Robin Sucking Me


Raise your hand if you googled that to find my site.


  1. ScrewU said

    Pervs google some nasty stuff. Too bad they keep finding us

  2. Duh said

    Birds of a feather…

  3. I just Googled it and found you, but not until page 2. So someone must have been really trying hard…

  4. BarfingHairBalls said

    I would google that, but I would hate to get fired from my job for searching under such a sexual tone. I wonder if Robin really does suck her husband. You know some girls don’t do that.

    bitches and hos!

  5. Duh Man said

    Only the married ones don’t

  6. Zoe said

    bwahahahahaha. Does your site really come up with these googles? how do you find out what things people google to find you?

  7. Zoe said

    Oh and that’s funny using the Dr. Phil pic cause his wife is named Robin right? hahahahaha I just realized that.

  8. Duh said

    Whenever someone googles something and my site comes up and they click it, it comes up on a list on my stats page. It’s pretty cool!

  9. I LOVE CATS said

    Just a random comment– where the hell is Me, and why does she think she can be gone on vacation for this long?

  10. IKnowRight said

    For Real Doh! She should have let Fuchsia be Room Proctor while she was away.

  11. Zoe said

    lmao right. Bloggers can’t take vacations. She should be flogged.

  12. As Duh mentions here, the WordPress blogging system helpfully lists every day, the search terms people have entered to find your blog. Here’s today’s list of those search terms which found my blog, as of right now. BTW, I don’t have photos of boobs (breastfeeding or not), or pictures of Jesus, on my blog. But there’s a post about the famous miraculous Jesus Cheetoh. And only one post on my blog mentions Mary Kay Cosmetics.

    Anyway, I find the whole thing strangely amusing although none of my search terms are as much fun as Duh’s. My current list:

    what would you give jesus
    mary kay cosmetics
    lauren nelson
    who owns hgtv
    jesus cheetoh
    jesus large pics
    scansnap vista updates
    breastfeeding boobs /photos
    pictures of holiday decoration on a balcony
    mary kay liquidator

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