It’s really amazing…


 I get e-mails everyday from people willing to copy parts of the PT site that I can’t access.  I also get a lot of e-mails from people with stories about Tracy, Sickie, and some of the other folks on there.  People tell me about why they were banned.  They tell me about comments Tracy has made that are not so nice.  These e-mails are coming from people I don’t even know. 

Yet, I’ve never received an e-mail from anyone willing to defend what’s going on at PT.  Not one person has e-mailed me to defend Tracy or Sickie or anyone else.  After almost a month of running this blog I’ve received zero hatemail. 

Just something to think about.

Here’s a thread on the discussion board that was e-mailed to me.  Thank you!!  I would like to mention that my birthday is coming up in June, and I would dearly love a PT refridgerator magnet.

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The Pink Truth will set you free!

New members!!!
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We flew right past 1,600 members on the PT discussion board, and are currently at 1,618 members. Yahoo!! I stop looking for just a minute, and see what happens. We are on a roll…

Welcome to all the new members. Please introduce yourselves and let us know if we can help you with anything!

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high hopes
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Happy and not pink !!!!

Re: New members!!!
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PT Rocks!!!!!!!! Start spreading the news – their de-pinking today….I want to be a part of it PT, PT…. (HH signing in terrible voice, thank goodness you can’t hear me!)

Welcome to all those who join!


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To be able to laugh at oneself is to know the joy of life

No one wins in DS/MLM’s, they are just soul sucking money machines…….

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Re: New members!!!
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We’ve been hit with some many recruiting challenges by MK, I think we need one here.

PT, how about a creative, original challenge to grow this unique community?

Spread the word, members!

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TRACY pinktruth
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The Pink Truth will set you free!

Re: New members!!!
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Okay – I have a wonderful prize of a PINK TRUTH REFRIGERATOR MAGNET for anyone who can recruit TWO QUALIFIED new members to PT.

In order to be considered qualified, the recruit must post a minimum of two messages on PT on the day or day after the recruit signs up.


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  1. PTSucks said

    What a loser! This is copycat of Mary Kay. They are such a pathetic joke.

  2. Robin Loves Batman said

    So dumb. Nothing else to say really.


  3. Noone is going to come here and defend PT. You know why?

    1) Because the queen demands they not visit these blogs

    2) Because they are too busy smokin’ the pt crack. You know crackheads have a one-track mind.

    3) Because they are afraid of getting a beatdown with the pt whip if they do not follow #1

    Poor crackheads! It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to smoke it. Thank Goodness I’m in Duh’s rehab! 😛

  4. I LOVE CATS said

    They are all crackheads but not why you think. They are CRACKheads because their heads are so far up Tracy’s crack that they can’t see anything but a big, globby, twisted, blocked up, stinky, herniated anal sphincter.

    As for their discussion board……..YAWN……..i nearly just fell asleep reading the copied and pasted version here. Such a snoozer.

  5. Me said

    Never having visited the discussion board, I have a question: What does “Report to moderator Logged” mean?

  6. Me said

    Oh, and Duh–I have a June birthday too–are you first or last part of the month?

  7. Duh said

    I’m way at the end on the 27th.

    The “report to moderator” is how you can tattle to Tracy is someone steps out of line. I don’t know what the Logged thing is though.

    Someone still on the board want to clue us in?

  8. Me said

    I’m at the end too, but not quite as far as you–25.

  9. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    How can anyone take the anti-MK message at PT seriously, when Tracy is copying the MK social model exactly? Recruiting, banning, shunning, intimidation, paranoia…

    The question becomes: How is PT actually different than MK?

    It’s not.

  10. laughitup said

    You do realize the refrigerator magnet was a joke right?? Just making sure.

  11. ScrewU said

    Yes, the magnet was a joke. But the ‘recruiting’ is a real thing. They try to recruit people from other sites and also spam current directors and consultants to ‘recruit’ them to PT. The shunning is very real. Just ask anyone who is banned. Good PTer’s aren’t allowed to talk to those who have been thrown out.

    Tracy condemns MK & LR for the exact same things that she does. When will the PTer’s see it’s the same thing they were trying to escape?

  12. Hunh? said

    What/Who is LR?

  13. ScrewU said

    Laura Ryan

  14. Duh said

    NO Laughingitup!! It’s a joke!!??

    Oh well, NOW it all makes sense…

    And I still want one.

  15. WishICould... said

    Waving to Tracy. 🙂

    Thanks for clearing that up. Not.

  16. Zoe said

    how exactly is their community “unique” Bitter professional victims are a dime a dozen on the interwebs. She thinks she’s the first disgruntled person to create a blog? Wow.

  17. cookooforcocopuffs said

    Yeah, the magnet thing was a joke on mlm prizes. I’m not surprised ya’ll didn’t get it.

    Duh-a little birdie told me you like to make fun of the handicapped. I find you to be most pathetic. You make me want to vomit.

  18. Duh said

    Hey Cookoo,
    If you’re gonna spew, spew into this…

  19. Duh said

    BTW, I got that it was supposed to be a joke. It just wasn’t funny.

  20. cookooforcocopuffs said

    Spew into what?

  21. Duh said

    Into a little paper cup I just handed you.

  22. cookooforcocopuffs said

    Thanks, but no thanks. I’m still repulsed by the handicapped comments. Your self-esteem must be at an all time low to pick on those who can’t help themselves.

  23. Duh said

    What comments would that be? Are you telling me that you are made physically ill by something someone told you I said? What would happen to you if I actually said repugnant things to you? Will your head explode?

  24. cookooforcocopuffs said

    go ahead, bring it on

  25. Duh said

    I don’t have anything bad to say! I’m just wondering what someone said I said which had that kind of effect on you.

  26. Duh said

    Do you usually have such a tender tummy?

  27. cookooforcocopuffs said

    No, actually I don’t

  28. Duh said

    So what did I supposedly say?

  29. Duh said

    I’m waiting….

  30. cookooforcocopuffs said

    you were making fun of kids in special olympic, specifically kids with down’s syndrome

  31. Duh said

    Was it so bad that it will make you puke on the keyboard if you type it out?

  32. Duh said

    Oh, you mean like the picture I have displayed on my “Mush Pot” page?

  33. Duh said

    Guilty as charged. I did quote that picture. Please feel free to throw up.

  34. cookooforcocopuffs said

    I think you know what you said. I know what was repeated to me. No, I do not feel comfortable typing it out. This is something that is very near to my heart. I simply want to know do you find all handicapped persons beneath you and deserving of your jokes and hostilities or is it just down’s people specifically?

  35. SoSuMi said


    You are doing 2 unnecessary things.

    One, you are taking something someone said generally on the Internet and internalizing and personalizing it.

    Two, you are wanting them to be accountable for that to you personally, when it is highly doubtful you two know each other even remotely. Duh was not talking about your child, your friends’ children, or even children with Down’s or Mental Retardation generally. She was talking about otherwise healthy adults acting like “retards” on the Internet with their internet bravery syndrome and penchant for cyber-one-up-manship. It’s a commonly used (albeit distasteful to some) metaphor for a very common package of Internet behaviors.

    The only cure for this is to chill out and/or log off.

  36. Duh said

    How can I defend myself when you won’t even say what I said? How do you know I actually said anything. I already told you that the one and only comment I made about retarded people is the one displayed prominently on my blog. Is that what you were told?

  37. Duh said

    You asked “I simply want to know do you find all handicapped persons beneath you and deserving of your jokes and hostilities or is it just down’s people specifically?”

    Is there a correct answer to this question? If I answer “yes” does that make me a better person? Ridiculous. The answer to this is: I find EVERYONE beneath me and deserving of my jokes and hostilities regardless of their I.Q. or level of ability.

  38. Duh said

    Does that answer make you feel any better?

  39. cookooforcocopuffs said

    SoSuMi: You are so correct. I was internalizing and personalizing it.

    Duh: I will apologize for attacking you personally. Although, I will ask that you consider that labeling someone a “retard” whether they are or not can really be hurtful to those of us who deal with the real situation daily and will go to great lengths to protect those that we love.

  40. cookooforcocopuffs said

    No, Duh. You didn’t make me feel any better. I guess you just don’t have the genetics for empathy.

  41. Duh said

    I appreciate that you are defending your position on this, but I can not make that promise. I truly believe that words are a powerful thing. If you go around looking to be offended by a word someone uses, you have given that person power over YOUR emotions. I have no responsibility for that. Reading through my blog, Person 1 may think it’s funny, but then all of a sudden come across something that offends them. Person 2 may have been offended by any of the other things Person 1found hilarious. What should be censored? What should be taken down?

    All I can tell you is this: If you find my blog offensive, don’t read it. If you like parts of it and have a problem with SOME of it’s content I’m sorry, but you are not the owner of this blog. If I have an idea for an entry, am I supposed to clear it with you first? Am I supposed to clear it with everyone that reads my blog?

  42. Duh said

    If you regularly judge people’s character based on

    a) what someone else has said about them
    b) something written on an internet blog

    maybe the reason you are offended by the retarded comments is because you are retarded.

  43. cookooforcocopuffs said

    Duh- The funny thing is, I’m not even angry. I’m saddened. Blog away.

  44. Duh said

    The funny thing is….

    I don’t care. Your opinion of me means ZERO. My opinion of you or my opinion on anything else should make ZERO difference to you.

    What are you sad about? Because you accused me of having opinions I don’t have based on what someone else has told you. That makes no sense!

    You haven’t answered any question I’ve asked, so I assume you came here not to find out what kind of person I actually am, but to voice your badly formed opinions.

  45. cookooforcocopuffs said

    All I heard was “blah, blah, blah, I’m a dirty tramp”

  46. Duh said

    I’m offended by your use of the word tramp. I’m friends with a guy that knew a tramp and the fact that you would use that word in such a derogatory way really offends me.

    And it makes me sad that your 3rd grade education doesn’t allow you to have a logical conversation.

  47. Duh said

    Hey Baroness,
    Why didn’t you just comment with your real name instead of making one up? Will you get in trouble with Tracy if she finds out?

  48. Robin Loves Batman said

    Man, this cookoo person sure is a downer. Why don’t ya hit a few drinks, you’ll feel better and maybe feel less like cookoo? Anyone who is cookoo for cocoa puffs should visit a nutritionist yo.


  49. cookooforcocopuffs said

    what makes you think I am BVS?

  50. Duh said

    Cause unlike some people, I’m not retarded.

  51. cookooforcocopuffs said

    I find THIS amusing, cause you are WAAAAAY off on this one.

  52. I LOVE CATS said

    cookoo sounds like TRACY.
    Or Mrs. M.
    Or Baroness, but she’s way too cool.
    Or PUR.
    Probably PUR.

  53. cookooforcocopuffs said

    not even close.

  54. Robin Loves Batman said

    Who is cookoo for cocopuffs? hmmmmmm


  55. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Wow, this is almost exactly the same argument I had with Tracy a few months ago, just on a different topic. It’s like mad-libs… you just change a few words around, but the guts of the story are the same. The back and forth crap … classic Tracy. She likes to spin the topic around and around until she feels she has the moment to throw it back at you. Hilarious! Duh I am so glad you really don’t give a crap.

    Now that I am seeing it from the outside I realize how pathetic her approach is. It is very obvious that she suffers from low self esteem.

    *Waves to Tracy* What’s up biatch! Using (what you think) are big and sophisticated words doesn’t make your argument any more right or correct. The one liners are a dead give away. Superior grammar does not mean superior intellect. Too bad you don’t have any super cool awesome fun smilies to respond with!

  56. cookooforcocopuffs said

    You can wave to Tracy ’till you’re blue in the face. Still waaaaayyy off. I guess your minds are all so small that you can only blame 3 or 4 people in the entire world of internet on everything that is wrong with the world.

  57. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    LMAO! Classic.

  58. Duh said

    That’s an insult to small minded people.

  59. Duh said

    And I believe it’s also a veiled insult to people with respiratory problems.

    Now THAT’S going too far!!

  60. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Small minded? Isn’t that just a PC way to say…er … ummm…

    wait it will come to me…

    gotta get my small mind going…

    ah HA!

    R E T A R D!

    Can you spell hypocrite?

    H I P P O ….

  61. cookooforcocopuffs said

    ya’ll are some VERY angry people with issues. did ya forget your medication today or perhaps for the last week?

  62. I LOVE CATS said

    Hasn’t cookoo heard the Black Eyed Peas rendition of “Let’s Get Retarded”? It totally suits her.

  63. Duh said

    Angry at who?

  64. cookooforcocopuffs said

    thanks for the entertainment ladies*snort*. it’s been fun, but I must return to the adult world.

  65. Duh said

    Typical trait of retarded people. They are unable to answer simple questions.

  66. I LOVE CATS said

    This Cookoo chick ain’t shuttin up any time soon. WELCOME to our corner of hell, cookoo! You’ll never be able to leave.

  67. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Oh crap! My RETARD medication. Hold on, lemmie run and take it.

    LMAO! Suggesting that someone needs medication or has “issues” is about as childish as saying, “I know you are but what am I?” It also is a knee-jerk emotioanl reaction to knowing that you got busted – because guess what… you did!


  68. I LOVE CATS said

    Cookoo is SICKIE. Sickie always uses *snort* in her messages. Duh.

  69. cookooforcocopuffs said

    it’s as simple as this *poof*

  70. I LOVE CATS said

    But then again, I am just a dirty rotten little slut so what the HELL do I know?

  71. Duh said

    No Cat’s, that’s me!

    No it’s not Sickie. Did you guys notice my new toy? The Site Meter button. I know where she is, and I know if she’s left. It’s fun to have power. Just start calling me Tracy!

  72. Duh said

    BTW, I have left the privacy settings on the Site Meter thingie to normal so you guys can see stuff too!

  73. cookooforcocopuffs said

    ok-so far you have accused Tracy, Mrs M, BVSS, PUR & Sickie of having this ludicrous conversation with you. I would have quit hours ago, but it’s been just so damn entertaining. Is there anyone else you would like to add? Perhaps Nicole Ritchie or Hilary Clinton? Maybe it’s Duh’s “twin” having a conversation with you so she can have somebody intelligent to respond to. ROFLMAO!

  74. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Wow, did you say ludicrous? I think that’s what Duh is aiming for.

    Well as long as we’re all having FUN I think I will pop up some pink popcorn. Does anyone want some pink kool-aid to go with it?

    Even if you aren’t Tracy, which you are, but I will entertain that for a moment… even if you aren’t Tracy, you’re still one of her minions. That makes you just as bad!

    That’s like a Nazi saying, “Don’t blame me, I’m not Hitler…” or “I was just following orders.”

    So if you aren’t Tracy, you’re just following orders. We get it!

  75. cookooforcocopuffs said

    Are you really so paranoid that you really think Tracy gives orders to people? That is SAD.

  76. PTSucks said

    Not sad just the truth.

  77. Duh said

    So Cookoo, why is it you don’t like me again? You’ve never really answered my question.

  78. cookooforcocopuffs said

    I think you are small minded and as paranoid as “your” minions.

  79. Duh said

    Ok, how am I small minded?

  80. Duh said

    When you say small minded, do you mean I am closed minded or do you mean that I have the inability to see the big picture?

  81. cookooforcocopuffs said

    You’ve brought up 5 people’s names innocent to this conversation and put YOUR minions on the attack.

  82. Duh said

    What? I’ve only brought up one person’s name. I think, and still think, that you are BVS.

  83. Duh said

    Who else have I brought up?

  84. Duh said

    What does that have to do with being small minded? Are you capable of holding a conversation? You know, like a back and forth discourse between two people. It seems like you are easily side tracked. So I’ll ask again how am I small minded?

  85. cookooforcocopuffs said

    I apologize, it was I LOVE CATS that brought up the 5 names. You did only bring up BVSS. How well do you know BVSS to know that you are conversing with her?

  86. cookooforcocopuffs said

    I’m trying to have a conversation with you. However, I am trying to work on some paperwork while I’m at it and don’t have time to just sit here and wait for your messages. I find you small minded because you are quick to place blame on BVSS like ya’ll are tight and shit.

  87. Duh said

    I said in my post that I received a message from Scary Kay on My Space seconds after speaking with you. Scary Kay is BVSS. The messages were timed in such a way that led me to believe that you were going back and forth on here and My Space. When I called you out on that, the messages stopped for a while. It may have been a coincidence, but I know that BVSS was also VERY sensitive to the “retard” comments. It all just adds up.

    If you are not BVSS, then why play all the games, and just say who you are? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  88. cookooforcocopuffs said

    I am Cookoo for Coco Puffs. I’ve never been on your blog before today and while I’ve read Tracy’s, I don’t post on it either. I’m like BiTroller

  89. Duh said

    I never said we were tight. I never spoke to you. Which is why I found it odd that you immediatly started attacking me.

  90. Duh said

    How did you find my blog?

  91. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Wait wait wait… I am not an agent of DUH. HA! Duh doesn’t know me, actually.

    You like my word minion? You seem to use it a lot. Someone with your excellent verbal skills should be able to come up with a synonym… you know, spice up the conversation from the same ho-hum words.

    Hmmm… let’s see…

    A synonym for MINION … gangster, agent, sickie, thug, follower, dumbass, BVS, small minded… whoops I meant retard.

    At least your name is appropriate! Because you are definitely cuckoo … at least I know how to spell cuckoo.

    If you aren’t sure, here’s a site for you:

    While you’re there check out definition #4… the slang meaning. Love it!

    Attack? Wait a minute, who brought this on themselves? Cuckoo-ca-choo!

  92. cookooforcocopuffs said

    No you didn’t, but you were discussed on T’s and I got a little po’d

  93. Duh said

    I find it strange that you know about a comment I made more than 2 months ago and have such animosity towards me, but have never visited my blog?

  94. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    BiTroller? You mean bi-polar, right? Isn’t that a type of retard?

  95. cookooforcocopuffs said

    It took me a while to find you, that is all.

  96. I LOVE CATS said

    Ah man, do we need to pull up the entire PT class roster? I can do it, I promise. I know people.
    Duh– did you get my email? That might help.

  97. cookooforcocopuffs said

    Believe it or not, they don’t go telling everyone over there where to find you.

  98. I LOVE CATS said

    You got THAT one right, cookoo. They don’t tell anyone about this blog cuz Tracy is skurred that people might find out the truth about her.
    Slut. (her, not you)

  99. Duh said

    Oh I know that’s true. That’s why I was wondering. Because I just sent a message to BVSS on My Space telling her about my blog which she opened yesterday, and then I start getting this stuff from you.

    So why are you so mad at me? You say I am small minded, but the only example you’ve given is that I brought up others, which I haven’t. I’m not paranoid I don’t think. I’m not locking my doors to keep out the PTer’s if that’s what you mean by paranoid.

    So what you are telling me is that you hate me because someone told you I made a comment about retarded people? A comment you didn’t read yourself.

  100. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    The funny thing is, Tracy doesn’t need to worry about blogs like this damaging her so-called reputation.

    She gets the truth about herself across to her unsuspecting board members just fine… with the help of her tramps, I mean minions.

  101. cookooforcocopuffs said

    like I said it took me awhile to find you and damn it all, if you haven’t been just the most fun to communicate with. I will apologize most sincerely right now and say it has been fun. you are quick with your wit and I enjoy that. I can’t say that I can be a PT basher ’cause I really do feel like MK robbed me of 3 years of my life and I can see how it can be somewhat as a release for some women. But, Duh, whether it matters to ya or not, you opened my eyes to another side as well.

  102. I LOVE CATS said

    Suzy Q

    Should I continue……………?

  103. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Awww! How sweet! Someone pass the pinktruth tissues!

    Should we form a virtual PRAYER CIRCLE right here, right now? I really feel like we have BONDED.

  104. Duh said

    That’s OK Cookoo. You don’t have to bash PT to participate here. You can disagree with me or anyone else here all you want. I don’t care if you call me a dirty tramp either.

  105. cookooforcocopuffs said

    I LOVE CATS-can you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

    I DO NOT POST ON PT! Get over it already.

  106. Duh said

    She Who Must Not Be Named- LOL!!! Yes, we should all pray that our dirty trampy behinds be cleansed.

  107. cookooforcocopuffs said

    *clasping hands in a gang like gesture and smacking right shoulder to right shoulder* ok sista.

  108. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Tracy and the Tramps!

    They need some prayers too. Just because they discriminate doesn’t mean we should. Prayers for all!

    And remember, whenever 2 or 3 are gathered in His name, He has to respond. He said so Himself.

  109. 'Sup said

    Tracy, what kind of paperwork or you working on? Are you investigating fraud, or working on your excel spreadsheet that compares IP’s, usernames, emails, etc? Or, are you getting ready to ruin someone else’s reputation? Retard.

  110. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Don’t ask me to throw down… I many not be a troll, but I am pretty scrappy.

  111. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    ‘Sup — I have dropped enough hints that even a retard could put together who I am. If Duh hasn’t figured it out, I have underestimated her completely.

    I ain’t skeerd of Tracy. My screenname here is a pun on my attitude about the whole anti-tracy blog movement. Everyone wants to hide their identities… why that is I don’t know. What’s Tracy going to do, blinkie us to death?

    So Tracy, if you need to complete your line on your spreadsheet about me, just drop me an email. After all, we have exchanged them in the past.

  112. Duh said

    Everybody knows who I am. I really don’t have to worry about that. Unless Tracy sends another crack head to my house…

  113. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    She sent a crack head to your house? Wow. I -knew- Tracy was a crack head… how else would she convince one to go to your house?

    Tracy is a psycho hose beast.

  114. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    For Coocoo and all the other PT morons:

    If Tracy or SickNPink told you something secondhand about about somebody on the internet, you can bet your ass it was a BIG ASS FUCKING LIE.

    So you wanna make a fool of yourself? Fine. Then you’re gonna come crawling back to the people you defamed at some point, going:

    “I’m sooooo sorry I believed what they said about you! I didn’t realize how batshit crazy Tracy was until [insert Tracy horror story wherein she acts like a lunatic and scares the bejeezus out of you] happened! Are we cool now?”

    Cuz I’ve had about, oh, 4 or 5 of those emails already. Coocoo – get a clue, and buzz off.

  115. cookooforcocopuffs said

    no problem daisy.

  116. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    OMG you got one of those emails too? Somehow I am not surprised.

  117. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    OMG you all are KRAAAAAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! Who gives a flying f*ck what cookoo or any other PTers think? If we cared, we’d be over in her cat poop filled sandbox wouldn’t we? We like to stay in this sandbox damnit. So if you all don’t wanna have some good ol’ fashion fun, go AWAY! This place is for laughs. Get it? Dumb.


  118. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Barf I am having a BLAST! I love being trolly with trolls.

  119. Duh said

    Robin sometimes we have to perform the public service of challenging the PTer’s so that the other PTer’s will see that we ain’t skeered. Please be patient.

  120. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    DUH can you not read yo? I’m not Robin anymore. I’m BarfingHairBalls. GEez.

    And it’s skkuuuuuuuured not skeeeered. Double Geez

    bitches bitches bitches

  121. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    HA! I ain’t skeerd, you ain’t skeerd… but somebody is because they aren’t responding.

    Stupid tramps.

  122. Duh said

    Oh, I forgot to tell you She Who Must….. , I have no idea who you are. So whatever estimate you made of my intelligence, I’m afraid you are woefully off base.

  123. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Duh just look at my email address.

  124. Duh said

    Do you see what a dumbass I am? LOL
    I wish I was smarter and sneakier like Tracy. I really just don’t think about finding out who people are unless they call me a dirty tramp.

  125. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    dirty tramp. 😉


  126. She Who Must Not Be Named said


    Did you ever notice how TRAcy and TRAmp are only 2 letters different?

  127. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    LOL I didn’t until now! Funny!

    bitches and hos and tramps yo

  128. shewhomustnotbenamed said

    Just say NO to TRAcy and the TRAmps.

  129. I LOVE CATS(but thinking about changing my name to RETARD) said

    Hairball, that better be my hair you’re coughing up, ho.

  130. I LOVE CATS(but thinking about changing my name to RETARD) said

    “Tracy and the Tramps” Hmmm…..Me likey very very much. Kind of sounds like a dirty punk band.

    Kinda off topic, but kinda relevant– does anyone remember the cartoon “Josie and the PussyCats”?

  131. Duh said

    Yes, they were a bunch of sluts.

  132. I LOVE CATS(but thinking about changing my name to RETARD) said

    dirty rotten sluts with go-go boots and cat ears. Oh, and tambourines. (the devil’s instrument)

  133. Duh said

    I need more COWBELL!!

  134. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    How about the Pussycat Dolls? “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was HOT like me?”


  135. SWMNBN – I’m dying to know who you “were”!!!!!

    Can we Puhleeze have a coming out party sometime??

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