Post #100!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing to say really.  Just wanted to mark the occasion.


  1. Duh, you’re such a tease!!

  2. Meow Mix said

    DUH is good at teasing…. she made a funny. hahahahahaaaaaa……….







    douche bags.

  3. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Well then, I have something to say…….
    Here’s Tracy’s latest post on her “FRAUDfiles” blog. You know this blog, don’t you? It’s the one that NO ONE reads.
    For those who haven’t heard yet, Tracy is too stupid to hire a contractor to do simple carpentry work. Evidently this man, Tom XXXXXX, has not completed work to which she believes she is due. Rather than lodging a complaint or filing a small claims suit (both are rather simple provided she has a written, signed contract… were smart enough to get a copy of the proposal and contract weren’t you, Tracy?), she has decided to call this man a thief on a blog that gets zippy traffic.
    I gave Tom XXXXXX at XXXXXX Modern WoodXXXXX a significant sum of money for a carpentry project that was to be completed 8 weeks ago. I have no carpentry and no money. Call Tom at (XXX)xxx-xxxx and tell him to give me my money back.
    5/31 Update: Tom finally answered a call from me and promised to give my money back tomorrow at noon. I’ll keep you updated!!
    6/1 Update: Surprise, surprise. Tom doesn’t have my money for me. He really wants to finish this project for me. The one he said was done last week but wasn’t really done, because as of today the stuff still isn’t ready to be installed.
    6/11 Update: At the last update, Tom just needed a week to get my money or complete my project. Is it any surprise that I have called him daily since then and he doesn’t return my calls? Nope. The thief is on the loose!
    Posted Mon 11 Jun 2007 11:09 pm | Trackback | Fraud Stuff | 1 Comment »
    NOTE: I called Tom (at Tracy’s suggestion above) last week. I had to leave him a message as I’m sure he has been screening his calls so as not to have to deal with “Tracy, The Crazy Harpie”. I told him about Tracy’s post on and about her rants on Pink Truth. Does she honestly think that after checking out her sites he takes any of her stupid threats seriously? She’s completely delusional.

  4. Duh said

    Modern Wood


  5. ScrewU said

    You is a postin fool, Duh! Keep it up. We get bored easily

  6. Meow Mix said

    LOL Cheese, are you the one that left the comment? 😉


  7. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Well, I left a comment……..but Tracy didn’t post it. I’m not Alba.

  8. Meow Mix said

    Do you feel unloved now?


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