I had to put in my two cents.

I posted on the newpaper discussion board.  Let’s see what shakes loose!


Check it out.  I posted the LOL comment down there at the bottom.


  1. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I don’t get LazyGarden’s math. I didn’t know if it was me or if it’s her. Is she suggesting that the director had more than $4000 in expenses that month? Is she insane? Why does Lazy even care? I don’t get her…

  2. BarfingHairBalls said

    You know people are going to think this MK thing is nuts right? They probably think “WTF, who cares about MK!”. Outside of the MK blogging world, no one really cares yo!


  3. Duh said

    I know Barfing/Robin! That’s why it’s so hilarious!

  4. BarfingHairBalls said

    Not only will those involved in the PT/anti PT/anti MK/MK blogging world know how nuts Tracy is, but now the general public will also. Pass the popcorn!


  5. ScrewU said

    I just wanted to add this. I just realized that this was a post on Pink Truth.
    At least she admits that Pink Truth (Tracy Coenen) is making money off it and she wants you to do her advertising for her! Hey idiots!!! Wake up and smell the scam!

  6. Duh said

    When she says “earn Pink Truth some cash”, does she mean Pink Truth the website or Pink Truth her screen name?

  7. Holler! said

    Good! I’m not the only one laughin it up! It’s like they’re expecting the newspaper to bust ass over to Tracy’s front door and beg for an interview and forgiveness for not seeking her wisdom in the first place.

    I don’t get it, I understand standing up for the little guy and what you believe in but I don’t get the fanatical approach that the PTers are showing and over people being in MK of all things. All I’m picturing is the regular readers of that board crying out “holy birdshit Batman, they’re crazy”.

  8. BarfingHairBalls said

    They ARE crazy if they think they’ll get national attention over all of this bullshit. Keeping it inside the MK world makes more sense because then at least they’d have a chance of “making a difference”. But with a nut job like Tracy runnin the show, they’ll collect dust just like all their MK product. Idiots.


  9. FreeFromMK said

    OMG it has to be driving Tracy crazy that there are links to this blog and PT Lies. Guess that backfired on her, eh? I was surprised she didn’t pull the comments off the site linking to the newspaper blog!

  10. Just wonderin' said

    Hey FREEFROMMK– did you used to post on PT under the same name? If so, you and I need to talk. 😉

  11. FreeFromMK said

    There are a couple of Free’s running around here…hmmmm and who are you?

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