Who is Alba?

Somebody left a comment on Tracy’s FRAUDfile blog regarding her troubles with a certain carpenter.  I’d put the link here, but unfortunately it includes the guy’s name.  Anyway, someone named Alba said, “Left him a voicemail.”

Is Alba:

a) Tracy’s mom

b) Tracy’s lawyer

c) Tracy’s lesbian lover

d) all of the above

e) none of the above

My guess is e.  Alba is just some random crazy person that sees nothing wrong with injecting herself into a situation that has nothing to do with her.

Congratulations Tracy!  Putting up this guy’s phone number is starting to pay off.  Hopefully when he gets sick of all the internet freaks calling him, he’ll give you your money back.

Or maybe it will just piss him off.


  1. Golly Ms. Molly said

    Maybe Alba called to warn him that his name is plastered over some crazie’s website.

    Wouldn’t a fraud investigator know to hold back some of the project price? I thought the standard rule of thumb was 1/3 at the start 1/3 as the job progresses and 1/3 upon completion of the project.

    Why would a fraud investigator pay so much money up front? Why did she not check references?

  2. Barfing Up Hair Balls said

    Tracy needs to seriously consider getting a life. For real.


  3. Duh said

    I considered it, and I rejected it.


  4. Barfing Up Hair Balls said

    YOU considered it DUH? Are you Tracy? Ew.

    bitches yo

  5. FreeFromMK said

    Well, you know we could just call the poor soul and let him know what Tracy’s doing to him…it occurred to me.

  6. Duh said


    I considered getting a life once, and I rejected the notion as preposterous.

  7. FreeFromMK said


    Thanks, Duh.

  8. Barfing Up Hair Balls said

    Yes, someone should call him and tell him what’s up. Who’s gonna do it?


  9. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I think Alba is Tracy’s mom. Mommies are the best ones to call the person that is ripping you off. I mean, how can you say no to someone’s mom? You would have to be a real jerk to do that.

    I think Duh should call him. She’s really good at words and she was the first one to see it. Thats my vote. *giggle*

  10. Zoe said

    LMAO @ “all of the above”

  11. turdontherun said

    I think it is Tracy, not her Mom. Moms would be more likely to ask why did you pay all the money up front “what were you thinking” and then make you feel guilty for not asking her advice first. LOL

  12. Zoe said

    lmao turd that’s true. You never admit things like this to your mother.

  13. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Hmmmm…has anyone called him yet?

    I can do it tonight if no one else has. I don’t want a bunch of us to call him. That will just make us look a nuts as her. I can remain extremely professional on the phone and just alert him that a found his name and contact info on her site and that I just wanted to warn him that she has begun a smear campaign against him.

    Lemme go run over to her site to check for any updates before I commit to doing this.

  14. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    OK…..so as of right now, 6:50 pm on 6/5/07 she hasn’t psted a retraction or an update.

    a-dialing I must go, a-dialing I must go! hi ho Tracy’s a whore, a-dialing I must go!

  15. Duh said

    Lookie, Cheese is crazy too!!!

  16. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Nope, not crazy….just fair.

    I mean if she can call someone a thief I can call that person and tell them what she said, right? And if she’s so sure that they are a thief she should be willing to defend her statement. Like Elisabeth said… “DEFEND YOUR OWN INSINUATIONS!” Except Tracy didn’t insinuate anything. She came right out and called this man a thief.

  17. Barfing Up Hair Balls said

    I stand behind The Cheese. I think you should call him. Let us know how it goes.


  18. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Go Cheese Go!! I think he really, truly has a right to know that she posted that on the interenet about him. You should find out his side and post it here, Duh. That would be fair.

  19. Duh said

    Yes, by all means, let us know how that conversation goes. Try to get his side of the story as well. Tell him that I’ll post it here if he wants.

    Ok, I have to go now. Some guys in white coats are knocking at my door.

  20. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Left him a message. Didn’t leave my name or number, but gave him the condensed version of why I was calling and told him I may give him a call back.

    I’ll keep you posted.

    I really encourage everyone to leave posts on Tracy’s Sequence, Inc. site and on PT, too. I know, I know…..we’re all moderated and they won’t go through, but someone has to read them to delete them, right? I feel like it’s my chance to send her (or one of her goon moderators) a special little PM just for the two of us. 🙂

  21. Duh said

    I don’t even think she reads them Cheese. They probablly go straight to the spam folder.

    Just post it here. In fact I’ll make a new page just for special messages you guys have for Tracy.

  22. Duh said

    Check out Dear Tracy, the new page for those special messages we have for Tracy.

  23. Dana said

    Go Cheese!

    Tracy is ridiculous….. handle your own problems like an adult!

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