High Hopes thinks that Tracy’s tactics are “slimey”.

  “First of all I am disappointed that you put the pm out here on this blog. You are right it is slimey that you did this. I did nothing to you. ”  said by High Hopes on PT Lies

Private message, e-mail, it’s all the same right?  There is some expectation of privacy by most people.  Is it ever appropriate to display a conversation over the internet? 

I’ll go ahead and put this out there.  I don’t care if anyone posts anything that I’ve said.  I don’t say things behind people’s backs that I wouldn’t say straight to their face.  Obviously if you read this blog you know that I pretty much put everything out on the table when it comes to my opinions.  I’m always open and polite to anyone who has the AUDACITY to disagree with me.  I also have no problem admitting that I’m wrong.  OK, sometimes I have a tiny problem admitting I’m wrong, but I’m never stubborn to the point of closed mindedness.   If I’m presented with a conversation, letter, e-mail or other correspondence I’ve written, I can usually read it with very little suffering and humiliation.  If it’s posted on a public forum the traits I just described usually protect me from embarrassment. 

So when it comes to the public display of personal messages, I think it is totally appropriate to post them.  If a person is publically lying about something, and you have proof in a private message, I believe it is your duty as a good American to post it.  If a private message holds information that is useful to you or to anyone else, why not post it?  If someone sends you a hateful, grammer-mistake-filled e-mail about your website/meal ticket, by all means, POST AWAY!!  I’m behind you 100%.

What I don’t understand is the absolute HORROR that some of the PTer’s project when THEIR e-mails and private messages are posted.   Why is it OK for you to guffaw over someone’s e-mail?  Why are your rights to privacy somehow more important than theirs?  I really don’t get it.  Is it only because of their choice to be in Mary Kay? 

So for once, I am siding with Tracy.  Go ahead and post other people’s e-mails.  I’ll give you and the First Amendment a standing “O”. 

Tracy might want to talk to High Hopes though.  Apparently, she has some kind of problem with this.   When her PM to Zoe was put on the PT Lies blog, she replied with the quote at the top of the article.   I believe Sickie had a problem when I posted her e-mails on my other blog, but at least she didn’t call the act “slimey”.   You see, even though they would never tell Tracy that this behavior is not “OK”, that’s what they really believe.   I don’t agree with them, but I respect the fact that it’s how they feel about the subject. 

So the real question is, when are the people that don’t agree with Tracy’s behavior going to stop making excuses for her?  When are they going to stop denying their own standards and morals so that they are “allowed” to play at PT?


  1. Wait so let me get this straight, PT (as a collective group) is OK with posting ‘Hate Mail’ from people, but NOT OK with other people posting THEIR hate mail?

    How do you spell hypocrite again? I always get that one wrong….

    H-I-P-P-O…. damn!

    Duh, grammar is spelled grammar – and thank you again for a wonderful post.

  2. If I write it, post it. I have no real problem with such things being posted, as long as they are ported by the party either sending or receiving the original email/PM/whatever. I have a HUGE problem with posting things between two thirds parties (which isn’t the situation here or on PT, yet).

    If I say something stupid, can’t spell, or just make typos (Me? Neevr!), well then fuck me. I should have been paying more attention, or not drunk-PMing, or texting or whatever.

  3. Meow Mix said

    The only time I don’t think it’s cool to put something up is if you specifically said it’s between you and the person you are having that private convo with. Anything else would be fare game I guess.

    **Shout out to my ex friend Sickie – up Tracy’s ass yo**

    Bitches and hos….meeeeeeoooooowwwwwww

  4. I think that the term ‘Private Message’ is a misnomer. It doesn’t mean ‘private, secret, and protected’ message. It means it’s simply not posted on the public board. It is still on the forum’s server, and the forum owner can still look at it. I don’t think it’s against the law to re-post what someone has said in a PM. After all, its your message too.

  5. Meow Mix said

    I forgot to tell my ex friend sickie one other thing…

    OMG I’m posting from work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH


  6. PinkTruthProtector(NOT) said

    LEAVE SICKIE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Temper, temper!



  8. CatsRUs said

    Until I came to PTLies and this blog, I had no idea a forum administrator could (or would want to) read private messages. Scary. If someone is PM’ing someone and is vulgar or threatening or even stalking them, I would report it to the owner and expect something be done. Anything else would require a significant amount of discernment, I would hope. People do deserve to be treated with respect and dignity if they are not breaking any posting (private or public) rules.

    However, submissions to contact sections of blogs, websites or forums are totally fair game, imo. Posting private info along with their email to the webmaster.

    Simply treat others the way you want to be treated.

  9. CatsRUs said

    …Posting private info along with their email to the webmaster should be a matter of discernment (and tact).

  10. Meow Mix said

    CatsRUs. One problem with reporting vulgarity to the administrator…the administrator is the one doing it! LOL


  11. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    CatsRUs… it’s true. How can you report vulgarity to a forum administrator when they themselves are guilty of the same or worse behavior?

    That damn hypocrisy word gets me every time…

    H-I-P-P-Y…. damn!

  12. CatsRUs said

    SHMNBN…..ah yes, you’re right! Forgive me, I was thinking of normal people 😛

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