Professional website? UPDATE


Making my daily rounds of blogs, I found this bit of info on Tracy’s FRAUDfiles blog.  Check it out here: 

If you don’t want to go over there (I can’t blame you), here’s what I found prominently displayed above a picture of the Queen herself:

“XXXX XXXXX at XXXXXXXXXXX is a thief. I gave him a significant sum of money for a carpentry project that was to be completed 8 weeks ago. I have no carpentry and no money. Call XXX at XXXXXXXXX and tell him to give me my money back.”

First of all, Tracy seems to be very worried about how others affect her “professional reputation”, but she doesn’t seem to care how she personally affects it.  If I was in the market to hire a “fraud investigator” and I came across her website, my first impression would be that she is a catty bitch!  Is she asking me, a person who may want to hire her, to get involved in her personal business with this man? 

Second, I would assume that someone who claims to work along side law enforcement to have more faith in the justice system.  Why not bring this man to small claims court to recoup her money?   I’m no lawyer, but I do watch “The People’s Court”.   Judge Marilyn could surely help in this situation.

Finally, she calls the man a thief.   Has this man been convicted of stealing something?  Would calling him a thief be considered libel?  Mr. X should call his lawyer.  Maybe he can collect some PT money from Tracy for his pain and suffering.

UPDATE: Tracy added this to her site:

5/31 1:22pm – XXX finally answered a call from me and promised to give my money back tomorrow at noon. I’ll keep you updated! 

Good.  I’m glad she’ll keep us all updated on this issue.  I know I for one am on the edge of my seat.  I simply MUST KNOW how this will unfold!  It’s RIVETING!


  1. ScrewU said

    If I had a fraud website, my job was to be a fraud investigator and people hired me to help save them from fraud that was being perpetrated against me, I would not advertise so blatently that someone had in fact committed fraud against me! Doesn’t that show bad business sense? I wouldn’t want to hire someone after the readily admit being taken for. How would they help me? She can’t even help herself?

  2. Duh said

    Ya know, I didn’t even think about it from that angle, but how true is that?
    She wants people to hire her to discuss fraud and how to prevent it, and yet she was a victim of fraud herself (allegedly). Nice advertising Tracy!

  3. Robin Loves Batman said

    ScrewU makes a good point. If she can’t stop personal fraud, why would anyone hire her in any professional capacity? How dumb.


  4. Me said

    She must automatically go into “expose identity on internet” mode when someone crosses her.

  5. thecheesestandsalone said

    Did anyone notice that on that same page she posted five new articles just today? They are about Usana, a Milwaukee alderman, and a spammer. Yawn, yawn, and yawn. None of today’s articles have a single comment. Kind of like giving a speech in an empty auditorium, huh?

    In fact, now that I take a closer look it seems like over the past few days she’s spent quite a bit of time writing articles for her “Fraudfiles” blog. Here’s the breakdown…

    Sat. 5/26 – 2 articles
    Sun. 5/27 – 2 articles
    Mon. 5/28 – 2 articles
    Tues. 5/29 – 5 articles
    Wed. 5/30 – 1 article

    Very few of them have any comments. What a sad way to spend your Memorial Day weekend! She really is a wretched, lonely, and miserable person.

    The best part is that she has an article about Rosie O’Donnell that was written on Sunday. That’s right, while the rest of us were at BBQs or splashing in a pool she was writing a manifesto about Rosie O’Donnell. >

    I won’t post the article here, but if you get a chance you should run over and read it. She calls Rosie “loud”, “wrong”, “over the top”, “dismissive” and “condescending” and says that people get tired of her “loudmouth argumentative rantings over and over and over”. She references a commentary that describes Rosie as someone who “spews her insane thoughts” and a “loudmouth idiot”. It also says “I am all for open debate but if you ever listen to her she does not give people the chance to respond and she asks questions that are off the topic or designed to make the other person look foolish.” She closes her post by telling Rosie not to let the door hit her on the way out.

    Gee? Sound like anyone else we know?

    This is in no way an endorsement for Rosie. I think she’s a loudmouth idiot, too. It’s just funny to hear Tracy of all people say that.

  6. Robin Loves Batman said

    I want to know what Rosie O’Donnell has to do with fraud investigation????


  7. Not sure what Rosie has to do with fraud investigation, but, I can think of a couple of things TRACY and Rosie have in common…..besides just the “loud”, “wrong”, “over the top”, “dismissive” and “condescending” mouth, of course. 😛

  8. whatever said

    carpet munching?

  9. Duh said

    I’m no fan of Rosie O’Donnell, but I detest Elizabeth Hassellbeck. If I ever see her, I swear to all that is holy that I will hock the biggest, snottiest loogie ever imagined and plaster it all over her tanned, imbecilic, perfectly made up face. Then while she is wiping my sputum from her eyes, I’ll rabbit punch her right in the stomach in a desperate attempt to knock some sense into her unborn child. Then I’ll go home and pray every night that when her child grows into a man that he will realize that his mother is a disgusting, moronic, pig headed bitch and murder her in her sleep. Aaaahhhh…..

    I feel better now.

  10. turdontherun said

    LOL so Duh, tell us how you really feel.

  11. 'Sup said

    I’m sure Tracy wrote those articles because there has been so much speculation lately about whether or not she actually has a real job.

  12. ScrewU said

    And yet, it still does nothing to prove to us that she has one. Writing articles on her blog(s) is all she seems to do. The links on PT must be paying well.

  13. CatsRUs said

    The spamming and internet crimes post is very interesting. I wonder if she makes the association that her private spamming, aliases and other actions on the internet, including harrassing others could possibly be labeled “internet crimes?”

    Bully she is. There is no other word to describe what she does – it’s a wonder her computer is her only real friend. I hope one day some confiscates her hard drive and posts all her dirt “FOR ALL TO SEE”!

  14. Duh said

    If Tracy would get a sugar daddy like me, she could blog all day and not have to worry about pretending to have a job.

  15. thecheesestandsalone said

    “The spamming and internet crimes post is very interesting. I wonder if she makes the association that her private spamming, aliases and other actions on the internet, including harrassing others could possibly be labeled “internet crimes”

    I thought about that too, CatRUs. Notice how the rules and laws apply to everyone but her?

  16. Robin Loves Batman said

    OMG I can’t STAND Elizabeth either! I do agree that sometimes Rosie gets on her rants and won’t shut the hell up. But I guess I still like the girl. She is very NOT conservative which is probably why I like her because I am not conservative either. Elizabeth thinks she knows everything. Rosie thinks she knows everything. Makes for great t.v. don’t it? All the ratings for The View have been up by I think 30% since Rosie joined. I wonder if it’ll go back down now that she’s gone.

    All the times people said Tracy had no life, I defended her. Now I’m thinkin they were right yo!


  17. I LOVE CATS said

    Elizabeth is my homey. And Rosie is a nasty bitch. In this case, I agree with Tracy.

    *running to the nearest toilet*

  18. Robin Loves Batman said

    You need to go out into the nearest busy street and get run over by a car for saying you agree with Tracy. GO!


  19. thecheesestandsalone said

    Mine and Tracy’s very first argument was because I was agreeing with her! Can you believe that? She had made snarky comments to some new posters on a group we both belonged to. I sent her a private message and told her I agreed with everything she was saying, but suggested she “take it down a notch” so she didn’t put so many people on the defensive. She chose to respond publicly on the board both of us had been posting on and said something like “Keep your fucking mouth shut and mind your own god damn business!” Then she compiled a neat little list of all the reasons she “didn’t give a shit what I thought”.

    I just responded back (publicly) “Thanks for proving my point.”

    Ahhh……Memories! (sniff, sniff, sob, sob!)

  20. Duh said

    I have to agree with Tracy on this one, Cheese.

    Now keep your mouth shut and mind your own god damn business.

  21. thecheesestandsalone said


    thanks for proving my point.


  22. I LOVE CATS said

    he he he. Couldn’t resist.
    I love Cheese.

  23. I LOVE CATS said

    I hope you’re cheddar.
    SHARP cheddar, I’m sure.

  24. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Oh Cheesy
    Don’t you just love strolling down memory lane? It’s so much fun to reminisce and think of all the good times had. I’m sure Tracy was like a spoonful of honey to that board just like she is on PT. She is a gem. But, gosh, why does she have to have such a potty mouth?

  25. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I would just like to say that Rosie used to totally be the Queen of nice and now she is the Queen of Mean. It’s like she got a couple of dollars in her pocket and now she is Judgie McJudger. Pretty soon, she’ll be making everyone call her Your Honor and she’ll be on People’s Court. I hope that doesn’t happen. I really like Judge Millian. She’s nice and she’s pretty. The 2 best qualities a judge could have.

  26. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    At least we know now that Tracy is a republican.

  27. ZealousKaybot said

    Did someone say SHARP? *pulling out MK card*

    Hey!!!! Who moved my cheese?

  28. thecheesestandsalone said

    I’m here, I’m here.

    Had to go watch some show on the National Geographic channel with my husband about octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish. I’d like to add octopuses to the list of things that freak me out. They look like mean purple ghosts that will give you the beat down. So for the record its:

    -monkeys in clothes
    -things that have pumpkins for heads

    Yes, My Bologna, memory lane is sweet. When I really think about some of the things she’s posted you can totally see the downward spiral into complete craziness.

    Now all of you SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS!

    Nighty, night! 🙂

  29. Robin Loves Batman said

    What’s the deal with all of you fuckers using the fuck word like it’s so fucking great. Watch your fucking mouths man!


  30. JustAskin' said

    So…NAKED monkeys don’t freak you out?

  31. thecheesestandsalone said

    No…..but the problem with naked monkeys is that they tend to fling their poop. The ones in clothes are at least somewhat trainable.

    Which brings up another interesting tidbit… husband gets freaked out by baboons. They are pretty vicious and he thinks they’re half monkey / half dog. In fact, everytime he sees them beating the crap out of a person on TV (usually in South Africa where they run wild on the beaches) he says “you don’t fuck with monkeys”.

    Damn! There’s that “F” word again! Sorry Robin.

  32. Me said

    “Doesn’t that show bad business sense? I wouldn’t want to hire someone after the readily admit being taken for. How would they help me? She can’t even help herself?”

    This is so true. I have had many construction projects done at my homes in my life and I have NEVER paid anything BEFORE the job started. This shows a level of naivete (sp?) and inexperience that would preclude me from using her for anything regarding finances.

  33. 'Sup said

    Well, and how childish for her to do that to the guy. I would love to give him a jingle and get his side of the story. Hey, Me! There’s a new topic for your board, giving this poor guy a voice!!!

  34. Cheese, I love you. Duh, you too. And all the monkeys in clothes in the hizzouse! But I hate Rosie and Hasselblech. Douches.

  35. Robin Loves Batman said

    You don’t love me, princessedamame? How rude.


  36. ScrewU said

    Ya, what’s up with that, p? I see how ya are

  37. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Don’t hate on her cuz she love the Cheese.

  38. Robin Loves Batman said

    We be hatin’ yo.


  39. catarata said

    You know who I hate? Rachel Ray. My god, her voice is grating!
    Oh, and Elizabeth too. How can you make a career on being sweet and clueless?

  40. I’ll be glad when you all learn to stop hatin’ on my queen.

  41. Robin Loves Batman said

    Your queen is QUEEN BITCH yo.


  42. thecheesestandsalone said

    Looks like she’s taken the small sidebar item about the contractor and made it into an actual article (rolling eyes and shaking head).

    Jeez, doesn’t she have any idea what a complete moron that makes her look like? I mean seriously, what kind of an idiot pays a contractor up front before the work is completed? I can see paying a deposit up front, but shouldn’t she also have been given a written contract? Shouldn’t she also have made sure he had a business license? She must not have chosen a very reputable contractor. Maybe money is tight (I mean let’s face it, she has no real clients, right?) so she went with the lowest bid without checking credentials.

    It’s funny how she bans members of her discussion board who haven’t even written one post, but can’t manage to get money back from a contractor who has not fulfilled contractual obligations. You’d think she would have run off to the Better Business Bureau by now. Makes you think she knows she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I mean the best she can do is write an article about him on a website that gets virtually no traffic? There must be another side to the story, huh?

    She likes to hurl threats around and act like a bully on the internet, but it sounds like in real life she can’t manage her way out of a paper bag.

    Miss you, Tracy! (waving wildly) SMOOCHES!!!!!

  43. Robin Loves Batman said

    She’s nuts, what else is there to say?


  44. Trying to break free said

    Hey all. Trying to get my ass out of PT but do you think I could find out how to delete my account? Nope. *eye roll* Anyway, guess I’ll just send a message to the Queen herself asking to be deleted.

    Internet bully – from what I have read over the past few weeks about all the shit going on in PT, this description fits her to a T. Whatever, she can get her power trip on with some other lady…not this snazzy Canadian chick.

  45. 'Sup said

    I just posted this on her business website, but it is awaiting moderation:

    This makes you look really bad Tracy. Very vindictive and petty. Not good for your professional website.

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