PT Hatemail June 6th

A few weeks ago PT hatemail wasn’t really hatemail if you guys remember.  It was a little game where everyone made up there own  hatemail.  I think Tracy is playing that game again this week, but she just forgot to tell everybody.  Here it is in all it’s glory:

Hate Mail – June 6
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From another loving soul who stumbled upon Pink Truth last night….

I’ve been reading all the different topics that a lot of the Kaybots have been posting on this website. I find all your posts very amusing.

A lot of the women in here seem to be having a big hangup about Mary kay and about the way that Mary Kay does business. The REAL PROBLEM is YOU. You are the ones who are all at fault becuase you didn’t make any money in Mary Kay. It’s nobody else’s fault. It’s not your director’s fault and it’s not the company’s fault. You make your business become what you put into it. It seems like a lot of women in here are in denial that the REAL PROBLEM is themselves and NOT Mary Kay. A lot fo the Mary Kay consultants are not trained or do not want to be trained properly.

And It seems that a lot of the women that post in this website have no clue about on how to run a business and what it takes to run a business. You need to be persistent and to work the Mary Kay business correctly in order to make real money in it. I come to a conclusion that a lot of the women in here are bitching and moaning that they have been unsuccessful because they have NOT worked their Mary Kay business they way that they are supposed to.

All of you women are in DENIAL. Face up to it. You are nothing but a bunch of losers. A bunch of incompetent people who don’t understand how to work the Mary Kay business to become successful. You are lazy and you don’t know how to follow directions to succeeed. That’s why you are all in here bitching and moaning and bashing Mary Kay.

Let me all tell you something that you need to get thru your thick skulls. There are MANY successful women who are currently doing Mary Kay that are making a very good income. And a lot of these successful Mary Kay consultants and Directors have purchased things like houses and investment properties from their Mary Kay income. They make money becasue they work the business the right way. They don’t slack off like the people who come into this website and complain.

All the women on this website who are bashing Mary Kay are nothing but a bunch of losers. Yes, that’s right. You are all a bunch of losers who don’t know anything about how to structure and run a business to become successful. You like to bash Mary Kay because you are not successful or because you have not been successful as a Mary Kay consultant or as a director. A lot of Mary Kay consultants and directors don’t make any money in this business because they don’t do $hit to build their business. They don’t follow up, they don’t make the phone calls that they are supposed to do and they just don’t have any business plan.

These are the main REAL REASONS why all of you misfits who come into this website bash Mary Kay. Face it. You are all in denial and it’s causing you to be very negative towards Mary Kay.

Get with the program! Either go get a job for $9 – $10 an hour or become your own boss and work the Mary Kay business the right way and make a lot of money. And don’t blame Mary Kay for being a failure.

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In her e-mail to me, my source asked, “What happened to Tracy posting the sender’s email and info all over the board??? Has she started growing a conscience or just trying to “look good” now???”     I seriously doubt this since Tracy has no self awareness whatsoever.  She doesn’t think that posting people’s info on the board makes her look bad at all.  So why has she stopped?

I think she’s writing the hate mail herself.  Any more theories?


  1. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    of course she’s changing her tactics. C’mon

    She lives and breathes google rank. That’s why she posted 11 times yesterday. Because she’s trying to get a boost and leave the rest of us “truth tellers” in the dust LOL

    The fact that other sites are coming up as high as hers, means she’s got to work harder. And if posting 20 times a day isn’t enough, then she’ll also pretend to grow a conscience so new visitors will stick around longer than 5 minutes.

    we’ll see if her plan works.

  2. Cocktail Anyone? said

    What is the point of placing the hatemail on the discussion board when only those who register can read it?

    Just curious!

  3. taterbug said

    its her way to get traffic to her boooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring discussion board and to build her numbers to make it appear like theres a lot going on.

  4. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said

    She’s trying to make her site seem more “credible”. Basically they can all act like asses behind closed doors while still getting the “truth” accross to the newbies.

    I think Tracy just wants one more thing to control. What a better way to control it than make it “secretive”. Don’t people want to know more about something that is not easily accesible? Don’t people, especially in the MK crowd crave drama? I sure do unless it’s about me! LOL.

    I think the hatemail this week is something Tracy did. Come on. Who would really send that email? It doesn’t really say anything. I don’t think someone would waste time sending some random mail like that. It’s dumb.

    bitches and hos. MEOWWWWWWWWWW!!

  5. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    It sounds like either a man or Tracy wrote that. Wait… maybe it’s both

  6. I LOVE CATS said

    What a joke! There is no doubt in my mind that Tracy wrote this! Is she trying to be that obvious, or does she really believe she’s fooling people? Gawd, this stuff is getting old.

  7. That email is so generic, we have seen it a hundred times before with varying levels of spelling and grammar technique.

    The bottom line is: PT is dusty and musty like an old attic. Nothing new, she just keeps showing the crap she already has stored away, dusting it off, and passing it off as new.

    If she wants traffic, she needs to cut out the bullshit that she pulls on the discussion board, get past the drama, and put some real informatin on that blog… like she originally did.

    I think she’s so wrapped up in the drama that she’s not able to see the forest for the trees. And I am certain that she is visiting this blog and ptlies to ‘know what they are saying about me on the “bad blogs.”‘ She spends so much time worrying about nonsense that it makes her blog nonsense. PT just needs to shut down if she’s not going to DO anything with it anymore.

  8. Dana said

    Boring hate mail….. if she’s going to write it herself she could at least make it interesting!

  9. Dana said

    It’s just a way to get all the ptbots to say the same anti-MK lines they always say. No substance or anything, just “it’s impossible to make money!”

  10. janice said

    Tracy has probably realized that people really are not that concerned with her anymore. I have a friend who said the NSD’s just blew off the topic when it was brought up on the trip. Poor poor Tracy-going down so fast …..

  11. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I saw a comment on Pink Truth that Tracy made that corporate checks out her blog everyday. Dream on sister

  12. New To Pink said

    Someone please write to PT/TC with better hate mail for next week. Pleeeease??

  13. Dana said

    She seems to be getting desperate for hate-mail between “write your own” two weeks ago, last week’s that she got by spamming people, and this week’s boring drivel. Maybe she’ll visit the “Dear Tracy” page on this site and use some of ours!

    Quick! Let’s get writing!

  14. We ned to think of how we can get Duh and PTLies to rank higher on Google than PT when somone does a search for hte workd “pink truth”. Ideas?

  15. Oooh – just googled myself and checked out PTLies. Melissa’s MyPT and PTLies are catching up! Can we get a hat trick? How beautiful it would be to get all 3 ranked above Pink Truth. I would frame the screenshot…

  16. whateva said

    There is Canadian hate mail today. I’m sure that is much better! (ahem)

  17. NowIGetIt said

    Ok I have to admit I found you out of boredom. Yes I agree that pinktruth has become increasing redundant and not enough controversy to keep someone with ADHD interested. It took me a lot of reading to get what’s happening here. I do have to say it’s a little vague at ptlies and more concise at mypinktruth. It was a fun puzzle to work through. Love the banter here. Not a fan of the C or K word but you know call em like you see em. 🙂

    I do find it interesting that the source of the hate mail has disappeared. To me, without it there’s no credibility. I am no longer interested in what the sender has to say and since it’s moved to the discussion board even less interested BECAUSE more proMK people would post to defend it. And now that’s gone. I could care less what the rest of us think about the hate mail I liked when it was defended. Call me crazy. And no the canadian isn’t any better with no source no defense just crap.

  18. Duh said

    What’s the K word?

  19. NowIGetIt said

    Well where I live we spell cunt with a K. See I can type it even though I hate it.

  20. I LOVE CATS said

    Where the freak do you live?

  21. NowIGetIt said

    biblebelt country – oklahoma

  22. Meow Mix said

    The bible belt. Poor you.

    bitches, hos, cunts, pussies. all of it.


  23. NowIGetIt said

    And mix it with MK and you can just imagine. It didn’t take me long to get out so not my style.

    I probably would have found you guys sooner or later. But a particular article peaked my interest and wow. You know it’s really stupid to take it all too seriously. But I’m still curious as all get it out to what the frak happened.

  24. Meow Mix said

    We’re just hear havin some fun! People get their panties all up in a wad over it. That’s what makes it even funnier.


  25. Meow Mix said

    Make that HERE not HEAR. God.

    bitches yo

  26. NowIGetIt said

    Very cool. I wonder if I’ll get banned or not or at PT. Sometimes with pettyness does it feel like high school? I see that some on PT post just to be recognized. Didn’t we move past that when we got to 20? Most of the stuff is fluff can’t we get some real meat reporting on the NSDs? Rest is just fluff.

    You would not believe where I live how these women over 50 act. And me being younger 🙂 look more mature.

    Here’s what happened – this 50ish yr old woman was living with this 60ish guy. He’s not exactly mr. faithful. She got mad, beat on him and he called the police. She stalked him. STALKED him. She went as far as to put a bra a BRA on his front door cause he has a new livein. Please please don’t let me do this when I get older.

  27. Meow Mix said

    That 50year oldish person would get along just fine with Tracy, they are both stalkers.


  28. NowIGetIt said

    Funny thing is, she’s a realestate agent and tries to pass herself off as someone high class. High class my ass.

    And are some people on here scizto (sp) or what? They love Sicknpink and then they hate sicknpink. WTF? I don’t get it. And I’m only guessing here but agewise I really do hope they are not as old as I think they are cause that really scares me.

  29. Duh said

    Most of the ladies on this blog are in their mid to late 70’s.

  30. Meow Mix said

    Speak for yourself DUH. I aint THAT old and crusty!


  31. Cocktail Anyone? said

    Hey NowIGetItsaid!

    So what’s wrong with being 50thish! Shit! Don’t be so quick to kick us to the curb. I can kick your ass with the best of them. You little snot nose! .

    Only kidding dear…. it’s tea time!

  32. Duh said

    Check my new video! haha

  33. Meow Mix said

    Tea time? What happened to Happy Hour????


  34. Cocktail Anyone? said

    Luves the video!

  35. Cocktail Anyone? said

    I am happy every hour! Sometimes, I need a break! Especially when people piss me off big time!

  36. Cocktail Anyone? said

    Why do some people feel that everyone over 50 is an old fart? Hey, I may be old to some of you, but I’m not farting dust yet!

  37. Cocktail Anyone? said

    I enjoy your disgusting comments, your insane humor but most of all the delicious drama that you all create.

    It keeps me in the main stream. Thanks!

  38. Duh said

    Mom? Is that you?

  39. Meow Mix said

    You are welcome to partake of the drama anytime you like. Right DUH? DUH? What the…. get OUT of my litterbox bitch!

    HOS! meoooooooooooowwwwwww

  40. Duh said

    I’m sorry. I was looking for some of those candy coated treats. You know, the ones that are creamy in the middle.

  41. Meow Mix said

    You were lookin in the wrong place! How many times have I told you this? You do not listen. Hey, wait a second….what exactly did you DO to my litter box????


  42. Duh said

    My kitty thinks your kitty is gross.

  43. Meow Mix said

    My kitties HATE your kitties. How you like them apples?

  44. Duh said

    My kitty has a bunch of friends that will kick yo ass.

  45. Meow Mix said

    Yeah well I have a bunch of DOGS that will bite yo ass!!

  46. NowIGetIt said

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with 50 on up. I guess I just figured we grew out of somethings…I was hoping

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