What do you think?


Tracy LOVES when I take the pictures from her site. 

So I have a question for you guys.  We all know that Tracy is willing to make money from the MLM ads run on her site.  I believe that is a conflict of interest.  How far do you think her drive to make money would take her?  What do you think Tracy would say if Darrell Overcash, President of Mary Kay Cosmetics asked her to marry him?


  1. PinkTruthProtector(NOT) said

    Allright, allright, now I am pissed. I came here earlier today, attempting to defend Tracy. Well, what do you know??? Apparently, when you link to duh’s site from the PT site, Tracy finds out and then bans you. (I just heard about this as a feature on sitemeter) So guess what. I’m banned. Yes. Wow. I’m just so speechless I’m not sure what to say or do. Other than vent here. I’m a woman of honor and I’m willing to admit that I was wrong. Tracy Coenen is a self-serving suspicious bitch. Too bad I had to make an ass of myself in order to find out. Funny how things work out. Sorry ladies. Hope I didn’t offend any of you too much.

    By the way, Darrell does like kind of hot. And I dig the zebra threads.

  2. Duh said

    Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome.
    Come into the light.
    There is peace and serenity in the light.

  3. Welcome, PTP(N). As Duh said, there is peace and serenity in the light. Please, take this glass of Duh-flavored Kool-Aid as an offering and a symbol of our neverending generosity.

  4. Duh said

    Please don’t drink the Duh flavored Kool-Aid. It tastes like urine.

  5. BarfingHairBalls said

    Poltergeist was a GREAT movie don’t ya think?

    Daryl looks like a dumbass in this costume. Is this what all the crazy MK people do? Throw dress up parties? He truly looks like an ass.

    PTP(N) ~ Even though I think you’ve posted here before and that you were just trying to stir up some controversy because frankly it’s hella funny ~ WELCOME to hell.


  6. Duh said

    I don’t think he looks that bad. But I’m from South Louisiana, so guys dress up like this for Mardi Gras all the time. He looks pretty good compared to some of the doh-yo’s I’ve seen. At least he’s not covered in puke.

  7. Oh God! That’s why it’s yellow??? Shit, Duh…

  8. ScrewU said

    Is it sad that his legs look better than mine in that skirt?

    You didn’t really link to Duh’s site from PT, did you? Where is that link? I can’t believe the Queen would allow that.

  9. TrollSniffa said

    That was quick.

  10. catarata said

    What I love about that pictures is how none of the directors even have a HINT of irony in their expressions. Except for that one lady, but I think it might be the Botox

    Anywho, that’s what I loved about the original MKS, but then everyone got all religious and stuff. That makes things boring.

  11. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Wonder what Darrell wears under his skirt? Probably a MK thong. He looks like a fag who talks with a lisp in that picture.

    Welcome to the bitchfest, PTP(N). I see you’ve been banned. No big loss, believe me. I’m like the Wayne Gretzky of the banned….”The Great One”. I performed a hat trick last week and was banned three, count ’em, three times.

  12. ScrewU said

    Nobody beats the Cheese

  13. catarata said

    Maybe she got caught GOING to Tracy’s blog from this blog if she’s not just joshin’. I know you can tell how someone got to your site. But I don’t know, I haven’t been banned yet and I think I’ve done that several times. I kind of feel sad for not being banned, like I can’t be part of the club. *pout*

  14. Duped said

    Well, she just might be telling the truth. Same thing happened to me, though instead of being banned, I got discussed about behind closed doors (instead of just emailing me to ask why I posted under a fake name…weird). Apparently, you can tell just who someone is by what they write – which I find stupid since there are how many people on the net these days? Instead of waiting to be banned, I asked to be removed.

    Stirring up shit *can be* hella-fun, though. (Cartman is my idol).

  15. BarfingHairBalls said

    Good point Duped. A lot of people surprisingly type very similar to one another. It’s easy to assume you know who someone is by the way they type. It’s even funny to see the ‘real’ people get all pissed off because we accused them when it really wasn’t. Good stuff. Free entertainment is always a good thing!

    bitches and hos yo!

  16. tracysucks said

    pinktruthprotector OR not…

    Sorry, no welcome from me as I just finished reading your ignorant tirades on the other thread.

    Let’s take a guess — are you Tracy? Are you sickinstink? Maybe one of the other precious followers who thought they could try to get us on their side?

    I deem you a troll. Good luck getting back into the PT crowd.

  17. PTandTracySucks said

    Damn, PTP tried to defend/protect PT and lookie what happened. SMH

  18. Holler! said

    Is now the proper time to yell “can I get a witness”…

    So, what I need to know is when this picture was taken because I want to know if I’m the only one thinking that Dacia W. is sporting baby bump.

  19. SeeWherePraying2TracyGetsU? said

    “Next to God, Tracy Coenen has had more influence over my life than anyone. You may think that’s scary, but she is serving selflessly and heroically by providing the PT service, and I owe my life to her. So laugh all you want, but Tracy Coenen will indeed have the last laugh.

    And I repeat what I said, you are all whores. Sell-out whores to duh. You should have stayed with what you know to be true– PinkTruth. I can only pray for you.”

    Wow PTP! If only you would’ve taken your own advice in the last paragraph. It appears you forgot to pray TO TRACY that Tracy will have SO MUCH influence over your life that you would never ever ever ever visit this blog. How will you repay your life to her now that you, too are a “sell-out whore to duh”? 😦

  20. PT is Smokin'........Not said

    pinktruthprotector. Gee, thanks for your apology. And, I’m wondering….was it God or Tracy that made you feel comfortable calling other women whores. Was it God or Tracy that enabled you to switch your allegiances so quickly. Was it God or Tracy that made you think the owner of a piddly self-serving blog is in any way heroic.

    Just askin’

  21. I LOVE CATS said

    Oh, how I love trolls!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!

  22. Duh said

    God told me that I’m a hero. And he said I’m special.

  23. Duh Man said

    “Special”… like you rode the short bus to school? Does that make you more “special” than Tracy? Nah, I bet her bus was shorter.

  24. wasteofsperm said

    tracy didnt need to take a bus.
    she flew on her broom.

  25. Dana said

    I don’t know how to caption the photo. I’m just happy you took another photo from Tracy’s website. I wonder if THE QUEEN will visit again to whine like she did last time……

  26. PT is Smokin'........Not said

    Duh, you ARE a hero. Your blog is excellent. And fun. And informative. And not censored. And updated regularly. With new stuff. Not the same old stuff. Over and over.

    (I’m trying to break my habit of typing run-on sentences :P)

  27. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    Duh’s blog just lets it all hang out there… there’s nothing to hide. It is what it is, which is refreshing!

  28. Duh said

    Thank you my minions. Now come here and massage my feet.

  29. BarfingHairBalls(Formerly RLB) said

    Your feet stink. Ever thought of fixing that nasty athlete’s foot??


  30. Duh said

    Is there a fungus among us?

  31. CatsRUs said

    No doubt in my mind that PTP was Tracy or a good clone (already – hence the “backstabbing” comment). To Tracy, people are one (or all) of three things: liars, backstabbers or angry. There’s no in between or normal for her.

  32. I LOVE CATS said

    Duh, what is the email address that our special friend PTP used when logging in? I’m willing to bet it was Sickie or one of Tracy’s other butt lickers. Tracy isn’t dumb enough to call a group of people “whores” publicly. Now privately, that’s another matter entirely. So my vote is SICKIE.

  33. Fascinated&Repelled ByYou All said

    This is only my second post here, but after reading PTP’s over the top tirades from yesterday. It just felt soooo phony to me, such a set- up. As I said to myself, in fact I just knew “Watch, in a day or two she’ll come on again, having seen the light.. This whole PTP “I’m so loyal to PT” tirade would then be followed by a “Tracy is a disloyal bitch, who banned me cuz’ I came here, I’m so sorry for what I said ” contrition” act. Looks like some of you all might feel the same way.

  34. wasteofsperm said

    Tracy isn’t dumb enough to call a group of people “whores” publicly.

    She didnt have a problem with calling ty tribble a MLM whore.

  35. ha said

    no, she calls people “cunts”, “whores” and “dirty rotten sluts” on her private board.

  36. Coughing UP Fur Balls said

    Tracy is nuts.


  37. mkrules said

    The basic dynamic of this particular brand of co-morbidity goes like this:

    The narcissist feels superior, unique, entitled and better than his fellow men. He thus tends to despise them, to hold them in contempt and to regard them as lowly and subservient beings.

    The narcissist feels that his time is invaluable, his mission of cosmic importance, his contributions to humanity priceless. He, therefore, demands total obedience and catering to his ever-changing needs. Any demands on his time and resources is deemed to be both humiliating and wasteful.

    But the narcissist is dependent on input from other people for the performance of certain ego functions (such as the regulation of his sense of self worth). Without Narcissistic Supply (adulation, adoration, attention), the narcissist shrivels and withers and is dysphoric (=depressed).

    The narcissist resents this dependence (described in point 3). He is furious at himself for his neediness and – in a typical narcissistic maneuver (called “alloplastic defense”) – he blames others for his anger. He displaces his rage and its roots.

    Many narcissists are paranoids. This means that they are afraid of people and of what people might do to them. Wouldn’t you be scared and paranoid if your very life depended continually on the goodwill of others? The narcissist’s very life depends on others providing him with Narcissistic Supply. He becomes suicidal if they stop doing so.

    To counter this overwhelming feeling of helplessness (=dependence on Narcissistic Supply), the narcissist becomes a control freak. He sadistically manipulates others to satisfy his needs. He derives pleasure from the utter subjugation of his human environment.

    Finally, the narcissist is a latent masochist. He seeks punishment, castigation and ex-communication. This self-destruction is the only way to validate powerful voices he internalized as a child (“you are a bad, rotten, hopeless child”).

    The narcissistic landscape is fraught with contradictions. The narcissist depends on people – but hates and despises them. He wants to control them unconditionally – but is also looking to punish himself savagely. He is terrified of persecution (“persecutory delusions”) – but seeks the company of his own “persecutors” compulsively. The narcissist is the victim of incompatible inner dynamics, ruled by numerous vicious circles, pushed and pulled simultaneously by irresistible forces. A minority of narcissists choose the schizoid solution. They choose, in effect, to disengage, both emotionally and socially (see below and in FAQ 67).

    From the website: http://www.healthyplace.com/communities/personality_disorders/narcissism/faq82.html

    I am not making fun, perhaps TC is truly a narcissist. It seems to describe her blog behavior, although that can be totally fictional.

  38. mkrules said

    Sorry, that whole long thing should have been in quotes!!

  39. For those who think that PTP(N) may be TC: I offer you this quote from PTP(N)’ post above: “Too bad I had to make an ass of myself in order to find out. Funny how things work out. Sorry ladies. Hope I didn’t offend any of you too much.” (You bitches can’t say I don’t know how to use quotation marks…)

    Do you really think that TC would EVER say she made an ass out of herself, and apologize!!! She would have just not come back.

  40. yeah said

    what happened to PTP(N) anyway? You whores chased her away, didn’t you?

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