It’s just another case of history repeating itself.

I found this thread on Pink Lighthouse:

At the time this was written Pink Truth was called Mary Kay Sucks.  MK Survivors is another group that though still in existence, is not as popular as it once was.  It is run by a girl named Laura who according to the ladies on this thread became a control freak who banned anyone who didn’t agree with her.

Now MK Survivors is accused of becoming too “pink” which is definitely NOT the same situation that is happening on Pink Truth.  It’s just interesting to note that in both cases instead of allowing the free flow of ideas, the administrators decide to ban people.   Apparently Tracy didn’t notice what happened to MK Survivors when banning became rampant.  Readership fell and the site is not even a player in the anti MK blogosphere.  (That last sentence makes me weep for humanity.)

Interesting highlights on this thread include a comment about how wrong it is to “out” people which MK Survivors had done.  Tracy is surprisingly quiet on that issue.   Another tidbit comes from Tracy herself.  And I quote: “it’s hard to live under a dictatorship in which the dictator is bipolar. ”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!


  1. Please note that this thread is from AUGUST 2006.

    You have to realize that a lot of the ‘information’ that the posters had on this thread CAME from Tracy…

    She was always referring to LR and her “flying monkeys.”

    I am sure you will find that the majority of the people from PLH who posted to this thread are now -banned- from PT.

  2. page6 said
    you have to go to this page 6 to see tracy’s comments (or some of them at least)

    notice that everyone on there supporting tracy is now banned from PT. that thread is how old?

    It’s like history repeating itself. *shivers*

  3. ScrewU said

    Wasn’t it funny when Tracy said this:


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    Re: Add me to the list of banned from MKS..
    « Reply #82 on: August 22, 2006, 05:05:58 PM » Quote

    Aw….thanks H8. You’re too kind.

    Well, anyway, back to MKS…. it’s hard to live under a dictatorship in which the dictator is bipolar.

    Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?

  4. Meow Mix said

    It’s like rain….on your wedding day………


  5. Reality Check said

    I don’t know where else to post this, so it’s going here. I posted this on PT but wouldn’t ya know it, it didn’t go through. (so shocking) So I posted it over on Me’s blog, but she was away so it kind of got lost in the shuffle. I am going to repost it here, if it’s okay with you, duh. Thanks. Here is an exact copy of what I posted on Me’s blog:

    I just posted this comment on PT. I doubt she will put it through, so I am attempting to post it here because I’m pretty sure you will:

    We all are where we are because of the choices we’ve made or the choices we’ve allowed others to make for us. I’m no fan of Mary Kay, but I am a fan of life. I believe that life should be celebrated, and in order to live life fully we must all stop whining, stop blaming, and start taking personal responsibility for our current reality. Let’s not stay stuck in the past. It’s over. Many of you here have very legitimate complaints with the MK company and you have every right to speak boldly against that which you perceive to be evil, damaging, and destructive. But my advice (unsolicited, I know) is to get over it and MOVE ON. Your life is waiting!

    And before you assault me with “SHUT UP, we’re in the healing process here”, think again. Picking at a scab over and over again is not healthy. It will never heal, and the resulting scar will prove to be much more visible and unsightly when you’re done picking.

    Now this part here I could NOT put into a comment over on PT because I am positive it would not have been allowed, so why try? But since the lot of them secretly read this blog, I thought I’d stick it here:

    I used to buy into their position that PT provides a service– a place to heal, if you will. But I quite suddenly reached a saturation point with all the WHINING. It all at once hit me like a tons of bricks that THIS IS GOING NOWHERE. You can either sit around and bitch all day long about how horrible MK is, OR, you could actually look at YOURSELF, accept how you may have brought this on YOURSELF, take the blame, forgive others, and MOVE ON. If Mary Kay is not a match for you, it is NOT MKC’s fault. If you are in extreme debt due to inventory purchases, it is NOT MKC’s fault. Granted, your director may have been selfish, miserable, mean, cold, callous, and calculating, but we all are grown women with brains. You have to be 18 yrs old to join Mary Kay. There are no children being coerced, raped, pillaged, manipulated, and the like through the MK company. At the risk of sounding like a kaybot, I’ll say it anyway– no one held a gun to your head. (Incidentally, I am OUT of MK and no fan of MK)

    We live in a blaming society. We all have PhD’s in “VICTIMOLOGY”. We are not willing to take personal responsiblity for our own behaviours and our own realities. We blame everyone but US. It is sick, really. Our children are being raised to be selfish, entitled little brats, and we as parents are so self-absorbed, angry, and whiny that we hardly notice it!

    IMHO, the PinkTruth website is simply a reflection of what our society has become. It gives women the opportunity to bitch, whine, complain, and blame in a guilt-free forum! No one there is going to call them on it! Why not? Because Tracy won’t allow any of those comments to go through. Tracy Coenen is more concerned about HER legacy and her career than she is about helping any of these women heal. If she REALLY wanted to bring healing and peace to their lives, she would link to mental health professionals, healing ministries, etc. But no. Tracy links to no one.

    At first, I felt a certain measure of sympathy or even empathy for these PT’ers, but now I feel nothing but disgust. I’m disgusted that they have CHOSEN to sell themselves short by giving their stories, their time, and in some cases their finances to Tracy Coenen. What a colossal waste of LIFE.

  6. yep said

    the above post definitely belongs on Me’s site. lol don’t worry about other people stewing – eventually everyone gets over it and moves on, that’s why there’s so much turnover on the sites every few months. at least there’s places to get the dirt on Mary kay now even if you have to put up with people who have gigantic egos!

  7. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    I completely agree, Reality Check. Tracy isn’t “healing” anyone. If people heal, they leave, and if they leave they’re saying they don’t need her anymore. She’s not important. The faster people heal, the faster Pink Truth will become irrelevant. Really the only way PT can thrive is to continue stirring the pot.

    Some of the longtime posters over there have become enablers. They make everyone so co-dependent on everyone else. It’s like checking yourself into rehab, but never checking out. How sad to live your life like that. Rehab isn’t meant to be a destination. It’s just a stop on the trip through life.

  8. New To Pink said

    Realilty Check, nice post. In particular, I love what you say about responsibility and blame. It’s high time people in this world start taking responsibility for their actions and quit blaming others for their mistakes.
    I do happen to be in MK and like it so far, but MK’s not for everyone. I also haven’t had (and don’t expect to have) the experiences some have had, thankfully.

  9. Me said

    TCSA, what a great line–“rehab isn’t meant to be a destination. It’s just a stop on the trip through life.”

    RealityCheck, I responded tonight on my blog to your comment. Did you see it?

  10. New To Pink said

    TCSA, I too like that line!

  11. I LOVE CATS said

    I love this part:
    Tracy Coenen is more concerned about HER legacy and her career than she is about helping any of these women heal. If she REALLY wanted to bring healing and peace to their lives, she would link to mental health professionals, healing ministries, etc. But no. Tracy links to no one.

    Damn, that’s so true. Tracy Coenen doesn’t care about anyone but herself, as evidenced by her refusal to link to anyone else! What an ENABLER! Her site totally depends on these women staying angry. I have to really watch myself, cuz I could stay angry at Tracy for years. I too need to move on. But for right now, I hate her. 🙂

  12. FreeFromMK said

    She is Lord Voldemort.

  13. What What said

    I remember reading this thread when I first joined PL and thinking, “Whew, I’m glad I didn’t join MKS!” LR sounded like she had some control issues, but they don’t compare in the least to TC – one dictator replaced another! Thankfully I haven’t been important enough for TC to pay much attention to me – bitch, doesn’t she know how cool and important I am?! Ho-bagG!

  14. Hey now, FFMK … -I AM LORD VOLDEMORT!-

  15. WishICould... said

    Ooh, deja vu.
    Scary how history repeats itself…

  16. Meow Mix said

    HE who must not be named is Voldermort! HA! HArry Potter comes out in JULY!!! WOOHOO!!!!


  17. Meow Mix said

    YEHAW I made it into chat for about 15 seconds and then they said “HI JULZ” and “BYE JULZ” and I was banned! HA. I knew Tracy already knew my user name because of the email link. Owell. I must try again! 😉

  18. FreeFromMK said

    Meow, you just wait. This is the book deal that Tracy was talking about! SHE who must not be named! Mark my words, she’s gonna be in book 7!

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