MK Blogs Week In Review: June 2 – June 8

  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’m late.  Sue me.  (Tracy, that’s a joke.  Don’t really sue me.)  It’s just that with all the rumors going around about me and the other blog owners, I feel like I’m going to breakdown or something. 

 It’s all I can think about.  Why is Tracy, Sickie, PUR and all those other ladies making up stuff about me?  I don’t get it, and it makes me really upset.  For real.  Sometimes when I’m taking a shower, I’ll just sit in the bathtub and cry.  And I can’t tell you the number of nights I’ve fallen asleep with tears on my pillow.  It’s really getting hard to function during the day too.  I just keep breaking down and crying.  Yesterday I went to Wal Mart and screamed in the face of every red head chick I passed.  I was almost arrested!  I’m losing it folks!

So here’s your god damn Week in Review.  I hope it’s worth it.

Pink Truth:   I wasn’t the only one having a mental episode this week.  Tracy went wacko one day and posted like 10 times.  That’s not the crazy part though.  The crazy part is it was the most boring series of posts in the history of man kind!  My patience with PT and her crappy posts are wearing thin.  I may just stop reading it.  Maybe.

My Pink Truth:   The big story?  Melissa goes on vacation and *gasp* leaves the blog unattended for almost the whole week.  How dare she?

PT Lies:    We all love when PTer’s come to harass us, and this week was no less entertaining.  “HelpIAmConfused” made a couple of digs at the blog and the readers over there.  When she was met with animosity (surprise, surprise) she became “IAmNoLongerConfused”.   Apparently she learned that when you act shitty to people, they have a tendency to act shitty back.  I’m glad she’s cleared up on that.  “Chaos Tamer” (her name on PT) then went on the post a thread on the Pink Truth discussion board blasting the “anti PT” blogs for their bad behavior.  The thread then turned into a “Why we are so wonderful, and why they are the devil” type thing with everyone giving Tracy the obligatory ass kiss.  Sounds like just about every thread on PT if you ask me.

MK Rules:   I don’t think there have been any PT visitors over there this week.  Are they slacking or is MK Rules deleting there comments?  I don’t know, you’d have to ask her.  It seems her blog chugged along smoothly giving out the MK advice.  I found little Miss MK Rules on My Space and friend requested her.  We’ll see if I’m good enough to be her friend.

Fuchsia:   This is so not fair!  Fuchsia posted only two new entries last week, and I didn’t see one person bitching at her.  I skip ONE DAY and I’m a loser-ho-slacker from hell.  I think I’m going to make this blog a Pro MK blog.  They are so less demanding!   Fuchsia countered what I like to call the “Tracy Blogging Blitz”.  She also links over to MK Honesty’s post on My Pink Truth.  I forgot about that!! 

THE Newspaper mention:   I forgot about this story from the beginning of the week.  Pink Truth got a mention in the newspaper.  Since most of the blogs covered this, I thought it deserved it’s own section.  In what Tract called a Mary Kay fluff story, the reporter made a mention of the anti MK sentiments on the internet and Pink Truth in particular.  What Tracy didn’t bargain for is the open forum in which many anti PTer’s could voice THEIR opinions on the subject.  That’s what you get for leaving the sanctity of your own forum. 

There.  Satisfied?


  1. NowIGetIt said

    Well not when you put it that way..:) I do hope you feel better about things very soon. You can’t let them have this kind of control over you. You are in a much better place and they are not!

  2. Aww, poor Duh. (didn’t have to go the fuck off on us tho! )

    And poor red-headed chicks at Walmart.

  3. Duh said

    OK dumbasses. That first part is a joke. Sheesh.

  4. Dana said

    Okay, okay, I’m sorry for calling you a dumb ho for being late.

    Next time I promise to wait until at least Monday afternoon before calling you a dumb ho. I reserve the right to use “ridiculous skank” anytime after Sunday evening, if necessary.

  5. Duh said

    Just know that calling me names does affect the quality of my work. I’m a sensitive soul though a seem thick skinned…

  6. Meow Mix said

    Wow you sure are sensitive DUH


  7. Duh said

    I am a delicate flower.

    Now STFU.

  8. Oh now we’re dumbasses for believing you. That hurts.

    *Off to curl up in a corner somewhere and wimper*

  9. Duh said

    Yeah, you probably shouldn’t believe it when I say I have emotions. Because I really really don’t.

    My soul is black and empty.


  10. mkrules said

    Duh, check myspace …we are officially “friends”. P.S. I don’t delete comments unless they are outting someone, or really really rude. Other views are tolerated. Who do I look like, TC?

  11. Dana said

    You have a soul?!?! Guess I shouldn’t believe everything (or anything) I read on the PT “discussion” board.

  12. Duh said

    My spirit man is teeny tiny. Like ant sized.

  13. NowIGetIt said

    Damn it – I should have known better is all I can say.

  14. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    when are you gonna write the last part of your MK I story??? Did i miss it? last i remember was you standing at the back of the MK meeting room, “not dancing”.

    GAWD. What is wrong with you? I mean, I know Tracy’s having a virtual meltdown and all, but you are much more interesting than her!!!

  15. Meow Mix said

    You scurrrrrr me DUH.


  16. New To Pink said

    They make pills for breakdowns.

    *off to my happy place*

  17. shadesofpink said

    YouAintNoDaisy brings up a good point–where is the rest of your MK Story? Inquiring Minds want to know! 😉

  18. Duh said

    Yeah, I’m on the I story too.

    I just keep getting all these interesting e-mails from people with stuff from the discussion board. I get a little side tracked.

  19. shadesofpink said

    Well, I didn’t mean to italicize everything there. Just IS. 😛

  20. Duped said

    Thank God, I was beginning to get the DT’s. I was jonesing for a fix from your site…’bout fucking time. 🙂

  21. Meow Mix said

    LOL Duped just said fucking. hehehehe


  22. Well, my third alter ego “Josephine” has been banned. Make that another “new member” for Tracy, and another ne member of the “Dirty ‘Dozen'”

  23. NowIGetIt said

    What could a princess do to get banned? I’m at a loss

  24. Dana said

    So far Tracy hasn’t figured out my alter ego…… hehe. Wow, I said “ego” and “tracy” in the same sentence and I wasn’t even talking about hers! Shocking!

  25. NowIGetIt said

    I posted this part 3, but PUR (personal use recruiter) was brand new to the discussion board on May 10th and by today, June 11th this person has accumulated 1,155 posts. That’s over 40 posts a day and does not include all the other sites posted on in addition to the crap stories on the PT site. No way this person has a life.

  26. ScrewU said

    Could someone please retrieve the caption that photo off the discussion board and send it to Duh? Obviously, Tracy DOES look at this site because she knows that Duh is taking her pictures.
    It’s so fun to piss her off

  27. Meow Mix said

    I’d like to figure out how Tracy is tracking this shit because I used an anonymous server that is supposed to hide IP addresses and I was still banned. Hmmm…


  28. NowIGetIt said

    Maybe she’s banning all people who like cats?

  29. Banning101 said

    Doesn’t matter if you surf anonymously, in order to register for her board, you have to use an email address. You have can 1000 email addresses, all fake, but if they generate/send from the same computer(s) you’ve been using before, all she has to do is match the IP on your most recent email. I don’t think that surfing anonymizers give your emails random IPs. You’ve got to move between computers she doesn’t recognize.

  30. NowIGetIt said

    But how would she get the IP info from this site to compare with hers? And I apologize in advance if this is a really stupid question.

  31. Meow Mix said

    But I didn’t click on the link from the email addy. I copied and pasted into the appropriate box, while using the anonymous server. That’s why I don’t get it…..edumacate me baby!


  32. mkrules said

    Blog owners can block you by IP address, email, or name. If you don’t use a different computer, but try different email, she will still know it is a “troll”.

  33. Dana said

    When I get home, I’ll send Duh the picture. 🙂 Since I got banned from my work computer. You know, despite never posting at all!

  34. NowIGetIt said

    I can’t send the pic through my anonymous mail account. However, if Duh or someone has a place where one can post pictures I can put it there.

  35. Duh said

    Sign up at

    upload the pic then either send me the URL link or post it here

  36. Me said

    Does anyone think it’s sort of funny that Tracy puts the picture on the discussion board and then says, “tell Mary Kay Cosmetics how you really feel!” Does she think Darrell Overcash is a member of her board?

  37. NowIGetIt said

    I sent it from that same email account. I have never used the photobucket before so I hope I did this correctly.

  38. NowIGetIt said

    I’m pretty sure I did. I tested it from another internet explorer. I spent all day waiting for an IT guy that never showed. Geez another day at work doing nothing.

  39. Cats against PUR said

    About PUR. She doesn’t have a life. 40 posts a day on the PT discussion board? Seems extreme, but like Tracy, the internet is her world.
    A little education for your poor souls: PUR (personal use recruiter) has never been in Mary Kay. (Well, that’s NOT true. She WAS a personal use consultant) But her real experience with home based business failure was with *another company not MK*. She was a very successful director (or equivalent) in *another company not MK*. She finally saw the light about MLM and got out. It apparently caused quite a stir in the *other company not MK* ranks. But afraid for her LIFE practically (she’s totally paranoid) she doesn’t speak out publicly against *other company not MK*. She has chosen Mary Kay as her personal project. How dumb is that? She can’t come out and bash *other company not MK* for fear of nasty repercussions, so she has taken on Mary Kay with a vitriol like none other I’ve ever seen. She’s rude, hateful, mean, vindictive, cruel, paranoid as hell, untrusting, suspicious, and arrogant. I have tons of screen shots of her blogging behaviour, and I’m ready to tell all if she continues to show her ass.
    Tracy used to despise PUR, but I now know that PUR is part of a newly formed private group on PT. LOL! (I heard it from a friend who…heard it from a friend who ooh ooh…heard it from another….) Funny how some of Tracy’s most loyal allies don’t know shit about Mary Kay.
    P.S. Wake up, Tracy! Some of your closest confidantes are dishing right and left behind your back. Tee hee!

    *PUR requested that I edit this comment because she felt that it gave information that would lead some to know her true identity. *

  40. Meow Mix said

    Hey you, Cats against PUR. We already found out about the super secret club like, totally, ages ago. Get wit the program yo. 😉


  41. PUR’s not brand new. She just got UNBANNED from the blog and prolly got invited to the discussion board like Jypsi and PBJ to help with the post numbers, that’s all. Sickie talked so much shit about PUR getting banned a while back and how they were all so relieved that she was gone. Fake ass bitches!! They really hate PUR!

  42. but did you know... said


  43. I LOVE CATS said

    Meow Mix, WAY too much catnip. The old private board was dissolved and now there’s a new private board, and PUR is on it. Girl, get with it! You’re way behind.
    *scratching your eyeballs out*

  44. I noticed a private room in the “chatty chat” with PUR, Sickie and Tracy in it, on Friday night. As a “new member”, I could probably have tried to go in and plead ignorance, “i just wanted to ‘meet’ the site owner!!! *gush*”, but instead decided to play with the two paranoid people who were in the Lobby – one of whom was High Hopes. Anyone try to enter there yet?

    And THAT’s how you use double quotation marks, you ignorant PT bitches! You’re as bad as the “kaybots” you piss and moan about!

  45. Meow Mix said

    Hey I LOVE CATS. I am bleeding. Profusely. Not cool. Not cool at all.

    Ok, I had no idea there was a brand new super secret inner circle club. I was, however, aware of the new super secret room in chatty chat when I infiltrated it one weekend. I tried to get in, but hence, it was password protected. Who was in it? You guessed it. Tracy, PUR and Sickie. Those little evil bitches….planning their next attack….the witches brew is getting warmer…and thicker….muaaaahhahwawaweaaaaaaaaaaaaa




  46. prolly trying to explain themselves to PUR about the shit talking behind her back. LOL

    “See what had happened wazzzzzzzzzz………”

    I let you guys finish the sentence. 😛

  47. turdontherun said

    a brand new super secret inner circle club

    does it get more junior high than this??

    *hacking up a multi colored hairball with chunks*

  48. Duped said

    Oooohhh…a super secret inner circle club! That is the shits, yo!!! Can we have one???? I want to be *just* like them!

  49. LOL said

    Is PUR the one with *Tracy would never have done this for you.* ? or was that someone else?


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