I’m going to bed, but first….


I just noticed a comment on PT.  It made me laugh.  I wanted to share it with you.  The PTer’s aren’t satisfied with the mention in the Springfield paper today.  They are planning on storming the paper’s discussion board to really spread the word about Mary Kay.  Madamchair had this to say:

“Has anyone been able to get the reporters email address.? This is soooooo good. WE CAN DO THIS!!! We need an action plan. This is an historical moment. I hope Tracy is clearing her schedule for TV interviews and Oprah. By the way…maybe we could give her (Oprah) a heads up? OH JOY!!!!”

So this is my prayer tonight as I lay my head down on my pillow, “Dear Lord, if you will let Tracy be on Oprah Winfrey, I will pledge my life to your service forever.  It would be so fabulous that I can’t even explain to you Lord how happy I would be if that happened.  To witness Tracy trying to justify the level of crap that happens on her site on a daily basis would be enough to make me lose control of my bodily functions.  I pray, Lord, that Oprah’s producers would do a simple google search on Pink Truth and Tracy Coenen and come up with all of the sites she doesn’t want anyone to see.  I hope they contact some of the MKer’s and exPTer’s that Tracy has tormented and treated so badly.  I pray that Oprah will surprise Tracy by parading all you guys onto the stage and forcing her to tell you to your face that you are all lying.  Lord, you know I don’t ask for much.  Please make this happen.” 


  1. PinkTruthProtector said

    I have resisted commenting on this site for weeks, but can no longer. You are all a pathetic bunch of whining, sniveling whores. It’s no wonder that Tracy banned you all. She has every right to keep malicious, evil, back stabbing assholes like yourselves off of her site. Keep it up. You all serve to lend even more credibility to the PT site. PT saved my life. I owe everything I am now to Tracy Coenen. And nothing you say here can ever detract from that fact.

  2. 'Sup said

    At first when I read Pinktruthprotector’s comment I started to laugh. Really hard. Until I read where PT saved her life and she owes everything she is now to Tracy Coenen. That’s some scary-assed shit. I’m serious. There is some freaky brainwashing going on over there. That is such a cult-metality comment you guys.

  3. ScrewU said

    PinkTruthProtector said~
    PT saved my life. I owe everything I am now to Tracy Coenen

    Wow! I sure hope you aren’t a Christian because that would be a very blasphemous statement. Guess what? Tracy is just a person. She’s not your savior or your redeemer. She’s just a woman (and a not very nice one at that). She has done some very naughty things and we are just pointing those out. But learn yourself. You traded in one golden calf for another. Just try not to buy anything on PT. We don’t want you losing money on there like you did in MK.
    Just say no to PT Kool-Aid

  4. PinkTruthProtector said

    Next to God, Tracy Coenen has had more influence over my life than anyone. You may think that’s scary, but she is serving selflessly and heroically by providing the PT service, and I owe my life to her. So laugh all you want, but Tracy Coenen will indeed have the last laugh.

    And I repeat what I said, you are all whores. Sell-out whores to duh. You should have stayed with what you know to be true– PinkTruth. I can only pray for you.

  5. 'Sup said

    bwaaahhaaahahahahaha! Oh my goodness, you are so funny in a very sad way.
    Have you ever met Tracy in real life?

    Have you ever gone to her business website?

    Do you think it’s ok that she publishes personal information so you minions can go out and harrass?

    Don’t you think it’s odd that she has a paypal link for donations?

    You have her right next to God???? Sickie, you are one sad puppy.

  6. Dana said

    First of all, love the post. I would love to see Tracy humiliated on Oprah.

    Second of all, PinkTruthProtector, have you read the blog? Have you read what people were banned for? Banned without ever posting? And have you read Tracy’s lie that only 12 “or so” people have been banned? I think we have more than that on this board!

    And she saved your life? How? Let me guess…… you had so much inventory because you ran your business in an unintelligent way that it was bound to topple over and crush you, yet because of the “wisdom” you found on Tracy’s site, you sent it back and are now safe? Or you thought it would be a good idea to eat the makeup and drink the perfume but PT said it was a bad idea so you didn’t get sick from that? I just don’t see how PT could save your life unless you have an intellect so low that one of the possibilites I just laid out was bound to occur.

    And by owing “everything you are” to Tracy, would that be a name-calling, blog-obsessed person? Or did you mean something else by that?

    Just curious…….

  7. PinkTruthProtector said: “You should have stayed with what you know to be true– PinkTruth.”

    Oh Criminy. PTP, I’m going to use some big words here. Please try to follow along. Use dictionary.com if you need to, but I want you to understand: If what TC were saying were really true, she would have no problem letting in dissenting opinions. She would provide actual facts to support her position, and not rely on fuzzy math. She would not send people PMs or emails and curse at them – that is a tactic relied upon by fanatics, not people with sound minds.

    Tracy Bless You (since she’s right up there with God),

    -One of the Dirty “Dozen”.

  8. Duh said

    If you truly feel that way about Tracy, I just think that’s wonderful. In fact, I think you should have a garage sale and sell all of your possessions. Then you should sell your house and your car and buy a bus ticket to Milwaukee. Once you are there, go directly to Tracy’s house and offer yourself to her as a slave.

    I think that’s the only appropriate course of action, don’t you?

    Why is it that PTer’s come here and call us tramps and whores? I don’t sell my body, and I don’t spend any time in boxcars.

  9. Dana said

    “Tracy Bless You (since she’s right up there with God),”

    Hee…… very cute.

  10. PTP – *** NEWS FLASH *** I never got banned from PT.. AND, until last night, DUH didn’t even know who I am.

    So how am I a ‘sell out whore’ who should have ‘stayed’ at PT?

    Exactly HOW MUCH pink kool-aid have you been drinking, there, honey? You seriously need to be cut off.

  11. Dana said

    Oh, and I love how in the same paragraph you call us whores and then tell us you’re praying for us. Hmm…….. that just gives me a warm feeling inside.

    Oh, it’s a wave of nausea. Never mind.

  12. yeah said


    this is obviously a joke. Nobody could be this stupid for reals. c’mon.

    Nobody worships tracy and Jesus at the same time, or run around calling people they don’t know “whores”


    *****WAVING TO TRACY********

  13. Dana said

    yeah said, at first I thought the same thing. But then I realized…… there are some devoted Tracy followers, so apparently the world does have such stupid people.

  14. Not Good said

    PTP – Pink Truth + TC = waste of sperm

  15. Fascinated & RepelledByYou All said

    Just a suggestion from a visitor, but why not flood Oprah’s producers and the reporter from the Springfield press with links to this and other sites that expose Tracy for what she is. A few choice personal testimonials and copies of posts from PT’s followers oughta do the trick as well.. I’m thinking that w/o you all doing this, Oprah may not realize that there are others ( MANY others) who feel as you do. Tracy could conceivably convince producers that her detractors are just a small minority or the negative dealings are just a few isolated incidents.

    Honestly the hairs stood on my neck when the poster said that all that she is she owes…… to Tracy? Tracy appearing on Oprah would give her instant credibility, it is something that she will be able to use on her resume for years… we can’t assume that it wold be an appearance that would be bad for her. Tracy IMO is pathological and they have a great ability to charm and deceive She could spin this to her advantage. I know this sounds like a line from a bad film noir “B” movie, but she must be stopped.

  16. Duh said

    I’m sure that if Tracy is ever invited to Oprah we’ll hear about it in enough time to do something. But like I said in my post, all they have to do is a quick google search to find out there are plenty of people out there that don’t agree with either Tracy’s cause or her tactics. Those producers do their research so hopefully we won’t have to start some massive e-mail/letter writing campaign.

    As if Tracy will ever appear on Oprah anyway! LOL
    Only in my dreams!

  17. ScrewU said

    Can I add that you sound just like the Kaybots you blast all the time? And how are we whores? Do you have ‘proof’ that we all sleep with men for money? Aren’t PTer’s the biggest advocate of ‘proof’?

    Just so ya know, we’ll welcome you back here after Tracy screws you over. Tuck that in your brain for later. You’ll need it.

  18. Duped said

    Wow – worshiping Tracy and Jesus, then waltzing around calling women you have not done any research whatsoever on “whores”?

    Let me guess – you worshiped Mary Kay Ash the same way you worship Tracy now, isn’t that correct? In my opinion, you have just substituted one false idol for another. I suggest if you are a religious person, and are not just using the name of your Lord or Jesus to satisfy your own needs for acceptance and forgiveness, that you go and pray for support.

    And as for zipping around and calling women whores when you most likely have never read about them or their stories – that’s just makes you even more sinful and in need of guidance from your God.

    I could care less if you think I am a whore. But, maybe try and come up with a better insult the next time? All this “you’re a whore” and “you are nothing but a bunch of tramps” is getting old. Queen Ditch Pig is what my hubby and friends call me, so you could start with that and get creative! Now that’s something to get excited about!!! 😛

  19. Holler! said

    HOLY COW! Are you kidding me? PTP is owing her new found salvation to TRACY?

    I’m not even sorry to say this, there isn’t one statement in PTP’s comments that don’t scream “cult” to me. You have a group of women who were misled by Mary Kay and in their search for answers, find Pink Truth. Fine except for the fact that Tracy’s motives are not pure. Her goal is to be the be all of the “movement”. Her words, not mine. It’s not the good of helping others that motivates her. It’s the good of a few cents from clicks on the site each day that keep PT going. There’s proof all over the net of her intention to build a site that would generate income for her. You have to be living with your head in the sand to not see it. Tracy has been at this game for a few years now so don’t go thinking because you’re a right hand troll NOW that you’re in the know.

    I’m not even going to waste pity on someone who so readily hands over the reins of their life and feels they owe that person for what they’ve become. I figure eventually, when Tracy tires of this person, just like she has with everyone else, there will be emails with the cries of “why didn’t I see it” and she’ll come looking for support with apologies for being so spineless. This is generally what happens when you get swept away in the one-side stories that spew out of the leader’s mouths.

  20. ThunderousApplause said

    For Holler’s comments!

  21. PinkTruthProtector said

    I am feeling very hurt here. Where is the love?

  22. PinkTruthProtector said

    Y’all need to get back to church. Tracy is a remarkably strong Christian woman who practises what she preaches. Y’all could take a lesson in LIFE from her.

  23. TrollSniffa said

    *sniff* *sniff*

  24. PinkTruthProtector said

    That’s fine. Call me a troll. I can handle it. I’ve got the truth on my side.

  25. BarfingHairBalls said

    OK, first of all PTP is a faker. No one comes over and calls random people whores. That’s gay. It’s either Tracy, one of her many followers or one of our regular posters trying to be funny. So who gives a shit. Loser.

    Secondly, Tracy would NEVER end up on Oprah. Oprah doesn’t do retarded stories on things your average person wouldn’t give a shit about. Seriously. Have any of you actually WATCHED Oprah? Do YOU see her doing a story about Tracy Coenen? I doubt it. She has more important issues to deal with.

    The problem here, or I guess it’s not really a problem. The reality here is that the only people who care about PT aka Tracy Coenen are people in the Mary Kay world. If you take the relatively small community and compare it with the rest of the universe, who gives a rats ass about Mary Kay. They think their stories are worthy enough for Oprah? Retards.

    Where’s I LOVE CATS. I lurve her.


  26. ScrewU said

    What truth would that be? That we are ‘whores’? Is that your truth? Or that Tracy is a remarkably strong Christian? Where is your proof?

    I will try to take a lesson in life from Tracy. I will set up a blog about a topic that I don’t really care about but that I can prey on the emotions of women that have been used so they will follow me blindly and make donations to me and shop from the links that I have provided and promoted to them. Good idea. Then I can quit my job and support myself thru that. Now why didn’t we all think of that? And since you are so gullible, I’m sure you will be one of my biggest supporters, right? See you there…

  27. Queen Ditch Pig said

    BHB – your post made me LMFAO.


  28. I LOVE CATS said

    Meow, hairball. I’m here! I agree with my furry friend HairBall that PTP is a fake. AND a loser to boot. *waving to Sickie*

    And I also agree that Oprah wouldn’t be caught dead doing a story on Tracy Coenen. Talk about a drop in ratings! What a snoozer that episode would be.

  29. I LOVE CATS said

    That was weird. I went to duh’s myspace page to visit and I was literally assaulted by horrific sounds that offended me at the very core, and then, all at once the screen sort of imploded on itself. Then almost as suddenly, as I tried to log in as someone other than “FUR”, I received a bizarre error message, and then poof, vanished, gone, rejected, denied, banned. I am banned from duh’s myspace account. This is probably one of the hardest days of my life.

  30. BarfingHairBalls said

    Meow! I am still barfing your hairballs up after I groomed you! I will never groom you again.

    I DVR Oprah and if Tracy EVER showed up on there (I know that she won’t) I’d delete it right away. Her face and even more her mouth does not deserve to be taking up space on my DVR. That’s for sure!


  31. 'Sup said

    Tracy is not a Christian. How could you think that she was?

  32. Duh: “I don’t spend any time in boxcars.”

    I love it. But since I do spend a considerable amount of time in boxcars, especially when the nor’easters start a-blowin’, am I a tramp?

  33. Duh said

    Do you have coal on your face and a hanky with all of your worldly possessions tied onto the end of a stick?

  34. Actually, I have coal on the end of my stick, and my face is wrapped up with a bandanna, like a bandage. I’m still trying to heal the burns I inflicted upon myself after being banned from the bitchfest…

  35. foreverpink said

    PTP is obviously a fake, no question about it, plus she has already apologized on another thread, which is pathetic

    As far as Oprah..Tracy would be crazy to try and go on her show. She would be opening herself up for too much exposure into her own motives. But lets not forget, Oprah interviewed Mary Kay years ago, and the interview was very motivational and uplifting at that time, so Tracy Coenen would have to be spotless in order to apear in front of Oprah to try and bash the business Mary Kay created. Before Oprah and her producers would let that happen, they would leave no stone unturned finding out about the woman who is attempting to do that. And in doing their research, they would definetly find out about her manipulation, greed and her militant views on MLM’s and how she has treated her supporters. They would find out that she is just as bad as the worst MK sales director, which would no doubt damage her credibility.

    But on the other hand, i am sure that Oprah, being the respected journalist that she is would have a counter point to Tracy on the show and it may be a chance for Duh, Melissa and Rebecca, MKrules and others to get their 15 minutes of fame on the show too. If it goes down like that..I would be sure to watch! I would love to see both sides presented in an open forum. Which is another reason why it wont happen, because Tracy would not be in control of the opinions shown and I am sure she would not show up for a show that would showcase other opinions besides hers.

    But like others have said, who really cares besides us. There are so many other more important things happening in the world.

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