OH! Now I see.


Double whammy in the ole e-mail inbox today.  A copy of Wednesday’s PT hatemail was delivered fresh to my virtual door. 

In my previous post I mentioned that I haven’t received any hatemail regarding this blog.  This week’s Hatemail Wednesday explains where I’m going wrong.  Apparently if you want hatemail, you have to go out and get it yourself!  I didn’t realize that this was an option.  So this week, I’ll just start e-mailing random people on PT and telling them to go to my site. 

And if you guys know anyone who is deep in the PT fog and needs to read my site, give me their e-mail address.  I’ll send them an invite to read my blog, and they won’t know that YOU are the one that gave me their info.  Sweet!  Maybe NOW I’ll get some fun hatemail!!

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Hate Mail – May 30
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Last week I received a request to email a group of women information about Pink Truth. The following was sent out:

Pink Truth: Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics; http://www.pinktruth.com

Heading into DIQ?: http://www.pinktruth.com/2007/05/22/seminar-series-calling-all-mary-kay-diqs/

New to Mary Kay?: http://www.pinktruth.com/2007/05/22/seminar-series-calling-all-mary-kay-diqs/

Wondering about product changes?: http://www.pinktruth.com/2007/01/16/major-product-line-changes-for-mary-kay-cosmetics/

There were a few lovely responses, including….

Sales director Beth:

I’m sorry you have time to send out hate mail but STOP EMAILING ME and think twice about randomly emailing doubt and lies to women you don’t even know!!!!!!


Consultant Joy:

I think all the people on your site are have not done business the mary kay way. She left a legacy to enrich woman’s lives and it works if you work. bottom line. Yes there are some bad apples out there and many quitters who are upset and angry because they didnt do the work see the rewards. I am in amazing National Area. We are blessed to have the leader that we do have. There are many woman who are succeeding in our area and who make money. It requires time and hard work (which many people are not willing to do). It is not a get rich fast company. The company is about changes woman’s lives. I wish you all the best. I am sorry for those that felt like they were cheated and told lies. That is NOT what the company is about.

Another Consultant:

I dont know who you are but why be suttle…why not just be out right with your name and tell everyone who you are…
I love mary kay and many of the women you sent this too also loves mary kay sooo there was really no truth in any of this and the bible says touch not his annointed ones and do his prophets no harm and if God be for us WHO can be against us…NO ONE>…
please put your energy into something more positive, productive and please leave us alone.


  1. Angelicadivine said

    Duh wrote: “This week’s Hatemail Wednesday explains where I’m going wrong. Apparently if you want hatemail, you have to go out and get it yourself!”

    Girl, you are soo bad and too funny! Thanks for my hearty laugh of the day!

    When I read that thread on the PT board, I just shook my head. Talk about desparate for material! However, I don’t recommend that you copy this strategy. PT does it to incite her followers, but this kind of spamming/invasion really isn’t right. Unless, of course, like PT, you need new material.

    You have got a lot going on already, keep up the good work!

  2. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    tracy’s been spamming MK people this way for three years at least. This is nothing new. She’s just desperate.

  3. Dana said

    I couldn’t believe that she would e-mail people unsolicited links then post their replies on her site as hate mail. None of them were even really that nasty and called her many of the names that would accurately describe her.

    If she ever sent me this, I would reply with

    Visit the Real Pink Truth! http://www.mypinktruth.wordpress.com

    New to Tracy’s lies: Visit ptlies.wordpress.com

    Sick of Tracy’s crap? somecallmeduh.wordpress.com

  4. mkrules said

    PT Spam…wow. I mean, I find it odd that she thinks everyone in MK knows about her site. Or mine. They don’t and most could care less. The blog world is small compared to the MK world…

  5. Robin Loves Batman said

    Mkrules…it’s “couldn’t” care less, not “could” care less.


    I just called you out on your grammar. TeeHEe. 😉 Don’t you feel special now?


  6. Robin Loves Batman said

    It’s “couldn’t” care less, not “could” care less.



  7. I LOVE CATS said

    MkRules, you’re right that no one really cares about these stupid blogs. Tracy is way too self important and in that she has created her own weird reality that she alone is bringing the Mary Kay company to its knees!!! WHATEVER. There are still many, many consultants and even directors who don’t give a shit about PT.

  8. Robin Loves Batman said

    MKRules….totally off topic, but I agree with everything you said on Fuscha’s blog regarding SOME/A LOT of people buying their recognition instead of earning it. I would have posted over there, but I know my IP would be “not allowed” or “spammed”. 😉


  9. Holy crap Batman said

    Robin, you actually visited Fuchsia’s blog?
    Are you cheating on me?

  10. Robin Loves Batman said

    I did Batman. I was lonely. I never see you here anymore. I had to pimp myself out yo.


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