It’s my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to.

 Look at this picture.  Can you tell what damage was caused by flooding and what damage was caused by wind and rain?  Neither can I.  Neither can most insurance companies. 

This is my blog, which gives me the right to bitch about whatever I want to.  I’m bitching now, and if you don’t like it….TOUGH TITTY.

This is the most recent article of Tracy’s FRAUDfiles.

In it she makes her opinion quite clear.  She believes that the insurance companies should not have to pay for houses destroyed in Hurricane Katrina because they were flooded and floods are not covered in standard homeowner’s insurance policies.  That would be a very logical opinion if Tracy knew the first thing about what the hell she is talking about.

 Most people know that floods are not covered in their regular policies, ESPECIALLY people living in South Louisiana.  The argument the policy holders are making is that their houses were destroyed by wind and rain damage first and were then flooded.  Since neither the homeowners or the insurance adjusters were there during the hurricane in most cases, no one knows how the home was initially damaged. 

The levees in New Orleans broke the day AFTER the hurricane.  Initial estimates done by news organizations hours after the storm, but before the levees were breached were saying that 85-90% of all homes in certain areas were damaged.  That was before the actual breech.  Clearly the insurance companies were going to have to make pay outs.  Should the fact that the levee broke clear them of that? 

I spoke with a man and his wife who are insurance adjusters.  They went to New Orleans and slept in their car.  They were greeted with guns and threats.  They had the distinct honor of climbing onto roofs and entering homes that were literally falling over.  He told me a story about three houses.  They were right across the street from a firestation.  Several of the firemen had decided to stay behind and ride out the storm.  They witnessed the wind rip the roofs off of all three of those houses at the height of the storm.   After the storm subsided they had walked from the area to try and help with the search and rescue already in progress.  Later that day, the levee broke and the entire area was flooded including those three houses.  When the adjusters got on the scene, the firemen had come forward to give statements based on what they had seen happen to those houses.  All three houses were with different insurance companies.  Two of the companies decided to take the word of those firemen, and they covered the damage to the houses almost 100%.  The other one wouldn’t cover anything.  Not a thin dime. 

The fact that Tracy has included this story on her blog entitled “FRAUDfiles” leads me to believe that she thinks fraud is being committed, but by whom?  By the insurance companies she’s siding with or by the people of New Orleans?  These homeowner’s have responsibly paid their homeowner’s insurance and now they want some help.  The insurance companies are trying to get out of paying ANYTHING.  Isn’t THAT a fraud?

How many people standing in front of a house completely destroyed were offered a couple hundred dollars by the insurance companies?  A LOT.  How could one adjuster look at that wreck and tell what had happened before the breech and what happened after?   They couldn’t.  They knew those people were owed something though.  The question has always been how much.

So while people like Tracy sit back and decide that this court decision is a simple one, they should know the facts of what is actually going on.

  My husband and I are both from South Louisiana.  During Katrina we had about 13 people evacuate to our house.  My husbands parent’s, his sisters and brothers, our nieces and nephew and several church friends with no where else to go.   Luckily our family’s homes were basically OK.  This is an emotional issue for me which is why her stupid blog entry got me so pissed.

But unlike some people, even though I’m pissed that anyone would form an opinion about something that they obviously know little to nothing about, have you noticed that my arguments are still logical?  I also haven’t resorted to calling Tracy names, although the fact that she is implying that the people of New Orleans are committing FRAUD against an insurance company is enough to make me want to rip her a new butt hole.  See how people can disagree and still be civil?  It can be done.


  1. yup said

    Tracy’s arrogance knows no bounds. This isn’t really surprising.

    The problem is that she wants her site to be regarded as “professional”

    a problem, that.

  2. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    First of all, Tracy Coenen is a Fraud Investigator. I didn’t know that also made her an insurance adjuster. How she has any business blogging about this on her FraudFiles blog is beyond me. She does not have any experience estimating damages in any kind of insurance claim. She is a glorified accountant.

    Secondly, I think that it is fraud for insurance companies to not cover flooding. Why the hell don’t they? It’s rediculous. What is insurance for if not to cover the unexpected and unforseen. Surely a flood is included in those 2 catagories. If they cover damage from wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail then why do they get an ‘out’ when it comes to flooding?

    Tracy should keep her big mouth shut about things that she doesn’t know anything about. Or state that it’s her dumb opinion and not on her business blog which is supposed to be there to discuss actual frauds being perpetuated.

    She’s a moron.

  3. 'Sup said

    Duh, very well written, as always.

    You have done a fabulous job pointing out how erroneous Tracy Coenen’s conclusions are. I’m not quite sure how she arrived at them, can’t quite fathom it frankly.

    I am beginning to think that Tracy Coenen of Sequence doesn’t do any of her own investigative work. It appears that she reads the works of others and then regurgitates it out in her own words with her own slanted agenda. Based on her writings, it seems that she makes no telephone calls nor conducts personal interviews to attempt to get facts from all sides and all persons and businesses involved.

  4. Duh said

    Yes, homeowner’s insurance SHOULD cover flooding, but it doesn’t and most people know that. Notice Tracy didn’t say anything about the people who were LIED to about their insurance covering flooding. Because insurance agents never LIE.

    But I guess those people should have personal responsibility and read their policies, right Tracy? Sort of like how IBC’s should have personal responsibility and read their agreements and not just listen to their director?

  5. Neverpantyhose said

    OK, this subject always pisses me off! FIRST of all, the whole thing that went down with Hurricane Katrina is so fucked up, so fucked up!

    Mayor Nagin is a DUMBASS!!! And Kathleen Blanco sucks ass. Do you all know that the city of New Orleans had a whole disaster plan put in place for something like this? Do you all know they had a WHOLE parking lot full of school buses to use to bus people out of the districts that were flooded? Do you know that both Nagin and Blanco sat on their ASSES for 2 days trying to “figure out” if they should let FEMA come in? OMG these people took TWO WHOLE DAYS to say “gee, I guess we need some help here”. FEMA cannot go into a situation unless the state gives them permission! The federal government cannot do anything unless the state gives them permission. (Which we should be glad for, would YOU want the FEDS to decide everything? I sure wouldn’t)

    Some of the people chose to stay there on their own accord. They lived there so many years they figured it’d just pass them like the storms usually do. But does that mean they deserved to suffer like they did? It doesn’t excuse the looting and the violence. But it doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated like second class citizens!

    The insurance companies are the ones doing FRAUD! Whether it’s car, home or medical insurance, they are all screwing us. We pay all this money to them and when we need them, they are not there. Don’t even get me started on the medical insurance companies!

    Tracy Coenen doesn’t know SHIT about anything. All she does is talks out of her ass. She has NO business talkin shit about the people in New Orleans! Out of all the places I’ve visited in this wonderful United States of America, New Orleans had the most wonderful people I have ever met! Sure they have their dumbasses just like the rest of the world. But that does not make them frauds.

    TRACEY COENEN IS A BIG FRAUD! She needs to shut the hell up before Karma comes back and bites her in the ass!

  6. Duh said

    NPH- I’m so proud that you remember the mayor and governor’s names! LOL

    I think that every single person at every level of government dropped the ball on this one. The fact that Mississippi is being built back so quickly compared to LA is a testament to the ass backward, corrupt government that’s currently in office over there.

    We’re going back for a visit in a few weeks. I’ll post some pics of how much they are “rebuilding”. LOL

  7. ScrewU said

    How about the smart people that voted that stupid, ignorant Nagin back into office? How frickin obvious that he was a huge problem in the whole process. I know there were other dumbass people too but he was so amazingly incompetent I can’t stand it.

  8. Neverpantyhose said

    OH yeah, the whole situation was done completely wrong. I know I might start a whole bunch of shit on this one, but I truly believe that on some level, they were treated badly because they were poor and they were black. I think that’s totally fucked up!

    I don’t know if N.O. will ever be the same. The money is just not there. Do you think they’ve even STARTED fixing the levee system? They’ve been told how to fix it and yet they refuse to spend any money on it. I don’t get it.

    I also can’t believe they actually voted for Nagin again????!!! WTF? That’s the craziest bullshit I have ever seen. Dude was all happy and cozy in his house or on his way out because he HAS a car. Why would HE give a shit that his citizens were dying?

  9. Duh said

    The voters want New Orleans to be a “chocolate city”!!

    I saw a funny quote, “The Chocolates want New Orleans to be rebuilt, but they want the Caramels to do the work and the Vanillas to pay for it.”

  10. Duh said

    Nagin stayed in the city during the storm, NPH. That was part of what he was criticized for. Nobody could get in touch with him because he decided to stay so certain things couldn’t be authorized, blah blah blah…. He’s a Dirty Tramp.

  11. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Haaahaaaa! I love when we get to use candies in jokes. It makes it not only funny but sweet too! Who doesn’t like that?

  12. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said

    I love me some Cafe Dumond………


  13. Duh said

    Oh NO!! You need to go to Morning Call bitches!

  14. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said

    Morning Call ? What and where is that???

    bitches and hos yos.

  15. Duh said

    It’s in Metairie. It’s better and CHEAPER than Cafe DuMonde

    Do you stay in the Quarter when you go?

  16. New To Pink said

    I am completely stunned that ANYONE would say that the insurance companies shouldn’t pay out because it was a flood. The fact that Tracy said that reassures me that anyone who does say that is an a$$!
    I know floods aren’t usually covered, I don’t agree with it, but it is what it is. Duh, you are right. Insurance agents DON’T always tell you that. They didn’t tell me with my first policy. I just happened to read what I was signing.
    I know in some places you can purchase extra insurance for floods, too. But some can’t afford it.
    Katrina was different! It was a national disaster, IMO. It was also handled extremely poor, but that’s the damn governments for you, local and national! I realize that the insurance companies can be a$$es about it and say no coverage, but the “right thing” to do is AT LEAST a partial payout. Whatever happened to doing the right thing, just because???
    People suck in today’s world. Always out for themselves!!!

    Sorry to rant (TMI commin’) PMS sucks!!!!!!!

  17. Duh said

    Maybe Tracy thinks that by siding with the insurance companies one of them will hire her to investigate some fraud.

  18. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said

    I say good luck with that!

  19. Kayla said

    I am from New Orleans, so I remember pretty vividly what happened the weekend before the storm. As late as the Friday before the storm, Katrina was scheduled to go into the Florida panhandle. It was not until Saturday evening that it became evident that the hurricane was actually coming our way. That left very little time to put those hurricane plans in place. It was a weekend and many people had either left in an abundance of caution or were not available. The city warned people not to stay; however, many people could or would not leave.

    I really don’t think the local leaders were stupid, but overwhelmed by the enormity of what happened. Further, unless you have had direct dealings with the Federal Government, you have no idea how complex their rules can be. NPH, unless are here to see and live it it firsthand, you have no idea. It was not just a poor black thing; many people of different races, ages and income levels were hurt by Katrina. In most cases, people just took whatever the insurance companies gave them and used their savings (if any) to finish the work.

    To this day, it remains a daily struggle; thanks Duh for keeping it in the forefront. People need to know that while the lawyers and politicians hash out the details, the common folk are doing what they have to do to get by. It is easy to sit somewhere else and tell others how it should be; it is quite another to stay and deal with it first hand.

  20. Holler! said

    In 2004 my mother’s home was hit by a tornado. Fortunately she and my brother, sister and their ridiculous menagerie of pets were ok. Unfortunately, their neighbor’s home had a HUGE tree land on it which trapped her neighbor and her mother in the back end of the house and they sadly passed away that night. State agencies came out and looked around and said, “Oh no, those were high winds, you don’t get tornadoes around here”. Straightline winds at high speed do not twist the tops off of trees and they do not go AROUND the house. 80 foot tall pine trees do not twist around and land in 3 different directions. Either way, the insurance company took that and ran. My mother’s company dragged their feet for over a year, arguing about the damage done to her home. They argued about what her coverage was and after they gave her far less than her policy stated, they dropped her coverage down to burglary and fire the next year after it was settled. My mother’s home should have been condemned, no question or doubt about it. The insurance company cheated every step of the way when it came to doing the right thing by her policy and even ethically. The adjuster came out, looked at all the estimates she had and said “Oh no, this could be done for x amount” and proceeded to give an estimate that was so undercut there was no way it could be done. Of course when we later found out that his $8 an hour supervisors are illegal Mexicans paid under the table we understood how he could do it for so much cheaper. The neighbors had no issue with their insurance companies. The one neighbor had roof damage and interior water damage on the hard wood floor from the rain. He was getting repair work done the next day. It’s all in the insurance company and what your policy states but obviously, there are good and bad companies out there. Tracy sitting there and calling fraud just because she needs an article for her site is ludicrous! Unless she has been through it first hand, she has no clue which I’m starting to think is the case for most things with her.

  21. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said


    Many of us were not there, but we can feel the torment that those people felt. We are Americans, so just because we weren’t there doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings or opinions about the situation.

  22. New To Pink said

    Duh, I don’t think anyone with 1/2 a brain would hire TC for anything! Just google her name (a lot of people do that before hiring someone nowadays) and see all the shit that comes up. IMO, that’s proof enough right there that she isn’t worth hiring for more than poop scooping after my dog. Personally, I wouldn’t even hire her for that.

  23. Rebecca said

    Tracy is an accounting fraud investigator. ACCOUNTING. Accounting fraud. As in falsifying the bookkeeping. It truly amazes me how people, well some people, take the phrase of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and turn it into something it is not.

  24. Duh said

    I suspect that most people don’t know what a CFE is, so if Tracy makes it out that she’s some hot shot undercover investigator, who’s to question?

    HEY! If I go out and buy a long black coat and a pair of sunglasses, do you think I could convince people I’m a CFE? OOHHH!! I think I have this year’s Halloween costume!!

  25. CatsRUs said

    NPH: **Clapping wildly, whistling & standing ovation** to your entire 10:05 comment!!

    ‘Sup: I believe you have something there…”It appears that she reads the works of others and then regurgitates it out in her own words with her own slanted agenda. Based on her writings, it seems that she makes no telephone calls nor conducts personal interviews to attempt to get facts from all sides and all persons and businesses involved.”

    Yup Sup, I’ve thought that for quite awhile now. I’m really surprised she is attaching such an unprofessional blog to her professional website. She needs to form her own MLM, she’d be great at it. She’s mastered the smoke & mirrors aspect, brainwashed her followers, earned income working a “few hours a week”, (how much time does it take to put up a donation button?), rejects anyone who leaves the circle or dares to post anywhere else………….etc

    It might be a little fun to “Name Tracy’s MLM” and list more qualities of the MLM’s she detests (or says so) to those she possesses.

  26. Kayla said

    I am one of “those people”. You are perfectly entitled to your feelings and opinion. There is no doubt we are Americans; however, there are people in the rest of the country who think that we are just a bunch of complainers who should not be living here. If you truly want to understand what is going on here, come down and visit for a few days. That’s the best thing anyone can do to help the city.

  27. Having spent some time living in Luling, LA as a child, I could only watch in horror and pray that my childhood friends were safe during and after Katrina.

    In 2003 my parent’s home suffered a fire. It was the night the Iraq war started. I will never forget the phone call.

    The insurance claims adjuster came to the house and said, “Oh, this will be easy. You can just scrub everything clean and repaint the walls.” They were standing in front of their house with only the clothes on their back and he looked at his counterpart and said, “Oh did you bring the emergency funds checkbook? Huh, we’ll have to get a check to you in 7-10 business days. He later decided that $50,000 was enough to repair the house and mailed them a check. My mom couldn’t find someone to do it for less than $150,000, and the insurance claims adjuster had never actually had a contractor look at the house. The claims adjuster didn’t apply funds to his assesment of the situation needed to repair the large holes in the roof, replace walls and ceilings that were missing, replace broken windows, etc. When the hotel my parents lived in for 7 months sent the bill to the insurance company, they never paid it despite a $35,000 housing allowance as dictated by their homeowners insurance policy. My parents were forced to put 7 months of a hotel ($99 a night) on a high limit, high interest credit card.

    Much to my parent’s dismay, they had greatly underestimated the value of the contents of their home. When establishing their policy, they thought surely $100,000 would cover the contents. It was actually worth $260,000 after an independent claims adjuster itemized the whole house, but all that my parents got was the maximum their policy allowed for.

    My mom never cashed the check for the repair of the house, and filed a lawsuit against the insurance company. My parents settled with the insurance company for about what should have been paid out in the first place. Only, by the time this happened, it was 2 years later. After paying off the enormous debt they accummulated paying a mortgage AND rent, plus the other expenses that the insurance company contracted for but never paid (emergency restoration services, laundry, furniture restoration, etc.) my parents did not have the $150,000 needed to repair the house. Instead, they paid off the remainder of their mortgage and had the house bulldozed because the city was threatening to do it since the house had been standing in disrepair for over 2 years.

    My parents are now the proud owners of a grassy lot in a nice part of our city.

    The point of my story? Insurance claims adjusters are there for the insurance company, not for you. Know your policy. Read it. Understand it. When it renews, look out for changes from the previous policy. It is a legal contract that the company must follow. Even if they don’t, you probably won’t be able to get them to without years of trial and struggle.

    When Katrina happened, my mother cried for the homeowners she knew were about to get screwed.

    Thanks for an EXCELLENT post, Duh.

  28. Betty said

    Aren’t most investigators hired by someone else. e.g. a private investigator, an insurance claims investigator, an arson investigator, a criminal investigator, etc. Who in the hell does Tracy work for??? Who has hired her??? She sits on her ass all day, and types on her blog. She likes for everyone to think she is someone important yet she is doing absolutely nothing important. I don’t see her proactively doing something about her fraud claims other than write about them in her blogs! If she’s so damn smart and wants to really be a hero in the war against fraud, why isn’t she working with people like Ralph Nader, Andy Rooney, etc., who publicly go out and defend the consumer??? It’s because Tracy is a waste of oxygen and space, nothing more or less!!!

  29. Meow Mix said

    Tell us how you REALLY feel Betty! LOL

    bitches and hos meoooooooooooow!

  30. Betty said

    Okay, I just spent some time looking up REAL fraud investigating websites. Yes, websites, not blogs. They look and sound NOTHING like Tracy’s. No, Tracy likes to continue to talk about Usana, Mary Kay, and oh, my goodness, the return of Trademark Inc., on A&E! (that’s one of those “flip this house” shows) Where as these other websites, some being government sites, give consumers actual help in the event you believe fraud has been committed against you. One particular site gives you forms, directs you on how to file a complainted, offers consumer tips. They cover everything from elderly fraud, work from home schemes, identity theft, the list goes on. hmmm, Tracy offers what again??? Oh, yeah…..nothing.

  31. Betty said

    Thanks, MM, I think I will….

    Damn cats!!!!

  32. I LOVE CATS said

    Whoa Betty, way to express yo bad self.

    Betty mentioned that Tracy sits on her ass all day and blogs. Doesn’t Tracy know that sitting all day makes for a very wide ass? Get out and smell the fresh air, Tracy (if you can find any in Milwaukee) and do some physical activity. It just might knock the crazy right out of your head.

  33. Meow Mix said

    Hey Betty don’t be hatin on the cats yo. Cats are good for lotsa stuff.

    I lurve me some I LOVE CATS.


  34. I LOVE CATS said

    I just went here (National Association of Fraud Investigators) and did a search to find a “Fraud Investigator” in your area! LOL. Well, wouldn’t you know it? Tracy Coenen doesn’t show up anywhere. When you search by state, nothing. (I searched WI and IL) When you search by name, nothing (Tracy Coenen). When you search by Company name, nothing. (Sequence, Inc,)

    I dunno, call me crazy, but if I were a FRAUD INVESTIGATOR, wouldn’t I at least be registered as one under the National Association of FRAUD INVESTIGATORS???

  35. Meow Mix said

    UM….scuze me there miss cats. I totally gave you props and you ignored me. Don’t make me scratch your eyes out ya ho.


  36. indenturedservant said

    well, that fraud investigator website appears to be …ah…somewhat low-rent. Because it says “we’ll give you a colorful certificate to put on your wall!” like it’s a second-grade art contest.Tracy probably likes things to at least *appear* to be legit.

  37. So Cats are you saying that Tracy is a FAKE Fraud Investigator?

    Would that be an oxymoron, or is she just a moron?

  38. I LOVE CATS said

    Meow Mix, please accept my most humble apologies for not thanking you for giving me props. You’re the best pussy I ever done had.

  39. Meow Mix said

    That’s what I THOUGHT you nasty smelly pussy you.

    I think Tracy is a Fraud. I think her fraud file is a front to get more free fraud. I wonder if that poor guy she said meany things about got a clue.

    I wonder….


  40. Holler! said

    She Who Must Not Be Named,

    I so feel your frustration. There wasn’t a damn thing I could do for my mother and it pissed me off so bad. The adjuster in no way looked out for her. It was all about Farmers and Mechanics and let me tell you, they were always quick to collect the premiums on the policy but it’s sure funny how they drag the feet when it’s time to pay out on a policy.

  41. My parents had a policy with that company for over 20 years that had always been paid on time. It’s shameful, is what it is. At least some states have private adjusters to help with the problem.

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