News of the weird

Written by Meow Mix

 Mich. man in wheelchair takes wild ride (AP)

AP – A 21-year-old man got the ride of a lifetime when his electric wheelchair became lodged in the grille of a semitrailer and was pushed down a highway for several miles at about 50 mph.

Airline staff convicted for rerouting plane (Reuters)

Reuters – A Milan court handed out suspended jail sentences to two managers and a pilot at Italian airline AirOne for re-directing a flight without telling passengers until they were on board.

Breaking (stupid) news

picALTNail technicians everywhere can rest easy: The “spa bandit” accused of skipping out on bills for manicures, pedicures, massages, Brazilian waxes and various other services has been arrested in Illinois.

Who moooved my PJs?

picALTVirginia police are searching for the dastardly vandal who — we are not making this up — stole the pajamas off a cow statue and ran them up a flagpole at a Chick-fil-A restaurant. Also, the cow is gone.

It’s a jungle out there

picALTHank Hill would be so proud: A Texas woman was jailed for NOT mowing her lawn in a long-running dispute over her yard. (The best part: The judge even offered to mow her lawn himself.)


  1. Duh said

    Is Mommy using shredded newpaper in your litterbox instead of that good crystal stuff? Is that where you got these stories?

    Good Kitty.

  2. Meow Mix said

    The crystal stuff is bad for my paws. Arm & Hammer and Tidy Cat work the bestest for me. Don’t hate.


  3. Duh said

    Look at my avatar!!!

  4. Meow Mix said

    Yours looked way too much like mine. So I changed mine. Stop copying me, you two bit whore.


  5. Shit, duh, I can’t even READ your avvie – what’s it say?

  6. Duh said

    It says “Jesus Loves You, but I think your an asshole.”

  7. Love it. Simply love it!

  8. Duh said

    Except it would be you’re

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