Caption it.


(Picture edited by pynkphantom/Tracy’s request. )

I know you guys can make up better captions than those Pink Truthers.  So let’s see ’em.

The answer to your question is “yes”.  I’m blatantly ripping off PT because I’m lazy.

Here’s mine:

“Yolanda was excited about being recognized on stage for her achievements, but she thought Clint Eastwood was an odd choice as MC.  She also wished fat Bryant Gumbel would stop manhandling her. “


“American Idol 2037.  From lf. to rt. Judge Randy Jackson Jr., A.I. winner Oprah Brown, and Host Ryan Seacrest”


  1. PTSucks said

    Hey everyone! I just got my boob job and I am hoping to win the title of Mrs. America. Do you think I have a chance?

  2. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    uh – who is this a pic of? Mary Kay people? LOL I don’t recognize the guys.

    “YEAH, I got this dress in the Macy’s Prom department. So what? GIVE ME YOUR MONEY before I call down Jesus on you.”

  3. pynkphantom said

    Just wondering are, you trying to be the Mary Kay world’s version of Perez Hilton? What next, “photo shopping” your pictures and idiotic drawings of penises, semen and urine dripping on the photos?

    This blog clearly demonstrates that originality has died a slow, painful death, that you can never underestimate the depth of crassness and vulgarity that people are willing to sink to and finally the true banality of people’s interests. First and Last visit.

  4. 'Sup said

    Shit! What did he just ask me?

  5. Duh said

    Yeah, you’ll be back.

  6. HelpIsOnTheWay said

  7. QuoteThePhoto said

    “My duct-taped boob is touching this doughboy’s belly. YUCK!…but WAIT, is that Bob Barker to my right? Do I win a NEWWWW CARRRRR?!??!?!?!”

  8. Duh said

    I just checked your email address. Do you know that it’s the same as a nick name Tracy liked to use. Hmmm…
    What a coincidence!!

    Thanks for visiting, Tracy! Come on back now, ya hear.

  9. ScrewU said

    Nice try Tracy/Pynkphantom. Ironic that you speak of originality since you/Tracy has stolen multiple ideas from PL. Some of those are the discussion board, the trading board and karma.
    And noone can underestimate your unkindness. We all know what you are capable of. You’ll be back, you can’t help it.

  10. Oh my goodness – have we been visited by the Queen?

  11. Well obviously pynkphantom must visit because she mentioned it. Nice cover on the misspelled words. I happen to dig Perez Hilton.

    I think this site is funny. Keep up the good work!

    douche bags

  12. Duh said

    PynkPhantom does bring up a topic I’d like to discuss. When referring to more than one penis is it penises or penii? I like penii myself.

  13. I LOVE CATS said

    Duh, what is the email address she used?

    Do you think that pynkphantom/Tracy will now sue you for using her picture? (Not really hers, of course, since she obviously stole it from a unitnet site.)

  14. 'Sup said

    Oh, that was a classic Tracy post. You are getting under her skin Duh. Better watch your back…

  15. 'Sup said

    Oh, what name did she use????

  16. Duh said

    Anyone remember Dacia? That’s the first name on the email address. I’ll say no more.

  17. 'Sup said

    Oh, lol. What an idiot.

  18. I LOVE CATS said

    Lady Dacia perhaps?
    Special Olympics for sho.

  19. Dana said

    Ummm……. where am I? Why are these lights so bright?

  20. “I can’t believe I just did that. That tasted so nasty. I wonder if it dribbled on my used dress?”


  21. 'Sup said

    Ick, RLB.

  22. ScrewU said

    I should have never rented this dress

  23. Hey I was just commenting on the picture. Duh is the one that put the nasties on the picture. Blame her.


  24. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Wow! That triple action firming cream really does wonders down there! It’s really going to give Pfizer a run for their money… watch out Viagra! And, it tastes even better when you lick it off a man’s anatomy. Way to go, MK! You’ve got a winner in this product!

  25. I LOVE CATS said

    Sean Key has a dick???

  26. Holler! said

    If anything, I’m willing to bet he DOES have a dickie-do.

    Ok, I’m wondering if it was Duh or Tracy who was copying Perez and in admitting that I’ve admitted that I’m an avid reader of Perez. Wonder what’s worse, avid reader of PT or PH?

    Tracy must be getting desperate if she’s using “Lady Dacia – Mistress of the Dual-End Applicators” as a handle again.

  27. Duh said

    I added the patented Perez semen drip and matching penii after Tracy suggested it. She has some good ideas!

  28. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Only as a troll is she good for anything….


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