MK Blogs Week in Review: May 26 – June 1


Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Pink Truth:  This week I could not even summon the energy to read the articles in their entirety.  I skimmed through them and the comments looking for anything even remotely interesting.   Nothing.  If Tracy doesn’t come up with something soon, I fear only her most loyal readers will be able to dredge through them.  The entry today is about a  news story in the Springfield News Sun that mentions Tracy and Pink Truth.  Tracy is so excited about the article she wrote about on her FRAUDfiles blog as well.  Wow.  So the 50 old people that actually read the Springfield News Sun know who Tracy is now.  Congrats, Tracy!

My Pink Truth:   Me has been focusing on a new character that burst upon the MK/PT world recently.  “Company Sucks” has started posting tidbits of her story on Pink Truth, and while I admire the fact that she publicly admits to being a thief with no qualms or guilt, I can’t imagine why Tracy has not chastised her for this.  Tracy Coenen “Fraud Investigator” allows someone to defraud a company and brag about it on her blog?  Does Mary Kay deserve to be taken advantage of because it is a “bad” company?  What if Tracy decides that a company she is working for as a “fraud investigator” is bad?  Will she allow the fraud to continue without telling them?  Once again, Tracy tarnishes her professional reputation all by herself without the help of any of those “trash blogs”.  Will Tracy sue herself for hurting her own business?  Stay tuned!

PT Lies:  This week includes an article about “Cyber Bullies”  and also a must read for all those still posting on PT: Truth about the Discussion Board and PM’s.  Even if you still enjoy being in the PT community, please know that Tracy can and will read your PM’s to other members.  Personal info should not be given out unless you want Tracy to know about it.  Along these lines, I’ve gotten a tip an anonymous e-mailer who warns that everyone should change their PT passwords to one that is not used on other accounts.  In other words, don’t have your PT password the same as your e-mail password.  I have NO IDEA if there is a way for Tracy to access passwords, but just for safety sake, it won’t hurt to change it.

MK Rules:  I’m expecting my “Keepin’ It Real” thong in the mail anyday now.  The highlight of this weeks articles was one entitled “Working your business with kids.”  If you are a parent, it will definitely get you thinking….about suicide.  I know people who pretend to be like the woman who wrote that article.  At first, women like that make me want to end it all because I know, I’ll NEVER be that motivated.  But ya know what keeps me from opening my wrists?  Those same women always end up either divorced or in a mental home or both.  If you are one of those women and you try to argue with me that you aren’t in a mental home or divorced, just reread my last sentence.  I said “end’s up”.  Just because you’re not there yet doesn’t mean shit. 

The Fuchsia Blog:   Get ready for a TOTALLY NEW CONCEPT!!!  Listen up!  Instead of trying to get a prize in MK by buying wholesale first and trying to sell it after, double the amount of wholesale you need to earn the prize and go out and sell that amount FIRST!  In the age of credit cards, this is great advice for all facets of your life.  If you want a $500 purse,  go earn and save $500 FIRST and then buy it.  The two entries on Fuchsia’s blog deals with making this work for Mary Kay.  It’s sort of sad that this point needs to be clarified.

Mrs. Metaphor:   She posted an e-mail scam that was sent to her.  I LOVE getting these things.  I wonder if she answers them.  Here is one that I received and answered:

That’s it from the blog world.  Happy Summertime!!! 




  1. Robin Loves Batman said

    I guess this week was kinda boring huh? Liven it up will ya???


  2. Duh said

    I have no control over the content of other people’s blogs. If they don’t start some shit, I don’t have shit to talk about it.

    I thought the MK Rules thing was kinda funny.

  3. I loved the response on the Nigerian email thing. Hill. Air. Eee. Us.

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