You’re a Dirty Tramp or What NOT to say to win an argument

Damn it!  I broke my own internet rule.  If you aren’t familiar with my rule, please go directly to the Mush Pot.  Anyway, I did attempt to defend myself to PTer Baroness von Scrub My Ass.  Go read the comments here:

 How do I know it’s BVS?  Mere SECONDS after Cookoo’s last comment, I get a My Space message from Scary Kay aka BVS.  Not about what had transpired, but about a message I had sent her a week or so ago inviting her to read my blog.  Here’s the conversation:

From: erin
Date: May 15, 2007 7:50 PM

I just wanted to invite you over to my new blog:

You may have heard some stuff about it, but please come over and check it out for yourself.


From: Scary Kay
Date: Jun 1, 2007 9:03 PM

Are you the troll who harassed my friend SICKNPINK?

 From: erin
Date: Jun 3, 2007 9:59 AM

I never harassed Sickie, LOL. Unless disagreeing with her is harassement.

Am I troll? I guess that depends on what your definition of a troll is!
From: Scary Kay
Date: Jun 3, 2007 3:14 PM

I’m not interested in your blog or you. Go away.

 That last message came right after CooKoo’s last message.  Maybe she’s just a little interested?


  1. Robin Loves Batman said

    you crazy


  2. She Who Must Not Be Named said


    you think you wanna have her bay-bee…

  3. Robin Loves Batman said

    Who’s baby? ew.

    bitches and hos yo

  4. Duh said

    Damn Robin, it’s a song yo.

  5. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    Ok I am now officially BarfingHairBalls. Robin Loves Batman has been shot.


  6. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Eww hair balls! What have you been LICKING?! Please tell me it was batman, please tell me it was batman…

  7. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Batman is a Mighty Good Man…

    Say it again, now!

  8. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    I was grooming I LOVE CATS fur and well you know the rest….


  9. She Who Must Not Be Named said


  10. Duh said

    BHB- Your name makes me want to vomit.

    And you say….

    “If you’re gonna spew, spew into this…”
    and then you hand me a little paper cup.

    Come on! SOMEONE has got to know what movie that’s from!!!

  11. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Wayne’s World! Party Time! Excellent!

  12. Duh said

    Thank you!! When I said that to Cookoo she didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. I felt so retarded.

  13. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    I feel retarded because I don’t remember that either.


  14. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Only because you were having to talk to a retard at a retard’s level.

  15. You Ain'T No DaIsY said


    this KILLS me, because baroness von sugarscrub is a nice woman – at least she always seemed so to me.

    But the fact that she;s calling SICKIE a “good friend” bodes very ill indeed. She must be so out of the loop that she doesn’t realize Sickie’s probably been gossiping about her nonstop for months.

    holy crap batman is right. Poor baroness.

  16. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    I think everyone has been unlucky enough to be the subject of Sickie’s ridicule (including me, but she doesn’t know I know WHAT she’s been saying about me). She lives and breaths drama.


  17. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    I think its hilarious how Tracy was gossiping about Sickie for so long, and now she’s her right hand tramp.

  18. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    They gossip about each other so I guess that makes them a perfect lesbian match right? No, I am not saying they are lesbians. I’m just sayin.


  19. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    That’s what I’m sayin.

  20. Duh said

    What does a lesbian bring on a second date?

  21. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    A PT magnet?

  22. Duh said

    A U Haul.

  23. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    A hot dog?

  24. Duh said

    Thank you. Thank you. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  25. I LOVE CATS(but thinking about changing my name to RETARD) said

    Did you dirty rotten sluts all go to bed?

  26. Duh said

    I’m here, but I’m going now to watch the Sopranos.

  27. I LOVE CATS(but thinking about changing my name to RETARD) said


  28. I LOVE CATS(but thinking about changing my name to RETARD) said

    Hairy Balls, where are you?

  29. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    That’s Hair Balls to you bitch.


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