BFB Mailbag: INOUIW Speaks Out

This is an e-mail I received today:


I try to stay away from the blogging world these days but had to write you
when I saw your most recent post.  I am writing this in response to Personal
Use Recruiter’s comments on the Pink Truth discussion board.  It really
outraged me because as much as PTers would like to act as though they are
all warm fuzzies & kisses, they are not.  Especially to those that they
perceive to be at all pink or a threat.

When PUR stated:
“Wow, they grilled and insulted you over there? I am not surprised. Yikes!!!
Can’t reason with them OR ask a simple question, I guess.”  I nearly fell
out of my chair!  Let me tell you about the PUR I know.

The first time that I encountered Personal Use Recruiter was on the former
Mary Kay Voices blog.  This was deemed a neutral site and had people from
different sides of the Mary Kay fence that posted frequently.  When this
site began, I was questioning my feelings about MK and was open about how I
felt.  I often talked with others on there about the pro’s and con’s of MK.

Well, one day, Tracy posted a link to MKV from Pink Truth for an article
that one of the site owners had written.  PUR found her way there and began
to attack me.  She did not agree that MK had any good points and tried to
shove her views down my throat.  There was no open dialogue or trying to
‘help me see the light’.  She just attacked me personally and started her
tirade of prove it, prove it.  I would ask her a question and she would just
belittle me and then tell me to send her my taxes to ‘prove’ anything that I
said.  Then began the personal attacks.  Her and another PTer that I won’t
mention began to make fun of my screenname.  Their exact words were ‘how
obnoxious is that?’ and they also stated that I was lying about having kids.
  They excused it as ‘you know those kaybots will say anything to get pity’.
  They belittled me and degrated me to the point of 1 of the blog owners
threatening to ban PUR if she did not back off and act in a civilized
manner.  She got multiple warnings before she finally left.  Thats how bad
it was.

So my question is, where was the love and open arms that they speak of?  I
was questioning MK and what I felt I needed to do.  Did they offer any
constructive solutions?  No.  All they did was make me feel like I was a
worthless human being and chase me off the blog. Then they went back over to
Pink Truth and continued it there.

I find it ironic that PUR would state:
“No one likes to be around people who care only for themselves and elevating
their own perceived prestige by tearing down others.”
You sure couldn’t prove it to me.  It seems as though Pink Truth was built
by people who revel in tearing others down.  They tear down people all the
time.  What is the caption this photo for every week if not to tear down
people?  Are they posting really motivating and positive messages for those?
  I doubt it.  What about tearing down the directors and consultants that
they refer to kaybots?  Is that a term of endeament?  Does that really mean
I love you on PT?  Aren’t they victims too?  Shouldn’t they have pity and
compassion on them?  Not unless Tracy says so.

Berry Dawn states:
” We are a safe, caring place to heal and move on from all MLM. And we have
an opportunity to reach out and help others daily.”
But what many of the women on Pink Truth don’t know is the nasty and
meanspirited things that have been done to women who were looking for
answers.  Trust me, there’s more than just me.  I’m not the only one.  There
wouldn’t be so many posters on PTLies and Somecalledmeduh if I was the only

Thanks for letting me vent.


  1. Meow Mix said

    I was there when this happened. Even though we all eventually worked through all that bashing, it is still ironic that PUR would even have the nerve to say what she is saying when she did the exact same thing to my friend INOUIW!!!! What a hypocrite!


  2. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    ooh oooh Paris is going to jail! LOL

    anyway – INOUIW – you definitely aren’t the only one.

  3. PC said


    I just wanted to tell INOUIW:

    I was Tracy’s good friend for 18 months. I even let her reroute all of my blog traffic to herself when I decided to quit mine last year.

    I did a lot for her – and yet she still threw me out of PT in march, because I dared to question some of her nasty behavior.

    I am very anti-MLM and anti-MK, but even *I* was thrown out and deemed “not worthy”.

    So there you have it. It doesn’t matter who you are; if you stop kissing her butt for more than 2 seconds, she’ll toss you and call you names.

    She called me a “dirty rotten slut” on her private board on PT.

    Tells you a lot, doesn’t it?

  4. I would be interested to see a poll of people who Tracy called a ‘friend’ and then stabbed in the back. It wouldn’t need names, just numbers.

    And a poll of people who have been banned from PT, just the numbers.

    Duh, can you do that on a blog?

  5. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    The first time I got into an argument with Tracy was for this same reason.

    We both were members of a now defunct Yahoo board. The current topic was a discussion about whether or not MK was in fact an MLM. We all agreed that it was and that “dual marketing” was just a term MK made up to make it sound better.

    I brand new member who was still kind of feeling her way around the board and coming out of the fog commented that she wasn’t sure that MK was an MLM because her director told her it wasn’t (poor little innocent thing!).

    Well lemme tell ya…..Tracy (at that point she was still just “tracyred06”) pounced all over her! The newbie tried to defend herself, but Tracy wouldn’t let up. Nobody posted anything to try to stop her so I tried to jump in. I told the newbie not to worry and that the members of the board were all in different stages of getting out of MK. I explained that some folks, like myself, just thought MK was scammy and not for them, while others, like Tracy, were much more aggressive about their opinion. I told her that I chalked it up to a learning experience and could laugh about it, whereas it seemed that maybe Tracy got hurt a little more by her experience in MK.

    I sent Tracy a personal e-mail and tried to ask her to take it down a notch. That maybe we could still get the message across without busting people’s balls and publicly humiliating them. That’s when Tracy started posting on the board about me. Her posts were nasty, condescending, and smarmy. They weren’t warm and fuzzy. They didn’t come from “a safe, caring place to heal”. They were filled with venom and rage. She told me to “shut the fuck up” and mind my own business. Nice, huh?

    Over the course of the next couple days I received lots of private messages from other members who were shocked by her antics. I think that was the first time folks started to see the real Tracy.

    I know it’s childish, but it feels so good to finally hear other people say that they think she’s crazy, too. I’ve thought she was ever since this encounter I’ve described above, but I never really made my opinion known because I knew she had charmed so many people and didn’t want to feel the backlash. I seriously thought I’d burst into tears when I found this site last month, I was so happy. I thought I recognized some of the posters on here and was glad to find some old friends. Thanks, Duh, for making sure the other side of the story got out. 🙂

  6. Duh said

    Hey don’t thank me! If it wasn’t for “No Trolls” I never would have started this site. I also want to shout out to Melissa aka Me. Even though a lot of you guys don’t agree with her, she was the first one to publically take on Tracy Coenen. She’s ballsy, and I like that in a woman!

  7. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    *giggle* Duh likes balls on a woman *giggle*

  8. Meow Mix said

    I didn’t know DUH swung that way. Props to you DUH. ME has some balls yes. But I think she is just as angry as Tracy is, in her own way. I think she can be over the top. Though sometimes she makes good points, I can’t deny that.


  9. Duh said

    Well Meow, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being angry. There is such a thing at justifiable anger. For example, if Tracy was angry at corporate for not addressing the problems in MK, I think that would be justifiable even though not everyone would agree with her. Her being angry at people for not agreeing with her every opinion is irrational and can’t be justified.

  10. lol said

    I just heard that Tracy’s been badmouthing this book on PT!

    She says the authors asked her to write a foreword – nope. They asked Robert Fitzpatrick, and he already wrote it for them.

    The people over there badmouthing that book are gonna look pretty silly eventually.

  11. Me said

    Wow, Duh–I’m flattered (I think). Thanks for the kudos!

  12. LOL Tracy is just trying to start shit as usual. Can we expect better from her? Nope.

    I mean, why would anyone who is so ANTI-MK be bashing an ANTI-MK book? That makes no sense…

    I think she’s just jealous… because that book is almost done and hers isn’t off the ground yet.

  13. CatsRUs said

    lol: The authors should be GRATEFUL they didn’t engage in any business transactions with Tracy. Could you only imagine if she had a part in that book and then had a disagreement with the authors? The horrors.

  14. Duh said

    On another thread a poster named “Scribbler” was supposedly putting information together for a book. They spoke about getting it published through one of those vanity presses. Anyway she asked Tracy if she would either write a forward or an introduction or something and she said she would if she had say over what was in the book.

    If somebody can find that thread I’ll post it. It was pretty entertaining.

    I thought Tracy’s book was coming out in the fall? Now PT Lies is saying March? Can I wait almost a YEAR for what is sure to be the greatest story ever told? I don’t know.

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