The answers to all your questions and more.

From Sorry I Care, Kan I Enjoy?:

I have a problem.  I still believe in PT, but I also think your blog is hilarious.  I don’t want to be banned from PT, but I would really enjoy being able to post on your blog.  What can I do?


Why don’t you just post under another name?  I won’t say anything, I promise.

From:  Yo Momma:

If you had to guess, how much do you think Tracy is making off of her site? 

 Dear Mom,

I really have no idea, so let’s use a little magic math.  For every 100 people that find PT let’s say 10% click a link.  Let’s say that that 5% of that number actually buy something which equals $10 to $100.  Let’s say that Tracy makes 3% of the purchase.    If 2000 people visit her site each day, she could be making from $300 to $3000 a day.  WOW!  I don’t know if that’s how those links work, so let’s work it out another way.  If she gets paid by the click and not the amount bought.  Let’s say for every 10 clicks she gets a dollar.  Using the same numbers as before she would make $20 a day. 

Somebody check my work.  Do I pass 5th grade math?

From Anonymous:

Mmmmmm.  I saw your pic and you are HOTT!  I wanna do ya.  Can I do ya?  Can I do ya right now? 

Dear Anon,

That is the sweetest e-mail I’ve received in a long time.  It’s nice to know that somebody loves me.

From Tracy:

Stop fucking with me.  I’m serious.  I’m tired of it.  Don’t you have a life?  You need to get one if you don’t.  You can’t have any high resolution pictures of me for use in media coverage so STOP ASKING.  I don’t care how much you charge on my Pay Pal account, I will NOT reinstate you on the board.  You are a freak!  I don’t miss you.  I don’t want you back.  Really.  *Sniff*  I’m serious.  Please… for both of us.  Stop the madness. 

Dear Tracy,

But you complete me….. *tear* 


  1. Robin Loves Batman said



  2. i have a question. how many hours does it take to track everyones ip addresses and how much sleep does she get? it has to be an around the clock job now that she has so many haters. poor baby.

  3. Dana said

    Lol…. hilarious.

  4. ScrewU said

    As always Duh, you are not only educational but entertaining. Bravo!

  5. What What said

    I just came back from my Memorial Day trip (yes Ho-baggs – I have a life outside of this blogging ish) and I was so glad to read this post. Thanks for making my return so gratifying, Duh!

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