen” is like a gay little signature she puts under her name. Just checked the board – and I can’t tewll you how many I had to go through t find one I would be permitted to view! Can’t wait to get home with Crazy Mike and have him try a post.

  21. Zoe said

    MINIONS! Question: If I wanna go on and be super sekret about it, do I need a new IP address? People who go on under several different names, how do YOU do it?

  22. Duh said

    Different IP’s.
    I stayed on for a while with my last name. Just don’t say anything. And DON’T make a comment on your blog about something on the board when you are still in that thread on the board in a different window. Tracy can see who’s in what room. I think that’s how I got busted last time.

  23. Well, Crazy Mike can post on the discussion board but not on the comments.

    And when (ahem) he was registering, he noticed the following language, on which I have to say BULLSHIT!! “Please remember that we do not actively monitor the posted messages”

    I say again – BULLSHIT!


  24. Sorry, just noticed my web addy was wrong. Fixed now.

  25. Duh said

    “Please remember that we do not actively monitor the posted messages”

    Aside from the fact that the posts are obsessively monitored, who the hell is “we”?

  26. Holler! said

    Wow, how original to use royal titles like Baroness, Countess and so on. Gee, wonder where we saw that before?

  27. Zoe said

    probably the “other personalities”

    The thing I’m most bothered about with my stay on PT (short as it was) is that I was very easily being sucked into the PT “rah rah” I think I actually used the phrase “MLM is MLM is MLM” and meant it. It was because I didn’t want people to think I was a moron for being in my beauticult. I DON’T feel MLM’s are “great opportunities” for most people. I don’t think they are for most people period. I also don’t like the idea of recruiting. I signed up to PT because I didn’t want to get sucked into the “green fog” I didn’t even think about the PT fog. I guess wherever you go you have to weigh and question whatever you’re told. And if you’re in an environment that doesn’t allow that…beware.

    as to the “we” don’t monitor posted messages…could that be a way to do damage control since many of the anti-PT blogs are not carrying the “warning danger will robinson, your PMs WILL be read by Tracy.”

  28. Zoe said

    “now carrying”

    Not “not carrying” PROOFREAD ZOE.

    Gah little bitches.

  29. Robin Loves Batman said

    I never understood the whole Karma thing over on the discussion board. To me it’s just a way to be the “most popular” like it was in gradeschool. Sorry people but I have more important things to do than keep track of my popularity….way more important things…like toilet papering the neighbors. Duh.


  30. I LOVE CATS said

    you’re my new favorite bitch, yo.
    You talk a lot, but hey, that’s coo.
    You’re smokin’ hot and I really like dat in my bitches.

  31. Zoe said

    I deleted my blog. And probably won’t be posting here anymore. I don’t really want to be involved in the catfight. I don’t really care what PT or Anti-PT people do. It was fun though.

    Zoe 🙂

  32. Duh said

    Wow Zoe. WTF?

  33. New To Pink said

    that came outta nowhere, eh?

  34. Whoa, Zoe – that was fast! But I guess you won’t be around to read that.

    So, nevermind.

    And Crazy Mike has been banned from the forums. Oh well…

  35. New To Pink said

    Duh, Zoe’s reasoning is on a post on PTlies blog. I think the catfight and all the blogging is getting to her which can be understandable for some.

  36. ScrewU said

    That was really random. Did something happen? Did Tracy hunt you down?

  37. Zoe said

    No one hunted me down (guess that was a lie about never posting here again, I can’t resist checking back to see who has replied to me on something).

    I was just creating unneeded stress. If I’m spending ALL my time on the internet involved in a race I don’t even really have a horse in, it’s just excessive. Why call up all that negative energy and bullshit? Sometimes I fly off the handle and get involved in stuff that when i step back I think “hey, that’s not what I really want to do.”

    It’s really fun to bitch and catfight and I think you guys rock, but then it just becomes more time and energy and it just ‘sucks you in.’ I don’t want people hurt by PT or MK but the bottom line is, I can’t change the world, and if I could I’m not sure I would want to expend the energy to do so. Ultimately I’m just too selfish.

  38. New To Pink said

    Zoe, funny you say selfish….I am also fairly selfish. I also stepped back a bit today myself and am going to remember that there is more to do than read & post. But, don’t be a stranger. It’s all in fun. 🙂

  39. Zoe said

    Thanks. 🙂

  40. Duh said

    Geez, you guys are obsessed. Chill out! Haha!

  41. Zoe said

    bwahahahahahaha. shut up duh! hahahahaha.

  42. ScrewU said

    It’s like Tangeray. It’s always better in moderation…
    Not the kind where Duh makes sure your posts are worthy of going thru but the moderation that it doesn’t become your life.
    Keep the blog gone but come back and post some time. We were just getting to like you:)

  43. Zoe said

    awww lol. I’ll hang, I just don’t want to be a fulcrum of drama lol. I mean the past week practically all of my time has been spent either on PT before being banned mocking “MK people” yes I’m evil, or after being banned being here, PTlies, and my own blog mocking PT people, and it’s like WTF? How do I get myself into this crazy ass drama. I mean it’s funny as hell. I just would rather be on the sidelines. I’ve got other crap I need to be doing lol.

  44. Zoe said

    also, I say “lol” way too much LOL. 😛

  45. New To Pink said

    In my world it’s sleepy time, so good nite all.

  46. Zoe said

    btw, wasn’t trying to be a total drama whore earlier. I thought I’d just get out completely because this is crazy drama, but it’s as crazy and involved as I want to make it. I don’t have to devote my life to a cause here. The blog was deeper than I wanted to be involved in this whole thing, but I really like you guys so wanna keep hanging out here. Duh said something about at some point the blog might shift in focus (I think she made a post about this at some point) as her interest level changes. So whether it stays all “PT sucks” or goes a diff direction, I think you guys are cool and fun, so yeah. Anyway…that was way more “speechifying” than I was really going for. I haven’t won an Oscar here.

    I’d like to thank the academy…

  47. Zoe said


  48. I LOVE CATS said

    I hope it wasn’t my comment to you! I was actually trying to compliment you, in a strange sorta way. But if you need to leave, that’s understandable. You can’t keep this stuff up 24/7. It gets crazy.

  49. Zoe said

    hahaha nah, I’m just always paranoid about coming off as a drama queen cause I know I AM a drama queen. Don’t mean to be, but yeah, intentions and behavior are two different things lol. 😛

    Also, I think I should confess…I have THREE cats. muahahahahaha.

  50. duped_by_star from PT said

    Okay, this is by far the BEST blog I have read in a LONG time! 🙂 I just had to post that. Thanks for having it here and I am so happy I found it!

    Oh, and yeah, I am not afraid to post my PT name or whatever. If they want to ban me, then so be it – who gives a rat’s ass.

    As for this week’s hate mail thing…I just have no words for it.


  51. notrollsplease said

    duped i’m sure her butt buddies have already reported you to the queen.

  52. Robin Loves Batman said

    Here is your welcome to the PT Rejects cuz you just got yoself jacked outta PT yo.

    bitches and hos

  53. sicknstink said

    Oh my queen’s going to luv me even more today! Nanny nanny na–nny….

    Note to self – add “duped_by_star” to the list of banned members

  54. Licious said

    Hey duped. How ya doin? I’m the same Licious from PT as well. I thought this week’s hate mail was pretty funny myself. I mean no offense to anyone but I guess she ran out of material. And to see all the other girls writing their own hate mail… WTF?!

  55. Robin Loves Batman said

    Is someone going to go into the discussion board and find out what other stupid hatemails people are writing?


  56. Licious said

    I’m not sure but I think I got banned from the discussion board within minutes after I posted that reply. Ain’t that a bitch. Have you been banned yet duped?

  57. sicknstink said

    Trust me. duped is so banned.

  58. Zoe said

    BANNED bitches unite.

    Dyslexic banned bitches untie!

    That is all.

  59. Licious said

    I don’t know what was going on yesterday but as of right now I’m back on PT. Zoe (I named my cat Zoe, I miss her) I remember you from PT. They bitched you out cuz they thought you were trying to recruit people from they’re site. That was some bullstuff. They didn’t even give you a chance.

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