Switch Hitting: Not just for Baseball & Gay Men

By: ScrewU


I just love to see the inner confusion on Pink Truth.  This thread is a perfect example of that:


It happens whenever they really start talking about the blame that should be put upon directors.  Some of the time, they want to blame those nasty directors for all the frontloading they do to new consultants.  They are, afterall, the ones that made those consultants order and order and order, right?

But wait, what happens when a director finds their way onto Pink Truth?  Hmmmm… what to do, what to do?  We can’t blame them now.  They are often the biggest contributors to Pink Truth that Tracy has.  She needs them to dig up more dirt on MK while they are still in.  She really needs them to draw bigger crowds with their articles so that her links can get more clicks (and more money in her pocket)  They are her biggest fans and confidantes. 

So what then?  How to fix this?  You don’t want to defend the directors or then you wouldn’t be able to do horrible things to them.  Like gain access to their password protected site under false pretenses (some would call that fraud) or sending them unwanted emails promoting your website that you make money off of (spam, anyone?).  Certainly, those former consultants would not take too kindly to her behaving this way if the women she targeted didn’t have it coming, right? 

But why are those on PT victims and those still in MK not?  Why aren’t they given the same sympathy as those on the PT side?  Aren’t they all just pawns is the devils game of MKC? 

I’m so glad that Tracy has the skill to go back and forth on this issue.  She really toes the line and once again, noone mentions her obvious double standard here.  I have noticed that she stays out of the topics when this comes up.  Poor SickNPink, Raisinberry & others are left to defend the directors and try to shift blame to the NSD’s.


  1. Duh said

    “But why are those on PT victims and those still in MK not?”
    Some of the directors on PT are STILL IN Mk and are still getting commission checks. That’s like blood money, isn’t it? But they are probably giving that money right to a charity or a church. I doubt that they would take money made off the inventory of other women and use it for themselves. That would be hypocritical.

  2. Neverpantyhose said

    What’s going on here is that any and all controversy creates more hits, which translates to more clicks and more money in Queen Bitch’s pocket. That site is not for “healing” women who were hurt in MK. That site is to promote MK drama to increase her bottom line. As long as there is drama and/or controversy, there will still be hits on the site. Anyone who owns a blog related to MK knows that.

    Tracy makes her rules, she is a “do as I say, not as I do” sorta person. Are there directors and NSD’s out there who front load? Of course. Were the women forced at gunpoint to buy that inventory they didn’t need? I doubt it. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t shady stuff going on in MK all the time.

    The bad part of this whole scenario is that PT is doing the exact thing that everyone hates MK for. It’s a cult. The PT cult. She is good at stoking the fire, brewing up controversy and then kicking back with her cocktail of choice and watching the fire turn into a full blown inferno. Laughing all the while that she didn’t do any of it, she only persuaded her minions to do the dirty work so her hands remain clean. She’s a dirty little secret. Well, at least it WAS a secret until her “trusted minions” shared those secrets with others.

    I laugh because ME has tried to take down Tracy from the get go, but all her whining and complaining about the anti MK people or the anti anti MK people just made her look like a big crazy. Now we have DUH who is getting very interesting information, and we also have PTlies getting insider information. The only difference here is Tracy gets “insider” information about MK. We get insider information about Tracy! The more information that comes out, the funnier it gets because we have no point to this site. The only point is to poke fun at anyone and everything. People are reading this stuff and I’m sure the PTers that are still following her are wondering what the hell is going on? We’re not blasting Tracy or anyone else. We’re just simply having interesting conversations. Dontchya think????

  3. ScrewU said

    Isn’t it wrong of Tracy to take advantage of ‘victims’ of the MK fallout? She uses them to shop on her site and bring her more traffic by buying business cards with Pink Truth on them. Can you imagine going out into the real world and handing those out? People would think you were insane. Oh wait… that’s right, she is.

  4. Neverpantyhose said

    I never would have agreed with you a month ago. But now, absolutely. I can only come up with two scenarios on why she is hell bent on doing what she does on PT.

    1. She wants to single handedly bring down MaryKay and be famous
    2. She is broke and needs all the hits she can get so people will click on the links.

    Prior to my knowledge of what I now know about Tracy, I never would have even compared her to MaryKay. Was she always a bit on the narcissistic (sp?) side? Yep. Do I now realize she is just as bad as MK if not worse? Absolutely. Do you ever see her defending herself on any of these blogs? Nope. Do you think silence creates more questions? Yes. She’s been asked many many times about the links and refuses to tell anyone what she actually makes. Maybe under normal circumstances it wouldn’t really be any of our business. But considering the lengths she will go to discount others, harass by PMs and emails, etc…I put nothing past her at this point.

  5. Duh said

    She’s certainly not going to get a whole lot of traffic from her last few posts.


  6. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I know there was a lot of numbers going on and that was enough to make me go comatose. Snoresville

  7. Neverpantyhose said

    I’m glad I can’t access her site from work. Talk about a waste of company time LOL

  8. Rebecca said

    Switch hitting:

    Expert witness for the prosecution;

    Expert witness for the defense.

    Anyone else notice this on her Sequence site?

  9. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    You’re really smart. That is good lookin out

  10. Duh said

    And that’s for the same case!!

    yuck, yuck, yuck!

  11. Zoe said

    God I’m horrified at some of those things I posted. I was so tiptoeing on eggshells so as not to traumatize them. It just made me look two faced. Even as I was writing it I think I believed most of the people there were full of crap. I’m pretty ashamed by my participation in that discussion at all. I should have just shot straight instead of trying to appease them. Also, I think I was pretty dogmatic. I’m sure some people run MK businesses honestly and successfully.

  12. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    What I love about this blog is that we can be anti mk, pro mk, or anti anti mk, but we all hate Tracy.

  13. Duh said

    Yes, we are united in our hatred. That’s very healthy.

  14. FreeFromMK said

    Oh, Duh, and I was just starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    Kum-ba-yah, my Lord. Kum-ba-yah!

  15. FreeFromMK said

    Hey! Did my computer just screw up or did I get sent to spam!?!?!?

  16. FreeFromMK said

    (second try)

    Aw, Duh! And I was just starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    Kum-ba-yah my lord, kum-ba-yah!

  17. FreeFromMK said

    Sorry, it’s even more lame seeing it 2 times. Waaaaaaaaaah!

  18. Duh said

    Just let it go. They can’t all be gems.

  19. mkrules said

    Duh, your first comment on this post has been my argument from the beginning! Why be a director and be on PT??? Oh yeah, you hate MK, but you LOVE the “love checks”! If you find something immoral and a company to be disgraceful, get out. That is the moral thing to do. I do not find this to be the case, but to those who do, please leave. You will not feel like you are always having to act happy to MKers and you will be able to talk crap all you want on PT with a clear conscience.

    And here is a question, to those active directors and consultants hatin on MK on PT, what is your answer when TC claims we cannot make any money? Do you agree? And if you don’t make any money, why don’t you quit? There are so many questions it makes my head spin.

  20. MKRules, respectfully, I am a former consultant and very anti-mk. I agree that it is hypocritical that a director would still accept ‘love checks’ and participate in PT (or any better anti-mk site) at the same time.

    However, you should consider that some people may have financial situations that would make it difficult to resign and stop receiving those checks. While it would be the right thing to do, it may put them in a situation where they can’t pay their bills, or worse, feed their children.

    Of course, Tracy would argue that director’s checks aren’t so big that people would miss them.

    Many directors who want out just let their units run without supervision, until the checks stop coming. Then they resign. They justify it by saying that they put in the work to get those consultants into MK, and that they deserve compensation for that, despite their intention to leave or disagreements with the ‘MK way.’

    Have you considered that perhaps Tracy is compensating these double agent directors? That might encourage them to stay in as well.

    The possibilities are many. And, don’t forget, people have a right to be disgruntled and miserable, and still stay in their positions as long as they don’t violate their contracts. Perhaps MKC needs to change the contract to say that you can’t participate in negative blogs, or that if you aren’t happy you have to leave, but then, would that be legal?

  21. I LOVE CATS said

    Tracy loves to keep current directors around her. It gives her credibility, gives her the inside poop on secret stuff, and keeps those same directors beholden unto her because they’re afraid that Tracy will out them. It’s a sick relationship. (I do think that most of those who started out as directors on PT have since quit and sent back product)

  22. foreverpink said

    She Who Must Not Be Named says:
    “However, you should consider that some people may have financial situations that would make it difficult to resign and stop receiving those checks. While it would be the right thing to do, it may put them in a situation where they can’t pay their bills, or worse, feed their children.”

    If this is the case, wouldn’t this be in direct conflict with Tracty’s claims that NO ONE can make a living with Mary Kay? If they cant quit for fear of not being able to pay the bills, doesnt this imply that they ARE making their living from Mary Kay? Tracy cant have it both ways. She cant say that noone makes a living at this, and then have directors post on her blog about not wanting to give up the checks because it IS how they make their living. I am with MKRules on this one in that, what do these directors say when they read comments on PT about how you cant make a living with this. Do they just agree with Tracy and go along with something that they know is false because they are afraid that if they disagree the will be outed? So sad..

    But you are right SWMNBN..nothing brings folks together like a common enemy.. no matter where you stand on the original issue.

  23. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I think the most confusing thing to me is the fact that PTers claim that you can not make a living at MK but yet there are directors that can’t quit because they need the money. Didn’t know if it was just me that was so confused.

    So does this prove that people can make a living at MK? Also, why do they claim that seminar costs are $1000? I’ve never known anyone that spent that much. Even with a direct flight. The most I’ve spent is $500-$600. Do they spend the rest ($400-$500) on food? Thats alot of eating!!

  24. Airhead lurker said

    Ok, all this serious talk is cool and all, but its boring me to tears. Can you bitches get back to the funny and using simple words? Thanks.

  25. ScrewU said

    I just looked and Raisinberry had this to say:
    “Tracy…standing “O”!
    This stirred the hive, I am sure. Looking forward to Wednesday’s hate mail.”

    Can I just say I threw up a little in my mouth? It’s so disgusting. All she did was copy and paste a bunch of names and their orders from a few unitnet sites. Does that really deserve a standing “O”? Raisin must be easily impressed. And what hive do they think this stirred? They really think that MKC cares that much about PT? Yeah, I’m sure.

  26. whatever said

    Bologna, trust me, I know a few directors who blow off $1200-$1600 on seminar easily.

  27. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I can’t imagine. Especially if they are all as broke as Tracy says. What could you possibly spend it all on?

  28. ScrewU, THAT’S IT!! That explains why she posted so much yesterday. She knows everyone is snoozing on her hatemail lately so she had to kick up some drama in hopes that it will cause a flood gate of “exciting” hatemail. AH HA!!!

    That PT crack ain’t no joke, I tell ya!

  29. ScrewU said

    I think we should all write Tracy some hatemail so she has something entertaining. I mean, after last week, she really needs some help. I think the MK world is considering Tracy a joke now just like we do. So they aren’t sending her any.
    I wish she would have posted Duh’s hatemail. At least it was good.

  30. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said

    This thread is way too serious. We all know Tracy is a dipwad and that a lot of people on PT can/are/will be hypocrites. Who cares man? Let’s get back to funny.

    Note do DUH ~ I thought this was the place for useless banter, not REAL discussions. What’s wrong with you man? Pull it together man!

    bitches. meow.

  31. 'Sup said

    Was Raisinberry have an orgasm while she was standing up reading what Tracy wrote? ‘Cuz I’m sure that’s what she meant in her secret I-heart-Tracy code.

  32. New To Pink said

    ScrewU ~ I totally agree TC needs new hatemail! Is someone here a “looser K-Bot wit bad gwammer”???

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