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I’m getting a lot of e-mails from the PT discussion boards thread about the supposed “Blog Wars”.  Several people have expressed that my blog makes them sick.  Like here:

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This site is AMAZING. I had a couple of questions about it and yes, I’ve put my feet in their territory, just as observation, and it made me sick to my stomach.
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What is the point of the haters trying to make this so personal? Why (on other blogs) do they single out posters here and bash them if they don’t even know who they are talking about? That makes me sick.


Now I’ve read some really horrible things, but I’ve NEVER been stricken physically ill by the written word.  It seems like a bit of an over reaction.  Maybe I’ve got a stomach of steel, but I don’t think so.

Then I thought of Marguerite Perrin.  Mrs. Perrin was a mom featured on the wonderfully educational and high brow show “Trading Spouses.”  She’s also known as the God Warrior.  Several times through out the show when Marguerite was confronted with the evil influence of Satan she would retch uncontrollably.  Is this what’s causing the wave of vomit at PT?  Obviously Satan has invaded my blog and is causing the highly in tune Christian women’s stomachs to tense into contractions and reverse the flow of foul bile and rotting flesh.  He’s turning their Godly meals into a disgusting acidic soup which will creep up their pious throats.  Who knows how many can not withstand the evil they are confronted with and spew forth in unholy weakness, but I believe that most of these devoted Godly women will have the strength and fortitude to chew it back.

Or they could just be a bunch of drama queens. 


  1. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    I LURVE me some drama queens. They taste like…well, latex. But chicken too!

  2. ScrewU said

    The amount of ass kissing that Tracy gets from her minions is amazing to me. Almost every other post is gushing over with praise for Tracy. When do they get around to ever talking about Mary Kay? Hmm…

    And I have never gotten physically sick on your blog Duh. Well, maybe that 1 time that you had the video about the pad. That was gross. I’ll give them that one.

  3. Semi~Charmed said

    I remember Mrs. Perrin the God Warrior. That woman was possessed, I swear. Ratings were so good because of her, they gave her a 2nd swap!

  4. Licious said

    I just read the thread about the blog wars (it is now locked by the way). EVERYTHING they were saying about anti PT blogs is what they do on PT. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, bitches. I couldn’t believe the delusional things they were saying. *in valley girl voice* Like oh m’god! This site is the nicest site! Like I can’t believe people would be so cruel as to devote their time to tearing other people down! Especially people they’ve never even met! These people are trippin, for real. Somebody better get Tracy some vasaline for her ass, I’m sure it’s pretty chapped by now from all the ass kissin.

  5. Meow Mix said

    HAHAHA I love the valley girl thing. Like O m’god! HAHAHAHA. For real yo. So, it’s now a private discussion? Private for who? The moderators? The super secret inner circle, the Order of the Phoenix, what? Maybe if I bowed down and licked some ass I could get in too? Because *that* would be my ultimate goal. Infiltrate the super secret board……..buwahahahahahaha

    Seriously, if people refer to being *Christian* one more time I will have to puke myself. I’d like to know what the true definition of Christian is. People use that word so losely, it’s as lose as the vagina of a prostitute. whoop whoop.


  6. Duh said


  7. yeah... said


    I remember Marguerite! Poor thing was brought back for another episode and swapped with a black family. The husband hated her, treated her like shit and blamed her for everything that’s fucked up in the world. Slavery? Yep, it was alllll Marguerite’s fault! Every other statement that flew out of the husband’s mouth was racist and hostile. I felt so bad for her.

  8. Duped said

    Hmm…I ain’t no fudge licker, so I guess I won’t ever get to read this thread on PT. LOL 😛

  9. foreverpink said

    Meow Mix
    An informal definition of the word Christian would be “someone who is striving to be like Jesus Christ” or “Christ Like”, or someone who has adopted his teachings as a way of life. It also means that a person has accepted the fact that Jesus bore our sins to the cross with HIM and that is how we are saved. Not by our own doing, but by our faith in what HE did for us. (Ephesians 2: 8-9) ALL of us who proclaim to be Christians are works in progress (present company included) for afterall we are only human and we can only strive to be like HIM. The problem comes in when some hold themselves up to be faultless, all the while pointing out imperfections in everyone else.

    This is interesting because ladies on both sides of this argument will point out the imperfections of the other.

    The difference is that some folks can acutally step back and see where they may have gone wrong, what they may have said or what they may have done to contribute to whatever it is that they are complaining about that is happening to them. And then there are some who will just run around blaming others, claiming to be faultless victims every step of the way.

    None of us are faultless, but how many of us are gonna continue to whine about things that we may have brought on to ourselves while claiming to be victims?

    Those that have recently found PT may not know how that site was in the beginning, and I am sure Tracy has tried to change the public face of it for that very reason. It sounds like, from what others write, that much of the bashing and hateful venom that she used to have out for everyone to see, now takes place on the private board that you must be invited to. So really she hasnt changed a thing. Just sort of cleaned up for company so to speak. So when Tracy and her followers wonder why all of the anti-PT boards have become so popular, to me the answer is simple. I believe in the system of sewing and reaping. Its a simple Biblical principle. Your reap what you sew.

    No, I am not trying to use my Christianity to try to insult someone, or bash someone, but it is just a simple fact to me. And for those who are not Chrisitian, you can still relate to it being a universal law. What you send out to the universe, you will get back, what goes around comes around, or some call it KARMA…whatever.
    So no matter what your higher power belief system is..Tracy was bound to get some sort of backlash because of the way she allowed and encouraged women to behave on her site in the beginning and for the unethical way she continues to conduct her other online endeavors.

    As a MK consultant, I dont care whether or not someone likes this business or likes the company or whatever. But what those that just found PT dont know is that Tracy encouraged her followers to cyberstalk, ridicule and harrass other consultants. As someone who happens to love her MK business I found that very insulting, and not cool. Now.. is it right to do it back to her? No its not. But am I surprised that it is happening to her? No I am not, and she shouldnt be either.

    Didnt mean to preach Duh..but thanks for letting all points of view in

  10. yeah... said

    If you have access to the board, you can read the thread. You just can’t post on it. It’s under the ‘Screaaammmm’ catagory. Tracy didn’t like where the conversation was going so she closed it. Not to mention the fact that she was blasted on ptlies yesterday for her evil hacking ways and was probably worried that people would start commenting on it. I bet all the pt cards I have that if someone started another thread about the ‘other’ blogs, she would immediately close it or delete it. LOLLLLLLL

  11. Semi~Charmed said

    and ban that poster……

  12. Tracy has hacked/spied on people with other accounts before. It’s very troll-worthy behavior, in the truest definition of an internet troll. (Not the way people around here like to throw it around – internet trolls do real damage to people’s virtual and actual lives.)

    So basically what I am saying is, PT should stand for Pink Trolls.

  13. Meow Mix said



  14. Meow Mix said

    Thanks for your definition Foreverpink about Christians. People use that term so much I’ve forgotten it’s meaning!


  15. Zoe said

    Meow Mix…I laughed out loud at “the order of the phoenix” hahahahaha. I think some little minions are missing the point of the anti-blogs. I mean they do THEIR anti-blog because they want people to SEE THE LIGHT of what is really going on. Hmmm…

    I can’t even begin to imagine what is going on inside their heads to make them think THIS is abusive and evil. I guess if something looks pretty on the outside it doesn’t matter if it’s all gross and smelly on the inside. Sort of like people who never shower but wear a lot of perfume.

  16. Zoe said

    LMAO @ the god warrior video That woman was messed up. I missed the possessed dryer part but caught the final episode of it. Seriously she was so petrified of all that “demonic” stuff. Yeah that buddha statue, pentegram and gargoyles were just terrifying. LMAO.

    And she’s never heard a wonky dryer before? Seriously this isn’t the exorcist. I once had a dryer like that and not once did I think it was an indication of evil spirits.

  17. Zoe said

  18. foreverpink said

    unfortunaltley that woman is mentally ill and was having some sort of olfactory hallucination (spelling ?, but that type of hallucination occures with the sense of smell). Probably anxiety ridden as well. Its a shame that the network took advantage of her situation for ratings but she needs to be in treatement or on meds. I’d be willing to bet money that she has a file somewhere. Unfortunatley there is a fine line between what most folks know to be mental illness and what other people think is some sort of devine intervention or spiritual connection. As a Christian I believe in devine intervention and “being led by the Holy Spirit”. But some dont know the difference and what they think is some sort of devine interevention is actually some sort of mental illness. Religiosity plays a big part in a lot of peoples psychosis.

  19. Zoe said

    FP, did you see when the crazy god warrior lady went on trading spouses again but this time with a black family and she was a racist psycho?

  20. yeah... said

    you mean she was PAIRED up with a racist psycho!

  21. Duh said

    “unfortunaltley that woman is mentally ill and was having some sort of olfactory hallucination ”

    That’s EXACTLY what my husband tells me when he farts in bed!

  22. yeah... said

    Dont get me wrong, she’s loony as hell, but I actually felt sorry for her in that eppy. 😦

  23. Zoe said

    lol I actually thought they were both pretty racist in that one. I didn’t see it all, just clips off youtube. But she was ranting and raving about eating Gizzards but he was acting like she personally sold him personally into slavery. So I guess the racism was flying pretty fast and loose on both sides.

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