Caption what?

Jesus Tracy can’t you get anything right?  This is the worst photo to have to caption!  What are you supposed to do with the back of people’s heads?

But I still put it up because I know how much it bothers you.  And I like to bother you.


  1. NowIGetIt said

    I’m hoping it all worked with the photobucket! Anytime just let me know.

  2. 'Sup said

    Wow. Now, why would she choose that one? And what would people even have to say about it? Make fun of back of the audience members heads? Dork.

  3. turdontherun said

    just to prove she could get a picture from leadership or whatever this was.


  4. Me said

    It’s from the NSD trip. They were told about the product changes on the trip. I still think it’s funny she said “tell Mary Kary how you really feel” when she has the picture on the discussion board which is private.

  5. Duh said

    Me, don’t you know that MKC has infiltrated that board? C’mon, they are ALL OVER PT! They have secret agents in there 24/7 patroling the boards for info.

  6. Me said

    I guess you’re right–whatever got into me to forget THAT??

  7. Meow Mix said

    I don’t get it.


  8. New To Pink said

    I guess this was to show PTers the NSD bad hair day — Why would TC make this caption that photo when it was on the blog front page with the new lipsticks photo??? Everyone already saw it. Geez! I guess she couldn’t come up with better boring drivel.

  9. Meow Mix said

    That’s what I’m sayin yo. I don’t get it. This was a retarded choice for T.C. to caption. She *really* must have nothing else good to share…..she losin her touch? oh yeah.


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