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Tracy posted this on the discussion board:

TRACY pinktruth
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Help with my business blog, please?
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Some of you already know about this… others do not.

I have a great ranking with my biz blog on a legal website… and I’d like to keep it that way. Any chance you could give me some clicks???

Here’s the site:

My blog is The FRAUDfiles Blog. Give me a click several times throughout the day. And by all means do NOT give anyone else on that list a click. LOL

Thank you….:heart: :heart: :heart:

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The PINK TRUTH will set you free.


Then there are like two or three pages of comments about how they are all clicking away giving her hits!!  I guess it’s all worth it to further The Cause. 

The Cause = Tracy’s Ego




    I guarantee she has used the same artificial tactics to inflate the popularity at the PT discussion board. Why do you think she keeps post-happy people like Sickie and PB&J around?

  2. Meow Mix said

    LOL so so stupid.


  3. mkrules said

    It must be so rewarding to have so many hits knowing you have to literally ask for them. This is sad to me, for real.

  4. Duped said

    Just because I am feeling bitchy and flu-ridden tonight – I went and gave the other sites all clicks. LOL

    If you want your site to be more popular, how about putting something worthwhile on it instead of fabricating popularity by asking all your friends to click your blog link? Isn’t that fraud in itself, Tracy? Using this method, you are not popular because of the content and merit of your site, but because you asked all your web friends to click your page link. For a fraud investigator, that seems pretty shady.

  5. turdontherun said

    holy crap that is sad LOL

  6. FreeFromMK said

    NO! She is trying to chase away all the links to My Pink Truth, PT Lies, and Duh’s work of art here! Personally, I’ve been googling Tracy Coenen and clicking on any reference to these sites…Is that helping us get the TRUTH out about TRACY COENEN, CPA???

  7. FreeFromMK said

    Oops, I meant Tracy Coenen, FRAUD INVESTIGATOR!

  8. CatsRUs said

    It’s a “numbers game” for her. She mows any competition down by slandering them and spewing malicious gossip about them. SHE has been behind the divide of any group including Mary Kay Voices, in my opinion. There was a group willing to create a sense of unity amongst all the Mary Kay groups. But, Nooooooooo. WHO had to infiltrate it? Tracy. Whenever Tracy happens to someone or something, it changes and not for the good especially if it is not part of her “plan”.

    Amazing to watch her beg for interest on her site. Since the numbers are so important to her, I am wondering how she will respond when they naturally diminish because people DO move on with their lives.

  9. CatsRUs said

    Seems her Pink Truth site is supposed to promote the Sequence-Inc site, or is it the other way around? My crystal ball tells me she’ll set up yet another website for her book WITH LOTSA ADS, then have a blog for it WITH LOTSA ADS and then perhaps a store WITH LOTSA ADS!

    I’ve always thought she secretly admires the NSD’s, especially the likes of Gloria Mayfield Banks. Rarely do I see anything bad written about her, because I believe she’s a role model for Tracy. Think about it. Gloria has the educational accolades AND she is marketing herself on the net aligning herself with promotional speakers and making a tidy profit…….hmmmm. Tracy inspired by Mary Kay.

  10. Dana said

    That’s pathetic!!!

  11. whateva said

    That was so kind of her to post that link. Now we all can click on everything but hers.

  12. Whateva, are you Tracy? Why would you post a link to clickity click to where Tracy wants people to clickity click?

  13. whateva said

    You didnt read all of my post – we can click on every link but hers.

  14. haha said

    I’m so there…

  15. Oh, sorry whateva. I was wrong… I replied before I read it right.

    I apologize!

  16. whateva said

    No problem she. Its all good!

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