A Very Special Guest Appearance


On the “Update on Targeted Action Eye Revitalizer” thread, Tracy has allowed one of my comments to go through!!  What’s even more exciting is the link to this site that is still intact.

 If I were her, I would change the link to a porn site or something,  but that’s just me. 

I can’t believe she let my comment go through!  Why would she do that?

EDITED:  Damn it.  I’m just in moderation.  I got my hopes up for nothing!


  1. 'Sup said

    Yeah, so I wasted my time reading this for nothing. Thanks.

  2. Duh said


    Don’t you think I was disappointed? HUH? I wanted this just as much as you, if not MORE. So LAY OFF!!

  3. Robin Loves Batman said

    Thanks for showing us who you were talking to on your msn messenger LOL!

    bitches hos and skanks

  4. Duh said

    What? Where can you see it?

  5. Duh said

    Oh crap. Better fix that one.

  6. Duh said


  7. Robin Loves Batman said

    You’re SUCH a smartass yo.


  8. AH HA! LOL

  9. thecheesestandsalone said

    Here’s my latest post. Looks like it made it through so far!!!

    MK Can Bite Me
    “I wonder if they’re being overly cautious because when the product sucks, “someone” will call them on the carpet. ”

    Oh please! Tracy, the sun doesn’t rise and set over what you do. DO you honestly believe yur own hype?

    Comment left at 4:48 pm on 25 May 2007

  10. thecheesestandsalone said

    Should have checked my spelling first. I’m sure she’ll “call me on the carpet” for that.

    Who the hell say’s “call you to the carpet”?


  11. thecheesestandsalone said

    Wow….that was deleted in less than five minutes!

    Looks like someone’s going to spend a beautiful Memorial Day weekend hunched over her computer making sure the “mean girls” dont’ make nasty comments on her blog.

  12. Duh said

    Tracy better stop making that face or it will freeze that way.

  13. Robin Loves Batman said

    Especially if the phone rings!


  14. Robin Loves Batman said

    I’ve been meaning to ask you cheese…what kind of cheese ARE you? Cheddar, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, jack, goat, guda?


  15. Duh said


  16. thecheesestandsalone said

    spray cheese……my handy aerosol can and flexible tip make me deelishus.

  17. thecheesestandsalone said

    I just found everyone’s other blogs and pages and have been reading like crazy. *You just outed someone fool!* crack me up! Both of you are great writers.

  18. Duh said

    Sorry I had to edit your comment.

  19. thecheesestandsalone said

    Ack! My bad!

  20. Robin Loves Batman said

    Damn i missed it cuz i don’t know WHAT the f you all are talking about

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